Thursday, June 30, 2022

'Joe must go': Media throwing Biden a 'retirement party'

I predicted that the media and the Democrat establishment would begin their whispering campaign against Joe Biden two years ago. Okay, I was jumped the gun. My guess is that the alternative, President Kamala Harris was worse, so they kept their kept their powder dry. 

But with Dem prospects in November looking very chilly, they are taking a peek at 2024. 

As I've stated numerous times--I have to repeat myself because some people, leftists that is, are slow learners--it's not that Biden is too old and feeble to run for reelection in '24. He was too old and feeble to run for president in 2020.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Now we know this story is as false as Joe's teeth: Gutfeld

Joe Biden lied. He knew about at least one of his sleazy son's influence-peddling deals in information discovered on the laptop that the mainstream media said was "Russian disinformation."

From Matt Rosenberg at Wirepoints: In a city this violent, Mayor Lightfoot’s outburst against Justice Thomas constitutes a grave dereliction of duty

There is so much wrong with Chicago. There is so much wrong with its mayor, Lori Lightfoot. Over at Wirepoints Matt Rosenberg adds more: In a city this violent, Mayor Lightfoot’s outburst against Justice Thomas constitutes a grave dereliction of duty.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Mark Dice: Senate candidate caught on tape discussing "unique" fundraising plan (to say the least)

Krystle Matthews is in a runoff election today to decide who will be the Democratic candidate to face US Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC). Here she asks a prisoner to conspire with drug dealers to make straw campaign contributions to her campaign. 

"Where the f*ck is my Black people with money?” Matthews says on the call. "I don't care about no dope money. Give me that dope boy money. Sh*t where the f*cking dope? Where are the duffel-bag boys. Get you — find me someone from your family that don’t even know you donating to my campaign and put that sh*t under their names." 

Oh, Matthews calls herself a "n***er here. 

Straw campaign political contributions are illegal.

Somehow this news didn't make the cut with Brian Stelter's Reliable Sources newsletter.

UPDATE June 29: If Tim Scott can lock in a good rent for his apartment or his house in DC, he should do so now. Matthews won her primary

Monday, June 27, 2022

5 killed over weekend in Chicago, including 5-month-old, and at least 20 others wounded

Over this past weekend five people were shot to death, including a five-month-old baby girl in South Shore. The infant was inside a car when gunfire erupted from a second vehicle. Other fatal weekend shootings on the West Side in West Garfield and in Little Italy. On the South Side there were deadly shootings in Longwood Manor and Pullman. 

There are at least 20 others wounded over the weekend.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Van Morrison - Saint Dominic's Preview - 2/1/1979 - Belfast (OFFICIAL)

The 50th anniversary of the release of Van Morrison's Saint Dominic's Preview album arrives in July.

There is not a better way to celebrate than by listening to a live performance of the title track--in Belfast, Northern Ireland--no less. 

Belfast is Van the Man's hometown.

Click on the link below the video to learn about the Belfast Cowboy's latest album.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Protecting babies “endangers” the lives of all "birthing people"

Yesterday the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that overrides the Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide. Now the abortion law goes back to the states.

US Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (D-NY) is against the decision. But take a look at the irony when she refers to "birthing people."

Friday, June 24, 2022

Karine Jean-Pierre pressed on why Biden met with offshore wind execs, but not oil and gas execs

The Biden administration is anti-oil and since most people in American own gasoline-powered vehicles, they are against you.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Soros-backed DA in Philadelphia faces impeachment call

In San Francisco two weeks ago, voters chose to recall a radical pro-criminal district attorney, Chesa Boudin. Another Soros-DA, George Gascon, may face a recall election in Los Angeles County. 

In Philadelphia, their Soro-funded DA faces a call for his removal from office.

From Fox News

A group of Pennsylvania state representatives, Tim O’Neal, Josh Kail and Torren Ecker, announced earlier this month that they had opened impeachment proceedings against Krasner for dereliction of duty. 


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Monday, June 20, 2022

Summer of Joy: 4 dead and at least 34 wounded in Chicago over weekend, 1 mass shooting

Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Summer of Joy continues in Chicago. Over this last weekend four people were shot to death. There of the homicides occurred on the South Side, one in Englewood, another in West Englewood, and one in Stony Island Park. The single West Side killing happened on the Near West Side.

There were 34 others wounded in shootings throughout the city, including five in a mass shooting in the South Side Douglas neighborhood.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Band & Ronnie Hawkins - Who Do You Love

Late last month the great Ronnie Hawkins died in Canada. An immense talent, but the Arkansan wasn't blessed with great career timing. Rockabilly was on the wane in the late 1950s when his career started, so he headed to Canada where it was still popular. His band, the Hawks, had Levon Holm as its drummer. 

