Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crook County IL: Indicted phony judge on ballot to be real judge vows to stay off bench until case resolved

The rot of one-party rule in Crook County, Illinois--make that Cook County--is responsible for outrages such as a law clerk putting a robe on and ruling on cases while an actual judge looks on.

It gets worse. The clerk, Rhonda Crawford, is a Democratic candidate to be a real judge. Even though she wasn't recommended by any bar association in this spring's Democratic primary, Crawford won anyway, defeating a candidate, a sitting judge, who was recommended by those same legal groups. Why? Perhaps voters liked her hair better. Crawford, who was indicted last week for her impersonation stunt, will be on the ballot in a Chicago South Side and south suburban judicial subcircuit, where she faces a write-in challenger.

Cook County's political scene, which is dominated by Chicago, reminds me of an island overrun by hideous inbred beasts. The herd needs to be culled. But Cook County voters--not the Blogger Laureate of Illinois--for the most part just click "X" on their voting touch screens for one reason. They see "Democrat" next to a candidate's name.

Which means barring a miracle Crawford will win. Today in a filing she promised not to serve on the bench until her case is resolved. Even if it is resolved in her favor, Crawford may not have a licence to practice law. Even in Crook County judges need one of those.

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Crook County IL: Law clerk indicted for impersonating judge, on ballot in November

Rigged: FBI corrupted by Obama by failing to properly investigate Clinton

Hillary M. Nixon
In the early days of the Watergate scandal Richard M. Nixon ordered the FBI to give up its investigation of the break-in at Democratic headquarters. That's obstruction of justice.

Forty-four years later co-opted FBI, which has been politicized by Barack Obama, is sweeping the Hillary Clinton scandals under the rug.

From Fox News' Andrew Napolitano, a retired New Jersey Supreme Court judge:
The FBI began investigating the Clinton email scandal in the spring of 2015, when The New York Times revealed Clinton’s use of a private email address for her official governmental work and the fact that she did not preserve the emails on State Department servers, contrary to federal law. After an initial collection of evidence and a round of interviews, agents and senior managers gathered in the summer of 2015 to discuss how to proceed. It was obvious to all that a prima-facie case could be made for espionage, theft of government property and obstruction of justice charges. The consensus was to proceed with a formal criminal investigation.

Six months later, the senior FBI agent in charge of that investigation resigned from the case and retired from the FBI because he felt the case was going “sideways”; that’s law enforcement jargon for “nowhere by design.” John Giacalone had been the chief of the New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., field offices of the FBI and, at the time of his "sideways" comment, was the chief of the FBI National Security Branch.

The reason for the "sideways" comment must have been Giacalone’s realization that DOJ and FBI senior management had decided that the investigation would not work in tandem with a federal grand jury. That is nearly fatal to any government criminal case. In criminal cases, the FBI and the DOJ cannot issue subpoenas for testimony or for tangible things; only grand juries can.

Giacalone knew that without a grand jury, the FBI would be toothless, as it would have no subpoena power. He also knew that without a grand jury, the FBI would have a hard time persuading any federal judge to issue search warrants. A judge would perceive the need for search warrants to be not acute in such a case because to a judge, the absence of a grand jury can only mean a case is “sideways” and not a serious investigation.

(Audio) Michael Moore praises Trump supporters, predicts Trump victory

Leftist bombthrower Michael Moore is one of those people who if he says it's hot and sunny outside, I'll look out my window and expect to see a blizzard.

But in his latest movie, Trumpland, Moore praises Donald Trump's supporter--and he predicts a victory over Hillary Clinton in November.

"I know a lot of people in Michigan that are planning to vote for Trump and they don't necessarily agree with him," the filmmaker explains. "They're not racist or rednecks, they're actually pretty decent people."

That's right, "pretty decent people." Like me.

Like you.

Contrast that to what Clinton said about Trump's backers, calling half of them "a basket of deplorables."

Moore also said, "Yes, on November 8, you Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Billy Blow, all the Blows get to go and blow up the whole goddamn system because it's your right. Trump's election is going to be the biggest 'fuck you' ever recorded in human history and it will feel good."

Good stuff. But no, Moore hasn't come around and acquired common sense. He's still voting for Hillary.

Warning: Explicit language in the audio clip.

