Monday, April 15, 2024

7 dead and at least 36 others wounded over weekend in Chicago, including ninth mass shooting of the year

It was yet another violent weekend in Chicago, seeing seven people killed and at least 36 others wounded. 

There was a mass shooting, likely gang-related, in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the Southwest Side. One girl, a nine-year-old, was killed. Ten others were wounded. It was the ninth mass shooting in Chicago this year, if the city was a state, it would trail only California in the number of mass shootings. 

Illinois is the land of the no-cash bail SAFE-T Act and Cook County, until December, has a George Soros-funded catch-and release so-called prosecutor. 

Weekends like this past one are the end result of that.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

From Da Tech Guy: Media malpractice on the Dexter Reed police shooting

The media is trying to turn Dexter Reed, was killed in a police shooting in Chicago last month, into the next George Floyd.

My analysis is at Da Tech Guy: Media malpractice on the Dexter Reed police shooting.

8-year-old girl dead and 10 others wounded in Chicago mass shooting

There was another mass shooting in Chicago. 

Last night, in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the Southwest Side, an 8-year-old girl was killed, and ten other people were wounded. Of the wounded, three were children, including two boys--a one-year-old and an eight-year-old--and a nine-year-old, whose gender has not as of yet been reported.

Police arrived on to the scene after a ShotSpotter alert. ShotSpotter is a controversial gunfire detection system hated by the left. 

Chicago's new progressive mayor, Brandon Johson, campaigned on cancelling the ShotSpotter contract. He extended the contract into September, which means it will be in place for the Democratic National Convention in August.

What a city...

Beyond Chicago's city limits, Cook County is plagued by a woke George Soros-funded so-called prosecutor, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx. Fortunately, for law-abding citizens, she chose not to run for a third term. The Democratic nominee for that post, Eileen O'Neill Burke, is expected to be an improvement over Foxx, but she doesn't take office until December.

As for Illinois, last autumn, the pro-criminal SAFE-T Act, which eliminates cash bail, went into effect. Violent crime rates typically go down as the temperatures fall--now they are headed up.

Chicagoans should prepare for a rough summer.

Correction April 15: Initial media reports said the victim, whose identity, Ariana Molina, is now known, was eight years old. She was nine. There mass shooting is being called "targeted" and it's believed to be gang related.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon (Official Audio)

Big news about one of my favorite bands, the Kinks. Next year, the juke box musical, Sunny Afternoon, will make its North American debut at The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier.

Of course, the Kinks' 1966 hit, "Sunny Afternoon," will be part of the show.

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

NPR has eliminated ‘diversity of thought’: Vivek Ramaswamy

In an op-ed, NPR editor Uri Berliner excoriates his employer for blatant leftist bias. Vivek Ramaswamy analyzes.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Man accused of DUI and reckless homicide in accident that killed cop is free under no-bail Illinois SAFE-T Act

Illinois' Democrat governor, JB Pritzker, regularly brags about how he signed into law the first legislation that bans cash bail. 

In the 2022 gubernatorial campaign, Pritzker repeatedly told an apocryphal story that the SAFE-T Act will prevent a mother from being held in jail for stealing diapers because she can't afford bill.

Then there is Nathan Sweeney of DeKalb, who has been charged with DUI and reckless homicide.

From NBC Chicago:

Nathan P. Sweeney, 44, was apprehended following the death of Deputy Christina Musil on March 28. Sheriff's officials said Musil was sitting inside her vehicle, parked on the right shoulder of southbound Illinois Route 23, when a single-unit Kenworth truck ran off the roadway for unknown reasons and struck her vehicle from behind. 

Musil was rushed to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries and later pronounced dead. During the investigation following the collision, officers determined that Sweeney had been under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash, authorities said. 

 At a court hearing packed with Musil's family and friends on Monday, 23rd Judicial Circuit Court Judge Marcy Buick cited Illinois' SAFE-T Act and what it requires to be considered when deciding whether to detain someone prior to a trial, the newspaper reported.


The Daily Chronicle reported that Buick listed a multitude of conditions that Sweeney must abide by while on release, including not operating a motor vehicle throughout the proceedings and submitting to at least three random drug tests per week.

As for Pritzker, he ordered flags in Illinois to be flown at half-staff.

A far better action would be for the General Assembly to vote to repeal the SAFE-T Act--with Pritzker signing the legislation into law.

Monday, April 08, 2024

Two killed and at least 13 others wounded over weekend in Chicago

 It's said that eclipses bring out the worst in folks.

But in Chicago the shooters didn't wait for today's long-anticipated eclipse to cause mayhem.

Over the weekend two people were shot to death and at least others were wounded.

Of the fatalities, both were males, one on the South Side and the other on the West Side.