Slowly, except for Helms, the members of the Hawks migrated back to the USA, replaced one by one by enormously talented Canadians. The newer Hawks, after breaking with Hawkins, became the Band, which arguably invented the Americana genre of music. 

Hawkins was a powerful singer and a great dancer--the Hawks were a great bar band and had Hawkins been at the peak of his career in the early 1980s--the music video era--his well-deserved superstardom would have been achieved. YouTube and TikTok would have been very kind to "the Hawk."

Ronnie was one of the few highlights in that 1980s big-budget movie bomb, Heaven's Gate.

But Hawkins great gift was eying talent. He also discovered Canadian rocker Pat Travers.

Here is Hawkins with the Band from The Last Waltz bellowing out "Who Do You Love."

Rest in peace.

Watters: New White House press secretary really bad at her job

Karine Jean-Pierre is so bad that she makes Joe Biden look good. Okay, no one is that bad, but Pepe Le Pew really is awful at her job. 

Just like Merrick Garland, Kamala Harris, Janet Yellen, and so many more.

Friday, June 17, 2022

How a Latina Republican's victory in Texas primary flipped the media narrative

Leftist Democrats and their media allies are scratching their heads over how an Hispanic Republican woman, Mayra Flores, who bragged in a television ad that her husband is a US Border Patrol officer, won a special House election in a district that is over 80 percent Hispanic. 

The leftist narrative is wrong. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

CNN says Dems "wonder" about Biden's cognitive ability: "Is he tired? Or is there something else there?"

It appears that the electronic wing of the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, is beginning to distance himself from senile Joe Biden. Van Jones, a former communist, poses some questions.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

After 90 years with HQ in Illinois, Caterpillar moving it to Texas

Caterpillar plant, Peoria Heights, in 2010

Last month Boeing announced that it's moving its headquarters to Virgina. Now Caterpillar, which has had its headquarters in Illinois since 1930, announced transferring its HQ to Texas.

ILL-inois just leaves a bad taste in many people's mouths. The Prairie State's reputation for rampant corruption and high taxes goes back decades, now Illinois is notorious for out-of-control crime and unsustainable public-pension worker debt--both at the state and local level.

One day we'll leave. Hopefully soon.

From the Peoria Journal-Star:

Caterpillar Inc. announced plans Tuesday to move its global headquarters from Deerfield, Ill., to the company's existing office in Irving, Texas.
"We believe it's in the best strategic interest of the company to make this move, which supports Caterpillar's strategy for profitable growth as we help our customers build a better, more sustainable world," said Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Jim Umpleby.
Caterpillar has had a presence in Texas since the 1960s, the company said in the news release. Illinois retains the largest concentration of Caterpillar employees anywhere in the world, with 12,000 in the Peoria region alone as of 2018.
But those central Illinois Cat jobs will slowly trickle down to Texas. I've seen this movie before. Texas has a business-friendly government, gasoline sells a buck less down there, and there is no state income tax.

Biden advisor Gina McCarthy: Content critical of green "transition" must be censored on social media

The winner of an essay contest, N. A. Halkides, composed this immortal sentence, "Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out." 

Halkides is so right. 

For evidence I present to you Gina McCarthy, Joe Biden's national climate advisor.

The Biden administration's Ministry of Truth lives.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Summer of Joy: 6 killed and at least 28 others wounded over weekend in Chicago

Two months ago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that this year there would be a "Summer of Joy" in Chicago. 

Over this past weekend six people were shot to death in Chicago, four on the South Side and two on the West Side. At least 28 others were wounded. 

Hey Jackass! is keeping track of Summer of Joy killings. So far this season there have been 41 homicides and 163 wounded. 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Rainmakers - Let My People Go - Go (Live at Meieriet i Lunde, 2014)

Six years ago I posted a video of the Rainmakers, a Kansas City-based band, performing "Let My People Go-Go" live. Here's another clip of this great song, recorded in their beloved Norway.

Joe Biden stumbles as he reads from teleprompter, says he's working to save families "mother"

Great Grandpa Biden needs another lie-down.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Inflation at 41-year-high at 8.6 percent

Lake Bluff, IL on June 7
The morning after the two-hour hate last night about the January 6th Capitol riot, there is bad news for Americans--the inflation figures for May are out and not surprisingly, the numbers are terrible. 

Of course, the Democrats want to change the subject away from the wretched job they are doing. The Dems control Congress and the White House. A year ago, Joe Biden was calling inflation "transitory." Two nights ago, in a softball interview with Jimmy Kimmell, Biden bragged about the US economy. 

From Yahoo Finance

U.S. consumer prices accelerated in May to the highest since 1981, as Americans grapple with a surge in the cost of gas, food, and shelter, data showed Friday. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' May Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed a year-over-year increase of 8.6% last month, up from 8.3% in April. Economists were expecting an 8.3% increase in May, according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg. 

