Thursday, February 23, 2017

ILL-inois: Ex-con Jesse Jr collecting over $100k annually from feds

Liberals have no shame. Here's a particularly vile one, of the Chicago, Illinois variety.

Taxpayers paid Junior's congressional salary, for his stay in federal prison, and now they pay him to do nothing.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Records from former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s divorce case show how he has been able to collect hefty benefit checks from the federal government after serving time in prison for looting hundreds of thousands of dollars from his campaign fund.

Jackson, 51, receives about $138,400 a year — more than he made as a freshman congressman in 1995. Most of that — about $100,000 — is workers' compensation and tax-free, according to Chicago attorney Barry Schatz, who is representing Jackson in his divorce proceeding.

The rest of Jackson's benefits are Social Security Disability Insurance payments, some of which may be taxable, Schatz said.

The payments flow to Jackson because he has bipolar disorder and depression — the issues that led to an extended leave from Congress in 2012 — and those conditions have been exacerbated by a "very difficult, contentious divorce" from former Chicago Ald. Sandi Jackson, Schatz said.

Ann Coulter gives Trump an A+

Telling Fox News' Tucker Carlson that she has no complaints about the Donald Trump presidency, Ann Coulter, the author of In Trump We Trust, gives the president an A+ grade.

Chiraq: 7 killed in deadliest day of year

Altgeld Gardens last summer
The unseasonably warm weather finally brought a sadly predictable result--a very deadly day. On Wednesday seven people were shot to death and an additional six were wounded. One of the fatalities took place at the Altgeld Gardens housing project on the Far South Side--just one block from the site of a Monday deadly shooting there.

There was also a double murder in Chatham on the South Side, one of the victims was a pregnant woman. Three other murders occurred on the South Side, one each in Brainerd, Bronzeville, Morgan Park,

In Little Village on the Southwest Side a 60-year-old was killed after being shot three times.

Amazingly, there were no fatalities on the West Side, but two men were wounded in Austin.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bad ideas: Competing plans to name Illinois expressways after Obama

Near Rock Island, Illinois
As I've noted many times before the US Postal Service does few things well but it has one stupendously correct policy. It waits for a person, with the exception of a US president, to be dead ten years before being honored on a postage stamp. And presidents have to be dead to be seen on a stamp. The reasoning is quite sound. While time heals all wounds, it also exposes all heels. A creep or a crook often isn't exposed until time has sorted out the details--and death loosens the lips of the survivors.

Right now, as I predicted, there is a movement to name an expressway in Illinois after Dear Leader, better known as former president Barack Obama. Actually, I am wrong--there are two movements.

One Chicago Democrat wants to name the portion of Interstate 55 that is southwest of Interstate 294--the rest of it is already named for another Democrat, two-time presidential loser Adlai Stevenson--after Obama. The other one wants to rename that other road, I-294--currently it is called the Tri-State Tollway--after Dear Leader.

Bad ideas.

Thank God Illinois has two Republican expressways--the Reagan and the Eisenhower. Those two men are among America's greatest presidents.

Meanwhile President Donald Trump is quickly erasing the Obama legacy.


On the other hand, both interstates can be used to exit Illinois, leaving high crime rates, out-of-control taxes, and unfunded government worker pensions in the rearview mirror.Maybe I should reconsider.

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(Video) Leftist: Fascist Trump more dangerous than Hitler

Sunsara Taylor, a leader of Refuse Fascism, told Tucker Carlson last night that President Donald Trump is a fascist and he is more dangerous than Adolf Hitler.

(Video) Watch as CNN's Lemon gets fact-checked on Sweden

CNN"s Don "Black Hole" Lemon gets schooled by the documentary maker who was featured on Tucker Carlson's show last week that President Trump referenced on Saturday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

(Video) Trump condemns anti-Semitism: "It has to stop"

Earlier today President Donald J. Trump denounced anti-Semitism, vowing, "It has to stop."

"We have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms," said the president, whose daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism, during a visit this morning at the National Museum of American History in Washington.

(Video) Administration reveals plan to deport illegal immigrants

The Donald Trump administration is doing what the president promised--get tough on illegal immigration.

From Da Tech Guy: Are liberals helping Trump?

I contribute weekly to the Da Tech Guy. Here's a yugely great post that I wish I had written: Are liberals helping Trump?

Riots in immigrant neighborhood in Sweden

Two days after the so-called elite media tore into Donald Trump over a "Swedish terrorism" there were riots in a predominantly immigrant suburb in Sweden.

From CNBC:
Spokesman Lars Bystrom said Tuesday that unidentified people, including some wearing masks, threw rocks at police, set cars on fire and looted shops in Rinkeby. One officer was slightly injured when hit by a rock. No arrests were made.

Bystrom says one officer fired his gun, not as a warning shot but because he was "in a situation that demanded he used his firearm."