Tuesday, December 11, 2018

(PragerU) Who Are the Most Powerful People in America?

Philip Hamburger, a law professor at Columbia University, explains how American reverted to a monarchy. No, not a king like George III, but what he calls "little kings," the unelected heads of the administrative state such as the FDA and the EPA, who run, and sometimes destroy, the lives of ordinary Americans.

A follow up could be how Boss Michael Madigan (D-Chicago), the chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party who has been speaker of the Illinois House for 32 of the last 34 years, wields such enormous power even though he is directly elected by only a few thousand voters in his legislative district.

Don Lemonhead scolds Trump supporters on truth

CNN's Don Lemon, who once wondered on air if Malaysia Flight 370 could have been swallowed by a black hole, now is scolding supporters of President Trump for sticking with him despite what he deems are lies he made. Of course Lemonhead didn't have his finger at backers of Barack Obama when he repeatedly lied about ObamaCare, including this fib of his, "If you like your health care plan you can keep it."

Monday, December 10, 2018

(PragerU) Why Does America Spend So Much on Israel?

Good question. Why does our nation spend so much cash on Israel.

Find out!

Man shot while canvassing for candidate in Chicago

"Politics ain't beanbag," a character in a story set in Chicago over 100 years ago said.

And it still isn't, particularly in Chicago's violent Englewood.

From Fox Chicago:
A man who was out canvassing for a Chicago aldermanic candidate was shot and wounded Sunday.

Maxwell Little, 22, was at 66th and South Marshfield in the Englewood neighborhood recording a video for Facebook when he was shot in the leg. Little was hospitalized in stable condition.

Little posted a Facebook message from his hospital bed saying, "This was no random shooting. Someone wanted me dead."

Community activist Jedidiah Brown has just parked his car to help campaign with 15th ward candidate Joseph Williams. There were about a dozen people around including Williams’ two young children.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Kid Rock pays off $81K worth of layaways at Nashville Walmart

Kid Rock is a patriot and a generous man.

A week ago this Sunday Mrs. Marathon Pundit and I ate and drank at his new Nashville club. We try to spend our money with fellow patriots.

From the Tennessean:
Kid Rock paid off the balances of 350 layaway accounts at a Walmart store in Nashville.

The musician gave the 3458 Dickerson Pike store about $81,000 to pay down all of the accounts, said Tom Meyer, the store's manager.

"Kudos to Kid Rock for making such a gesture in our community," Meyer said. "I think that's a pretty Nashville proud moment."
Kid Rock said on Twitter that he was following director Tyler Perry's lead. Perry posted a video on Twitter, saying he had paid off the layaway balances at two Georgia locations.

From Da Tech Guy: Illinois' dispirited bicentennial celebration ends

It's an unhappy 200th birthday for Illinois. I point out why at Da Tech Guy.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Johnny Cash with the Statler Brothers - Blue Christmas (Live)

Earlier this week I visited Nashville with Mrs. Marathon Pundit. And among our stops was the Johnny Cash Museum.

So of course I'm going to do post featuring the Man in Black--with the Statler Brothers--crooning "Blue Christmas."

(Photos) Andrew Jackson and Nashville

What Abraham Lincoln is to Illinois, what Harry S. Truman is to Missouri, Andrew Jackson is that man for Tennessee.

There is Old Hickory, the seventh US president, on horseback at the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville.

About twenty miles south Nashville is Franklin, which is best known for being the site of an 1864 Civil War battle, a major Confederate defeat.

In downtown Franklin there is an historical marker which reads, "On his return from New Orleans Andrew Jackson gave a brass cannon to Franklin. A part of his soldiery camped here on their way to New Orleans. Erected 1917. Placed by Col. Thos. Hart Benton Chapter U.S.D. of 1812."

The US Daughters of 1812 still exists.

The Battle of New Orleans was a stupendous victory over the British in 1815. While the peace treaty ending the war had been signed a month earlier in Europe and word hadn't reached the armies, technically the war was ongoing as neither Congress or the British Parliament had ratified it.

Okay, we're back in Nashville in front of the historic Ryman Auditorium, the place where the Grand Ole Opry became famous. Yes, that's Andy there, "Nashville's First Rockstar," carrying an electric guitar. The guitar isn't a stretch. In 1998 an F-3 tornado passed through the Hermitage, Jackson's plantation. While it missed the mansion and the family graveyard it knocked down 1,000 trees, some of which may have been planted by Old Hickory. Wood from some of those trees were used by Gibson build 200 officially sanctioned Old Hickory guitars.

Ten miles northwest of downtown Nashville lies the Hermitage. There is your Blogger Laureate of Illinois wearing a MAGA, that is, a Make America Great Again hat. On the sign Jackson is declared "the People's President." The 45th president is a big fan of the 7th--Trump has a painting of Old Hickory in the Oval Office. Last year on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Jackson's birth, Trump visited the Hermitage and laid a wreath at Jackson's grave, which is on the plantation's grounds.

Just as Jackson battled the entrenched interests in government, especially the federally-chartered Bank of the United States, Trump fights "the Swamp" in Washington and says he is looking out for ordinary Americans, the Deplorables, as Hillary Clinton labeled them. "The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer," Trump said in his inaugural address.

That's the Hermitage from the rear.

The Hermitage is America's fourth most-visited presidential residence, after the White House, where of course Trump lives, Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, and Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's plantation.

The Hermitage is a non-profit run by the Andrew Jackson Foundation. For over 100 years the group was known as the Ladies' Hermitage Association. Among the Board of Trustees is Jon Meacham, author of American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House. Meacham was one of the speakers at George H.W. Bush's funeral three days ago.

My next Jackson post will go into more detail about the Hermitage, and yes, slavery.

Friday, December 07, 2018

(Bloody Chicago Video) Chicago Police Capture Suspected Dan Ryan Expressway Killer

There is some rare good news this evening from Victor Maggio of Bloody Chicago.

"Four months later," Maggio says of the murder on Chicago's South Side, "the shooter is no longer at large."

Mark Dice: Christmas is Coming!

We are not one week into December and the War on Christmas is already intense. The stop-action 1960s classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is the first victim.