Ron Fournier: Clinton used secret server to protect "circle of enrichment"

Longtime political reporter Ron Fournier--no conservative--was on Hillary Clinton's favorite network, MSNBC, where explained that the use of a secret email server was to protect Hillary Clinton's "circle of enrichment" within the Clinton Foundation slush fund.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Clinton Foundation slush fund: $50 million for Bill according to WikiLeaks

The Clinton Foundation is an influence peddling slush fund that on occasion, sends some cash to charitable projects.

From the Los Angeles Times:
A close aide to Bill Clinton said he arranged for $50 million in payments for the former president, part of a complicated mingling of lucrative business deals and charity work of the Clinton Foundation mapped out in a memo released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday.

The report was written by Doug Band, who has transitioned from his job as a Clinton aide to a partner in Teneo Consulting, a firm whose client roster now includes some of the biggest companies in the world. Along the way, Band wrote, he also pushed his clients and contacts to donate millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, and to help win business deals for Bill Clinton.

Band wrote the memo in November 2011 to John Podesta, now chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and sent copies to other key Clinton aides, apparently to explain and justify his work in the face of criticism from others in the Clinton orbit — notably Chelsea Clinton.

WikiLeaks has been releasing thousands of hacked emails from Podesta’s account in recent weeks, revealing the rivalries and controversies roiling inside the Clinton family network as Hillary Clinton prepared to run for president.

(Video) Newt unloads on Megyn Kelley, "You are fascinated with sex"

Newt Gingrich fires away at Megyn Kelley over her coverage of Donald Trump, "You are fascinated with sex," he tells her.

Montana columnist schools media on biased reporting

It takes someone, a real journalist, from way outside of the beltway to spot media bias and blow the whistle.

Oh, I have no regrets over my blog post titled, "The media is the enemy of the American people."


From Frank Miele of the Daily Inter Lake:
I'll provide a few examples to demonstrate how the reporter inserted personal opinions into a news story, and how easy it was for me as editor to correct them.

The lead of the story was as follows:

"A beleaguered Donald Trump sought to undermine the legitimacy of the U.S. presidential election on Saturday, pressing unsubstantiated claims the contest is rigged against him, vowing anew to jail Hillary Clinton if he's elected and throwing in a baseless insinuation his rival was on drugs in the last debate."

There are three major examples of bias in this one sentence, which would have been fine if the reporter was supposed to be writing an opinion piece, not a news article. I'm sure I don't have to explain this to my readers, but apparently the trained journalist who wrote the story (and her editors) were completely oblivious to the difference between a fact and an opinion.
Miele points out that it would have been better for the "reporter," who he didn't name, but I will--Jill Colvin of AP--should have said that Trump in fact "questioned" the electoral process. As for the "unsubstantiated" claims, according to whom? The Democratic National Committee? And who says the Trump claim that Clinton was on drugs--that may have been a joke--was baseless? The Clinton campaign?

On Sunday Derek Hunter of Townhall wrote, "The media needs to be destroyed." That may be a bit harsh, but most of the media needs to be replaced. But not Frank Miele.

Obama lied about when he found out about Hillary's private email server

Barack Obama also lied when he said, "If you like your health care plan you can keep it" and that the average family would save $2,500 after the passage of ObamaCare.

From CBS News:
President Obama said he heard about Hillary Clinton's private email server through news reports in March 2015 -- but an email from a Clinton aide around that suggests the president was emailing Clinton on her private address.

In the email, posted by WikiLeaks in the latest batch of emails hacked from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's account, Clinton communications staffer Josh Schwerin emailed a group of top aides noting that Mr. Obama
"said he found out HRC was using her personal email when he saw it in the news."

"We need to clean this up," Clinton aide Cheryl Mills replied. "He has emails from her - they do not say"

The exchange was in reference to an interview Mr. Obama did with CBS News’ Bill Plante, in which the president said he learned about the private email server "the same time everybody else learned it -- through news reports."

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

(Video) Trump acknowledges 'Blacks for Trump' supporters

Yes, there are blacks who support the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.

In fact, my friend Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit says the political newcomer may and up getting for votes than any GOPer since 1960.

Trump is the first Republican to actively seek African American votes in my lifetime. Good for him. Good for America.

It's time to Make America Great Again.

Frpm Da Tech Guy: Philadelphia, Democrat corruption at a glance

Chicago has a twin city one time zone over. From Christopher Harper at Da Tech Guy: Philadelphia, Democrat corruption at a glance.