On a month-over-month basis, the broadest measure of inflation climbed 1.0%, compared to 0.3% in April. "Core" inflation, which strips out the more volatile costs of food and gas, rose 6% over the prior year in May, more than the 5.9% that was expected. 

The biggest contributors to the latest jump in inflation were shelter, gasoline, and food, according to the BLS. The energy index rose 3.9% month-on-month in May, with the gasoline index rising 4.1%. Compared to the prior year, energy prices in May were up 34.6%, the most since September 2005.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

President Joe Biden FALLS up stairs saying parties should 'step up'

Time to retire, Joe. 

Mark Dice: Joe Biden joins Jimmy Kimmel to embarrass himself

In Mark Dice's words, "former comedian" Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Joe Biden yesterday. 

It was a softball interview --and one thing Dice overlooked is that Kimmel didn't ask Sleepy Joe about the biggest story today, the arrest of the man who says he wanted to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

From Wirepoints: It's open season on Chicago Police: shootings at cops up fourfold in 2020, 2021

Matt Rosenberg writes on some disturbing news on violence at Wirepoints: It's open season on Chicago Police: shootings at cops up fourfold in 2020, 2021.

Armed man threatening to kill Justice Kavanaugh arrested near his home

Don't forget, it was leftist Dems who cheered on the protests in front of the homes of conservative US Supreme Court justices.

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin is out

It's rare when I say that here is good news regarding an election in San Franciso. But last night far-left, pro-criminal Chesa Boudin, the district attorney of San Francisco was recalled by voters. Over 60 percent of SF voters chose to oust him. 

The recall of another radical DA, George Gascon in Los Angeles County, is still in the petition stage.

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Time for a law school refresh? Lightfoot says of those charged with crimes "these people are guilty"

I imagine in the first semester of law school the subject of "innocent until proven guilty" comes up. Heck, when I served on a jury years ago it did. 

And while I firmly believe that Kim Soros-Smollett Foxx, the so-called prosecutor in Cook County whose formal title is Cook County state's attorney, is a menace to public safety and should resign, Chicago's failed mayor, Lori Lightfoot, went too far when she made some alarming comments.

"Given the exacting standards that the state's attorney has for charging a case, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt - when those charges are brought, these people are guilty." She immediately clarified that statement a little, adding "and of course they're entitled to a presumption of innocence. Of course, they're entitled to their day in court. But residents in our community are also entitled to safety from dangerous people. So we need to keep pressing the criminal courts to lock up violent, dangerous people."

Foxx, among many things, has let too many accused violent criminals go free on no or low bail, or put them on electronic monitoring, which many then elude. Crime is skyrocketing in Chicago and the suburbs. But it might be you or me who is deemed "guilty" one day by an unbalanced public official like Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor and a graduate of the University of Chicago law school. Lightfoot is expected to announce her bid for a second term on Wednesday. 

Instead of upending the perception of guilt and innocence, Lightfoot should instead be demanding the resignation of Foxx. 

Monday, June 06, 2022

Summer of Joy: 4 dead and at least 24 wounded over weekend in Chicago

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has declared it the Summer of Joy in Chicago. Of course the shootings are continuing. 

Four people were shot to death, one each on the South Side and the Southwest Side--two others on the West Side. 

At least 24 others were wounded. 

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Richard Thompson - From Galway To Graceland

If I had to select one song from Richard Thompson's vast catalog that encapsulates his career, it would be this one, "From Galway to Graceland." 

Thompson's roots are in rock and roll--and folk music from the British Isles. 


Mark Dice: They're Meeting RIGHT NOW! - It's Not Just a Rumor

More elitists are meeting. In secret, of course. It's Bilderberg and it's in Washington.


Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Mark Dice does Memorial Day interviews: This Is Not A Good Sign

The fact that Memorial Day is called Memorial Day is a very strong hint as to what the holiday is about. Mark Dice interviews some stupid Californians here.

Biden Treasury secretary admits she was wrong about inflation

Well, there is at least one person with at least some integrity within the Bided Administration. In an article from the Washington Post, Treasury secretary Janet Yellen admitted that she, and that means the White House, was wrong about inflation. 
Yellen acknowledged that the administration didn’t expect the last year to play out the way it has. "I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take," she told CNN on Tuesday. (A Treasury spokesperson said later Yellen was merely noting that "there have been shocks to the economy that have exacerbated inflationary pressures which couldn't have been foreseen 18 months ago, including Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, multiple successive variants of COVID, and lockdowns in China.")
Oh, what you just read was an example of media bias. Sure, the Washington Compost reported Yellen's remark, but does so in the 14th paragraph. And look how the rag immediately jumps to protect the Democrat narrative. But all is not well. Any person who isn't an apologist for the Dems knows it.

Tucker: This is a power grab

Politicians here and in Canada are using the Uvalde tragedy as an excuse for a power grab, Tucker Carlson tells us.