Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Farewell Address of President Donald J. Trump

Today is the last day in office of Donald J. Trump. 

Here he recounts his accomplishments. There are many.

Unhappy New Year in Chicago: At least 120 carjackings this year so far

There is a carjacking epidemic in Chicago. According to Chicago police officials, as of yesterday there have been at least 120 carjackings so far since January 1. That's just under seven per day. Most of the criminals are believed to be youths who steal the vehicles for the fun of it--or use them as getaways as they commit other crimes. 

Decline and fall. 

Rideshare drivers are often victims and Chicago's better neighborhoods, such as the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and Wicker Park are common locations for car jackings. 

Biden will cancel Keystone XL pipeline, Canada not happy

The Democrats are the anti-energy party. During the last presidential debate Joe Biden said our nation will "transtion out of" fossil rules. The left's Green New Deal is doesn't make sense even if you suspend belief to Gilligan's Island levels. 

After Biden is sworn in as president tomorrow he'll sign en executive order cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline, handing the Republicans the first issue for the 2024 presidential campaign.

Our friends in Canada are alarmed, including the premier of Alberta, where the oil comes from.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Steve Hilton makes the case for ‘positive populism’

Big Tech and of course the elites have way to much power. Steve Hilton talks about how to take it back.

Martin Luther King bust in Anchorage

Happy Martin Luther King Day. 

Pictured here is the MLK bust in Delaney Park in Anchorage, Alaska.

Six dead and at least 18 shot over weekend in Chicago

Last weekend five people were shot to death in Chicago. During the most recent weekend it was six. Three of the fatalities occurred on the South Side, two on the West Side, and one on the Northwest Side. 

At least 18 others were wounded during the same time period.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Divine Comedy - How Can You Leave Me On My Own

If you leave someone like The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon on his own there's a good chance he'll dress up as Napoleon. Here Hannon, who is The Divine Comedy, performing "How Can You Leave Me On My Own."

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Hannity gives scorching reaction to newly declassified Russia docs

There are so man lies to uncover from the Deep State and the mainstream media.

Friday, January 15, 2021