Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video: OccupyChicago anti-Israel rant

Marching up LaSalle Street this afternoon
I spent this afternoon at OccupyChicago. Today's happenings centered upon a march to City Hall and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's fifth-floor office. But the fun (for them) started a bit earlier earlier.

After some dull announcements regarding points of order that reminded me of why I never was interested in running for student council back in the day, it was time for some "open-microphone" rave-ups on the corner of Jackson and LaSalle--the heart of Chicago's financial district.

The speakers were given two minutes to rant, Betty, who didn't give here last name, took three minutes and forty seconds. "The city of Chicago is guilty of supporting the Israelis." She is referring to Israel's "occupation of the Palestinian lands." I don't quite follow how Chicago is "guilty" here. And just what does this have to do with Wall Street bankers?

"As you know, the U.S is eager to make money from the Middle East," Betty says. "For that reason they need Israel," she adds. "Israel is a base," she continues, "for US aggression in the Middle East and North Africa." Because of these "crimes," Betty says the OccupyChicago crowd should protest an Israeli film festival occurring nearby.

Why are the Israelis sponsoring this festival? "This is not an act of innocence," Betty explains, "it's an attempt to soften the hatred of Israel, which is well-known to the Israelis--they're very upset. Especially since their crimes have become well known with the attempt to help the people of Gaza with the flotilla."

That flotilla "attempt" was a terror convoy.

As for the chanting: Is indoctrination taking place here?

Does one person speak for OccupyChicago and OccupyWallStreet? Of course not.

But can you hear anyone raising objections to her views? No, they just chanted along. Oh, you can see a Palestinian flag, or part of one, on the bottom part of the screen about half-way through the video.

The chanters reminded me of the mindless sheep in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

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Lisa said...

I agree the chanting is a bit odd, but why does critical of Israel qualify as a rant.

The speaker has an opinion shared by many and it's true over $3 billion of our tax dollars are given away to Israel each year.

As for the flotilla, I've watched multiple news reports and it's clear it was NOT a terror convoy but had aid, women, children and was unjustly attacked.

I'm a staunch Republican and wish my party would recognize how much blind support for Israel no matter what wrongdoing they do creates problems for us.

America's best interest is to be neutral on the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you are an unfortunate naive fool on this matter. Regarding Israeli foreign mitary assistance, yes Israel gets $3billion but is followed closely by nearly $2billion to Egypt. The aid to Israel is conditioned on that it must go toward purchases of military equipment from the US, essentially putting the money right back in our pockets. Also we get far more from Israel than the multitude of Arab countries in return for this aid. Several life saving technologies that have kept our soldiers alive in Iraq an Afghanistan such as quickclot.

You clearly didn't watch any videos of the flotilla or you would have seen what the flotilla members did to the Israeli boarding party. If those were a US SEAL boarding party getting attacked like that, no one would be left alive on that flotilla vessel. Maybe go watch those videos again.

I would argue that it is our lack of support for our true allies and our attempts to allure our enemies by giving them a free pass to confront us (ie turkey on Iran) that is causing the problem.

Go look at your political views because on international affairs you come across as a naive idiot, and they tend to be democrats.

Pauli said...

Says Lisa: 'The speaker has an opinion shared by many and it's true over $3 billion of our tax dollars are given away to Israel each year.'
I notice LISA says ZERO about the 2.3 billion that we give to Egypt as well, annually every year, because of the 'peace' deal that JIMMY CARTER, NAZI DemocRAT mandated in 79.

You are a Jew hater, Lisa, Period.

I am NOT a Republican, and NOT a Democrat, and I will ALWAYS support Israel b/c the BIBLE says to, but since LISA hates God and HIS choice of land on this earth, we will be CURSED. Look at Turkey, they have been bossing Israel around since the FAKEtilla, and look what happened. 7.2 earthquake.
LEAVE America, LISA, you are a CURSE.

Bill Baar said...

Great video John. Great job documenting this. When the left's going after the Israeli film festival it's in a huge mess.