Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Carney: Anybody who says Keystone will lower gas prices is 'blowing a lot of smoke'"

Perhaps we are living in an alternative universe, as I said in my previous post.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had this to say about the job-creating Keystone XL pipline today: "Anybody who says Keystone will lower gas prices is 'blowing a lot of smoke.'"

More oil means--sorry, if I am stating the obvious, but the White House doesn't get it--lower gasoline prices.

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Video: Obama Energy Sec'y says it is not the goal of his dept. to have lower gas prices

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Video: Obama Energy Sec'y says it is not the goal of his dept. to have lower gas prices

Four years ago President Obama's Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, had this to say about gasoline prices: "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." Right now petrol sells in the $8 to $9 per-gallon range there.

Yeterday Chu was queried by the House Appropriations Committee. In response to a question about the department he leads and whether it has the goal of lowering gasoline prices, Chu reponded, "No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil..."

I give him credit for honesty. But Obama and Chu's dream of a solar and wind power America depends upon making fossil fuels so expensive that then--and only then--green energy makes economic sense.

Think about that the next time you fill your your gas tank.

Meanwhile, Sen. Chuck Shumer (D-NY) wants more Saudi Arabia. Not here.

We've entered the unpleasant version of an alternative universe. Rescue us, Captain Kirk.

Voters: Beam Obama out of office.

UPDATE 3:40pm CST: Obama's press secretary said earlier today that he is unaware of Chu's comments.

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Larry Doyle, HuffPo, and the so-called "Jesus eating cult"

In his recent awful offal of a Huffington Post column, Larry Doyle insulted one billion of his fellow humans by calling the Roman Catholic Church a "The Jesus-Eating Cult."

I don't know Doyle, but his onetime collaborator on his Escaped from the Zoo and Pogo comic strips, Neal Sternecky, managed the Champaign, Illinois apartment building I lived in for a year while we were both students at the University of Illinois--we also had an advertising class together. Sternecky, like myself, is a graduate of Carl Sandburg High School--although I didn't know him them.

Because I've kept an eye on Sternecky's career--I've also had a cursory interest in Doyle. That acidic HuffPo column is not an aberration. Doyle's Daily Illini solo pieces were the type of mean-spirited rants you find on leftist sites such as Democrats Underground and of course HuffPo. My memory is like a bear trap--I distinctly remember a DI mock interview of Doyle where he mentioned that he wanted to masturbate during the interchange and later suggested that he desired to use razor blades to further his pleasure. Later Doyle tried to get the interviewer to admit that he was an asshole.

I agree, he is one.

As for Sternecky, he was the better half of that collaboration. He later discovered that he could write Pogo--which was later discontinued--without that distinctly not-funny asshole.

Yesterday Doyle issued a non-apology on HuffPo. He's a real...well, you know...

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Pickens crony capitalism update: WSJ says subsidies not needed for natural gas

Last week I wrote about T. Boone Pickens donating nearly a half-million dollars to liberal think tank Center for American Progress so they can promote its idea of clean energy, which includes natural gas--a power source the billionaire hopes to make even more money on. Pickens has a pet piece of legislation--the NAT GAS Act, which proposes subsidies for his latest love.

But guess what? The Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required) says that subsidies are not needed for this crony capitalism caper.
The natural gas shale revolution is a blessing for the U.S., but its very abundance and low cost mean that it could be a commercially viable substitute for oil without taxpayer handouts. At current prices, a gallon of transportation fuel from natural gas costs about one-third to one-half less a gallon of gas from oil. That's a big nonsubsidized cost advantage.

Mr. Pickens claims that the subsidies are merely to finance the transition to natural gas vehicles, and that they will be temporary. But there were no subsidies for Henry Ford to build the Model T, and no tax incentives for gas stations in every town in America.

As for "energy independence," taxpayer subsidies have a miserable record of reducing reliance on foreign oil. In the 1970s the feds spent some $2 billion on synthetic fuels, which were a commercial bust. Ethanol was sold as a path to energy "security," but 30 years and more than $40 billion later it still can't compete without governmental support. The two-decade federal nourishment of solar, wind and other non-hydro renewables has cost tens of billions of dollars, yet they still provide just 3.6% of U.S. electricity.

The history of energy subsidies is that they become an industrial and political addiction that is difficult to stop, no matter the results, and may even inhibit innovation and profitability by providing a crutch.
The NAT GAS Act stink bomb applies Chevy Volt-like credits for trucks--from $7,500 and $65,000 per vehicle--for trucks converting from diesel to natural gas-powered engines. Actually, this is worse than the Volt handouts.

Filling stations would get credits too--and there would be a 50 cent a gallon credit for purchasing natural gas.

None of this is needed. Haven't we learned any lessons from the Volt and Solyndra debacles?

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Occupy occtrocities: Leap Year Day edition

Marathon Pundit in Cancun
Today is Leap Year Day, but our first occtrocity involves a possible eviction of an Irish Occupy group before St. Patrick's Day.

Did you hear about the 'wealthy banker' who left a one percent tip on a three figure bill with the comment, "Get a real job." It's a hoax. And there is an Occupy Wall Street tie-in with this story.

Our Department of Homeland Security is keeping tabs on OWS--but they view it as a peaceful movement. They're delusional.

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