Sunday, December 04, 2016

(Video) Father Morris says Trump's America First policy is okay

Father Jonathan Morris, using the analogy of parents putting their needs of their children first, says its fine that Donald J. Trump will put America first while president.

From Da Tech Guy: Trump just got into China's head

If you want an opinion outside of the lockstep mainstream media on Donald Trump accepting a phone call from the president of Taiwan, then you need to read my piece at the Da Tech Guy: Trump just got into China's head.

(Video) Pelosi pressed on "ghastly" Democrat losses since 2008

Nancy Pelosi was interviewed by Face the Nation host John Dickerson this morning and was asked about the "ghastly" losses by the Democrats since 2008.

Dickerson, who by the way was one of the better GOP debate hosts, also asked her about outgoing agriculture secretary Tom Vilsasck's remark about the Democratic Party, that it "looks healthy on the outside but is in the throes of slow and long-term demise."

The San Francisco liberal dodged that question too.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

The Residents: Burning Love

In 1989 avant-garde rockers The Residents released The King & Eye, a dark view of the Elvis Presley phenomenon.

If you are old enough to remember the early days of the King when rock and roll was called devil's music by some, this twisted performance of Presley's last big hit, "Burning Love," might make you believe that the critics were right.

This, yes, song-and-dance rendition features cowboys that seem to be escaped demons from Hell.

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Ex-con Jesse Jr calls on Obama to pardon millions of ex-cons

Clearly mental illness still plagues this crooked Chicago politician.

From NBC Chicago's Ward Room:
Jesse Jackson Jr. urged President Barack Obama Thursday to pardon millions of former prison inmates, a group that would include Jackson and his wife, former Chicago Ald. Sandi Jackson.

In his open letter to the president, which Jackson posted to his Facebook page early Thursday morning, the former congressman claimed that "the great 2016 pardoning of the masses will create a resounding echo in history and will mark you as the greatest Christian president ever to serve."

"Mr. President, for those Americans who have traipsed through the criminal justice system and transcended transgression by duly serving time, the outcome should be clear," Jackson wrote in the post. "An official declaration of TIME SERVED, for each and every eligible member of the American family, from the highest office of the land is the only response congruent with the redemption story of Christ."

"Truly, Mr. President, with a presidential pardon equally monumental to, and greater in scope than, the Emancipation Proclamation the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama II will be one of faith, hope and love," he added.
Junior and his wife, a former Chicago aldermen, used $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items, many of them strange, at least for a pol, such as mounted elk heads and a guitar once owned by Eddie Van Halen.

Friday, December 02, 2016

(Video) Charles Krauthammer: Liberals' excuses for Hillary's loss are "ridiculous"

After Fox News presents a greatest hits array from Donald Trump's Cincinnati "Thank You" appearance, Charles Krauthammer dimssisses the "ridiculous" excuses being peddled by the Hillary Clinton camp on why she lost.

(Video) The Worst of Nancy Pelosi

This week the House Democratic caucus reelected San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi as their leaders.

Here are some of her worst moments over the years, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon.

(Video) Obama eating crow over Trump Carrier deal

This summer Barack Obama mocked Donald Trump for his vow to save those jobs lost when Carrier said they were shipping 1,600 jobs to Mexico.

Well, Obama was wrong and Trump was right. Expect to hear that a lot over the next four years. Trump is keeping 1,000 of those jobs here.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

77 dead in Chiraq in November, 3rd-most deadly month this year

Sure it was a warmer-than-usual month, but November was the third-deadliest month of a bloody 2016 in Chicago. Seventy-seven people were murdered in Barack Obama's hometown this past month, only August and October were worse. As those are recent months it's easy to ascertain that the violence plaguing Chiraq is getting worse.

Numbers vary, the police say 682 people were murdered so far in Chicago this year, whereas the generally reliable Hey Jackass! gives a total of 737, although that total is for homicides, and not all murders are homicides.

"Mad Dog" Mattis to be Trump SecDef

Donald Trump has picked retired Marine general James "Mad Dog" Mattis to be his secretary of defense, he'll replace Ivy Leaguer Ash Carter, the type of bureaucratic wonk Barack Obama loves. Trump is following up on his promise, again, to Make America Great Again.

There is one minor complication, Mattis has been retired from the military for four years and the law requires that ex-military SecDef appointees be seven years removed from active duty. Congress will likely approve a waiver.