Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Kinks: Full Moon

Halloween of course will be here soon. Here's a scary tune from the Kinks--they didn't perform too many of those. It's "Full Moon" from Sleepwalker.

If you've ever awakened in the middle of the night terrified--then you will relate to this song.

Leftism is expensive: Two illegal expressway anti-violence marches cost taxpayers over $200K

Lake Shore Drive marcher
And don't forget to add the over $300,000 spent to babysit the leftists in July on the Dan Ryan Expressway in July.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
A Labor Day protest march may have failed to reach the Kennedy Expressway near O’Hare International Airport, but it did reach into taxpayers’ pockets for tens of thousands of dollars.

Police agencies assigned to the march spent at least $152,871.52 on their efforts, according to information obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times under the Freedom of Information Act.

Add to that the cost of an August march that shut down a northern stretch of Lake Shore Drive, and the total tally hits $214,662.82.

Illinois State Police wouldn’t say how many officers it allocated for the Labor Day protest; they did, however, provide the total personnel cost, including benefits: $119,391.90. The Chicago Police Department, sent 48 officers, which cost taxpayers $27,526.33. The site, on the Park Ridge/Rosemont border, also was staffed by 24 Park Ridge police officers ($5,528.22) and two officers from Rosemont ($425.07).

Friday, October 19, 2018

Unhinged Leftist Rosie O’Donnell Says She Wants “To Send The Military” To Get Trump

While at the friendly roost of MSNBC, Rosie O'Donnell remarked this week, “I want to send the military to the White House to get him [President Trump]. That’s what I want to do,” she said.

Mark Dice on Beto O'Rourke: Democrats' New Hope

The Beto O'Rourke craze is covered by Mark Dice today.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

MAGA hat man at the supermarket

In the leftist Chicago area I've never seen anyone wearing a red Make America Great Again hat besides myself--and I only wore it briefly at the anti-violence march that briefly shut down Lake Shore Drive on Chicago's North Side this summer.

Until this afternoon, that is.

At a supermarket in one of the suburbs next to mine, an tall elderly gentleman was wearing one this afternoon.

"I love your hat," I told him.

"Thanks," he replied. "But earlier today when I was at [name of retailer omitted] some young creep said to me, 'You got a lot of nerve wearing that hat in here.'"

He continued, "I'm a retired cop with a conceal and carry license, I pointed here," he explained.

"Here" was a leather holster, which he slowly unzipped a bit.

Sure enough, there was a handgun inside.

"That punk got real quiet," he exclaimed.


Patriots, when you see someone wearing a MAGA hat, thank that person. Show some love.

What about failing schools schools? Left out of this analysis on job growth not benefitting local urban residents is rotten system

AP has a detailed story on how some cities enjoying healthy job growth, such as Atlanta and Charlotte, don't see locals, particularly African Americans, finding work. Left out of the analysis are the failures of government-run schools in the inner city. The school systems are largely employment and retirement programs for the teachers and bureaucrats.

Mark Dice: Grandma Gives NBC Reporter A Reality Check

An NBC reporter somehow left his safe zone in Manhattan and traveled to the New York City Republican stronghold of Staten Island where he confronted a feisty grandmother and some Donald Trump supporters.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

ILL-inois: 10 black and Latino staffers for Dem guv candidate Pritzker file suit claiming racial discrimination

Illinois bicentennial flag
on bottom
JB "Jabba" Pritzker, a tool of the Boss Michael Madigan machine, is limping into Election Day in Illinois.

Too bad Bruce "RINO" Rauner's scorched earth Republican primary campaign means there is no one respectable opposing Prtizker in on the Republican side.

From NBC Chicago:
With less than three weeks to go before Election Day, 10 black and Latino staffers for Democratic candidate for Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker filed a civil lawsuit against his campaign on Tuesday alleging repeated racial discrimination and harassment.

The staffers claimed in the lawsuit that most minority employees of the campaign were "herded into race-specific positions" and "received less favorable treatment than their white counterparts" while allegedly enduring "overt and invidious racial discrimination."
Wow, a Democrat allegedly is playing identity politics in the workplace.

Who would've thunk that?

Alaskan village with biggest increase in voter turnout to receive $10K--but not white majority towns

Indigenous Alaskans tend to vote Democratic. White Alaskans lean Republican. So it's troubling that a group is offering money to villages comprising of First Alaskans is only eligible for a voting turnout prize.

From Must Read Alaska:
The Native village with the highest increase in voter turnout will receive a prize of $10,000 for its school from the First Alaskans Institute. European-heritage settlements need not apply.

That is according to an Alaska Native who works at the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, although no announcement has been made by the First Alaskans Institute on the organization’s website.

Three members of the Walker Administration sit on the 10-member board of the Institute: Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, Al Kookesh, a special assistant to the governor, and Valerie Davison, commissioner of Health and Social Services. Elizabeth Medicine Crow is the CEO and president.
The runner up village receives $5,000--bot prizes end up with local schools.

Apparently, according to Must Read Alaska, this cash-for-votes is not illegal.

Why hasn't Chicago come up with a scheme like this?

Since Must Read Alaska's post, the story has a new twist. Bill Walker, an independent, is Alaska's governor. He's up for reelection. His running mate until yesterday was the aforementioned Mallott, a Democrat and the incumbent lieutenant governor. It would seem that Mallott would have a conflict of interest here as he sits on the board of the vote-rewarding group. But yesterday Mallott unexpectedly resigned over "inappropriate comments." The nature of those comments has not been made public although a spokesman for the governor says the remarks involve an "inappropriate overture to a woman."

It's easy to see why so many reality shows are set in the Alaska.

Thanks to an Alaska resident for sending this story tip.