Friday, February 28, 2014

Wichita airport could be renamed for Eisenhower on Tuesday

Abilene mural in 2007
Easily our most underrated president of the 20th century was Kansas-reared Dwight D. Eisenhower. Of course before he was president, Ike was the Supreme Commander of the Western Allies on D-Day and on V-E Day.

In my Kansas Kronikles post about Eisenhower, I chided the Sunflower State for not elevating the Abilene native to the status that Andrew Jackson enjoys in Tennessee, or how his predecessor Harry S. Truman is revered in the neighboring state of Missouri.

Lincoln and Illinois are a special case.

But on Tuesday, if the Wichita City Council votes "Yes," the two-term Republican will receive a major honor, the Wichita Eagle is reporting. On Tuesday the drive by Jan Harrison, a Kansas radio personality, will probably end in success as Mid-Continent Airport is expected to be renamed Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport.

It's a terrific idea.

And oh, too bad we don't have a firm and steady president such as Ike now.

I Like Ike.

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Jimmy Carter all over again: Putin's troops in Ukraine

What does a weakened America offer the world? Russian troops in another country.

Vladimir Putin's troops have seized strategic locations--such as airports--in the Crimea in southern Ukraine.

The last time troops from Moscow were so aggressive--another pusillanimous Democrat was in the White House and the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama warns of  "costs" Russia will pay for this violation of Ukraine's sovereignty.

Is this like Obama's "red line" that was crossed by Bashar Assad in Syria?

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(Video):Your Plan Has Been Cancelled

In the past two days both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Sen. Patty Murray have said that stories about the insurance policy cancellations are untrue.

They are lying.

From Americans for Prosperity:

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Obama dithers while Ukraine suffers

Other than stating he is unhappy, just exactly what is President Obama doing in regards to the chaos in Ukraine? In the tug of war between East and West--most Ukrainians prefer the latter, why hasn't Obama come out in support of them?

Does he care?

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

New global warming believers' panic: Coffee shortage

No global warming here
Because of so-called human-caused global warming, drowning polar bears are not the only tragedy to worry about. Are you ready for this one: Climate change is behind a coffee shortage.

From Slate via the Chicago Tribune:
The current run on coffee is an example of the kinds of follow-on effects to be expected as the climate warms and rainfall patterns become more erratic. The ongoing lack of rainfall, coupled with record high temperatures across the whole of southeast South America during the current Southern Hemisphere summer, is just the kind of extreme weather event that's been becoming more common over recent years. In an era of scientific consensus that we humans are doing this to ourselves, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Back in 2011, Starbucks' head of sustainability, Jim Hanna, called increasingly extreme weather linked to climate change a "potentially significant risk to our supply chain." But Brazil's government — much like ours here in the United States — seems to have its head stuck in the sand on what to do about it.
Huh? Other than Al Gore, no political figure in America is tied to the global warming cult than President Obama.

Also, if global warming is real, won't it make another area of the planet, say North Carolina, a viable coffee growing region?

Besides, there is always tea as a caffeine replacement.

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Krauthammer condemns "settled science" of global warming

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(Video) Times's Steven Brill: Obama is at fault for ObamaCare fiasco

On CBS' This Morning, Steven Brill of Time says that President Obama is the one responsible for the ObamaCare debacle.

Plain and simple.

And so true...

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The outrage of global warming believers

Lake Michigan
Forbes' James Taylor reacts to the outrage of global warmer believers over Charles Krauthammer's column calling into question the "settled science."
This leads one to wonder when the science became "settled." Was it seven years ago when alarmists claimed global warming would reduce the frequency and severity of Arctic cold fronts reaching the United States, or this winter when they blame an increase in such repeated Arctic cold fronts on global warming? Was it three weeks ago when Time claimed global warming is bringing an end to snowfall, or two weeks ago when every state but Florida had snow on the ground and alarmists blamed it on global warming? Was it in 2007 when alarmists claimed global warming was melting Antarctic ice sheets, or in 2013 when they said global warming is causing record Antarctic ice extent? Was it in 1998 when alarmist computer models predicted dramatic warming during the following 16 years, or today after no such warming has occurred?

When Charles Krauthammer and others ask such questions, one would expect global warming advocates who feel secure in their supporting scientific evidence to present the evidence and let the science do the talking. When prominent global warming advocates such as Barack Obama, John Kerry, and [Time Magazine's] Jeffrey Kluger respond instead by engaging in juvenile name-calling – "flat earthers," "unfrozen caveman" – this tells us where the science really stands. It's like watching a spoiled three-year-old respond to his parents' logical admonition to not eat sugar all day by flailing himself on the floor and throwing a three-hour temper tantrum. It may make for good theatrics, but it hardly addresses the sound science behind his parents’ admonition.
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Krauthammer condemns "settled science" of global warming

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Happy 5th birthday to the Tea Party

First Chicago Tea Party
It was on this day five years ago when the first Tea Party rallies graced this glorious land. I was there among the patriots and the snow flurries in Chicago.

The Tea Party figures to be a major factor--again--in the year's mid-term elections. It is here to stay.

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