Monday, August 31, 2009

Anti cap and trade rally Tuesday in Springfield, IL

Although the Democrats' proposal for government-health care is the prominent political issue of 2009, the proposed national energy tax, better known as cap and trade, hasn't gone away.

"Cap and tax" narrowly passed the House of Representatives in June, but the bill faces an uncertain future in the Senate. But the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress has shown propensity to quickly force through legislation, so we must remain on guard.

With that in mind, informs us that there will be an anti-cap and trade rally in downstate Illinois on Tuesday:

On September 1st, Energy Citizens, the combined efforts of 23 Illinois farm, industrial, retail and energy associations will host a rally in opposition to proposed Cap & Trade legislation at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Illinois' capital city, Springfield.

The rally is designed to bring public awareness to cap and trade legislation that will cost an estimated 2 million high paying American jobs, raise gasoline and diesel prices, raise electric rates and reduce global competitiveness of American companies. The groups intent is to point out the widespread opposition to cap and trade legislation that will damage the agricultural, manufacturing, retail, energy and transportation industries of Illinois which provide the foundation of Illinois' economy.

Among sponsors of the rally are:

Illinois Association of Convenience Stores, Associated Builder and Contractors of Illinois, Grain & Feed Association of Illinois, Growmark, Home Builders Association of Illinois, Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers, Illinois Coal Associations, Illinois Energy Forum, Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association, Illinois manufacturers Association, Illinois Oil & Gas Association, Illinois Petroleum Council, Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association, Illinois Pork Producers, Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Illinois Trucking Association, MidAmerica Energy, Mid-West Truckers Association, National Federation o f Independent Business, Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative, Southwestern Illinois Employers Association and Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative.

If enacted, cap and trade will be a gut-punch to Illinoisans, particular downstaters.

But remember: The national energy tax is bad for all Americans.

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California Collision: Tioga Lake

Just because the boundary of Yosemite National Park ends does not mean the beauty ends as well.

Inyo National Forest borders the eastern end of the park, and just pass the Tioga Pass is Tioga Lake. The road that leads there is highest elevated paved road in California--9,646 ft.

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Schakowsky town hall ends

Look for comprehensive post tomorrow about the Jan Schakowsky town hall. I don't want to keep my family up all night while I play my digital recorder.
At the Schakowsky town hall--She just mentioned Teddy Kennedy--some cheers. Some boos.
Jan Schakowsky town hall has begun. Two-thirds of the audience gave her a standing ovation when she walked on the stage. Her people came early.
At capacity! The auditorium is packed--people are still arriving, but are being turned away at the door. The Jan Schakowsky town hall starts in 10 minutes.

Schakowsky town hall: Armour-all brand astroturf comes to the green lawns of Skokie

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) will hold a town hall meeting tonight. Doors open at 5:00pm--be there early! Although the event begins at 6:30pm, I suspect that Schakowsky, arguably the most liberal member of the House of Representatives, will attempt to pack the Niles West Auditorium with her zealots.

Niles West is within walking distance to my home, in fact, I plan to walk there.

Here's what a Marathon Pundit reader found on the website of Barack Obama's political shop, Organizing for America:

Monday, August 31st
Parking Lot Open at 5 PM, Doors Open at 5:30
Niles West High School
5701 Oakton, Skokie, IL 60077
Time: Monday, August 31 from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Host: Alex Armour
Location: Niles West High School Auditorium
5701 Oakton
Skokie, IL 60077

Grass roots organizing?

Uh uh.

Thanks to that tipster, here's what I found about host Alex Armour.

From LinkedIn:

Alex Armour, Political Director at Schakowsky for Congress

Current: Political Director at Schakowsky for Congress

Past: Campaign Manager at Joe Moore for Alderman
GOTV Coordinator at Duckworth for Congress
Coalition Coordinator at Fair Taxes for All Coalition (FTFA)

Education Beloit College

My Company
My Website

Armour is on Schakowsky's campaign payroll.

From the FEC site:

ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 01/15/2009 $1,881
ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 02/28/2009 $1,881
ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 03/15/2009 $1,881
ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 03/30/2009 $1,881
ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 04/15/2009 $1,881
ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 04/30/2009 $1,881
ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 05/15/2009 $1,881
ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 05/29/2009 $1,881
ARMOUR, ALEX SALARY HIGHLAND PARK IL 60635 06/15/2009 $1,881

Grass roots?

Nope, Armour-all brand astroturf.

Barring a major news development, this will be by last post before I walk to the rally. I live be updating my blog from my Blackberry.

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Thomas Paine on the town hall meetings

Thomas Paine is back, and he has a message for those politicians who fail to listen to the voice of patriots.

"Listen to us or your days are numbered!"

"When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Doors open at 5:00pm tonight for Rep. Jan Schakowsky's town hall meeting at Niles West High School in Skokie.

Hat tip to Freedom's Lighthouse.

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