Saturday, October 31, 2020

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London (Official Music Video)

Warren Zevon was one of the greats. His early career was packed with lots of novelty songs, which, especially after he sobered up, he regretted as it detracted for his equally powerful serious work.

Click below to watch and listen to one of the funny tunes, his best known work. "Werewolves of London."

And by the way, Happy Halloween!


Twitter weasels finally allow New York Post to Tweet again

America's oldest daily newspaper, the New York Post, is able to Tweet again.

From the paper that was founded by Alexander Hamilton:

Twitter backed down Friday in its battle with The Post and unlocked its main account after a two-week stalemate over the Hunter Biden exposé. 

The move came after The Post refused Twitter’s demand that it delete six tweets that linked to stories that the company claimed — without any evidence — were based on hacked information. 

The Post never budged, and kept the tweets on the account during the standoff — even as Twitter obscured them from view.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Indoor dining banned again in Chicago

How much safer--if it is safer at all--is it to eat next to people in a tent as opposed to inside a restaurant?

And despite the onset of winter near--indoor dining--is banned again in much of Illinois.

How many restaurants in Illinois will go broke now?

From ABC Chicago:

New COVID-19 restrictions in Chicago are now in effect for restaurants and bars as the area sees a surge in coronavirus cases.

Starting Friday, there will be no indoor service at bars and restaurants in the city. 

Outdoor service is allowed, but it must end at 11 p.m. Bars and restaurants can sell alcohol until 11 p.m. and alcohol can be sold at liquor stores and grocery stores until 9 p.m.
The fatality rate for those under 70 who test positive for COVID-19 is less than one-percent. Follow the science.

More from my post at Da Tech Guy:

COVID-19 lockdowns must end for the sake of our overall health

Twitter censorship: It suspends Border Patrol chief's account for praising progress on the Wall

Once again I have to ask why doesn't Twitter ever suspend posts by liberals?

From the Washington Examiner:

Twitter suspended the account belonging to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan over a tweet promoting the positive effects of the wall along the U.S. southern border.

“You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease,” Twitter said in an emailed statement to The Federalist on Thursday.

“@CBP & @USACEHQ continue to build new walls every day,” Morgan’s Twitter post said. “Every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drugs from entering our country.”
Twitter is not an impartial distributer of information. They are left-wing propagandists.


Trump and Biden to make dueling campaign stops in Minnesota on Friday

Is Sleepy Joe nervous? Richard Nixon was the last Republican to win Minnesota.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Sen Wicker calls out Twitter CEO: Allowed China to blame US military for COVID-19 for two months

Twitter has pulled and blocked many posts from conservatives, even from President Donald Trump, for issues related, according to the micro-blogging site, trutfuleness. 

But for two months Twitter allowed the ChiComms to blame COVID-19 for COVID-19. 

Yesterday Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) called Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, for this hypocrisy.


GDP up 33 percent in third quarter

The Donald Trump boom is back. From CNBC:
Coming off the worst quarter in history, the U.S. economy grew at its fastest pace ever in the third quarter as a nation battered by an unprecedented pandemic started to put itself back together.
Third-quarter gross domestic product, a measure of the total goods and services produced in the July-to-September period, expanded at a 33.1% annualized pace, the Commerce Department reported Thursday in its initial estimate for the period.
Markets reacted positively to the news, with Wall Street now looking at a flat to slightly positive open.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Tucker exclusive: Tony Bobulinski, ex-Hunter Biden associate, speaks out speaks out on Joe Biden

The best 17 minutes on television this year was Tucker Carlson's interview for former Hunter Biden business associate, Tony Bobulinski. Here' what the Daily Mail wrote about the exchange:
During the interview, Bobulinski also claimed that in 2017, he asked Joe Biden's brother Jim - who was part of their business consortium - how he could 'get away with' all their business dealings.
Bobulinski claimed that Jim replied: 'Plausible deniability.'
Audio was also played of Rob Walker, whose wife works for Jill Biden, warning Bobulinski, former Navy officer, not to go public with what he knows about the suspicious Biden family business dealings.


'Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you?' Cruz slams Twitter for blocking NY Post

Because Twitter doesn't like the New York Post's coverage of the Hunter Biden scandal--America's oldest daily newspaper, which was founded by Alexander Hamilton and is the nation's fourth-most read, is locked out of its own account on the micro-blogging site. 

The Hunter story has not been debunked. The Biden campaign has not denied it. This is Big Tech censorship. Liberals, if Twitter can do this to the Post they might next go after one of your favorite sites.


White House blames 'liberal Democrats' for riots, looting in Philadelphia

In the video notice how casually the looters, particualry the man pushing a cart loaded with stolen goods, break the law.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Joe Biden calls Sen. Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff, "Kamala’s wife"

Sleepy Joe is in need of another lie-down. Yes, Doug Emhoff is a man. He's Kamala Harris' husband.


Biden insults Pennsylvanians who don't support him, calls them "chumps"

In 2016 Hillary Clinton called supporters of Donald Trump "deplorables." This week Joe Biden said they were chumps.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Sleepy Joe Biden calls Trump "George" in interview

Watch here as Sleepy Joe Biden can't remember who is president. Donald J. Trump is, not "George."
Time for another liedown, Joe.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put A Spell On You

Halloween is a week away. And here's a scary song for you. Creedence Clearwater Revival--at Woodstock--performing "I Put A Spell On You."  


(Video) Biden incorrectly says he has 5 grandchildren, then confuses their ages

Sleepy Joe Biden has six grandchildren. Not five. 

Oh, the most recent one is a baby boy, a son of Hunter Biden, who previously dated the widow of his deceased brother, Beau.

By the way, where is Hunter?


Friday, October 23, 2020

CNN fact checks Biden on fracking: "False for Biden to say that he never said he opposed fracking"

Even the fact checker for pro-Joe Biden CNN admits that it's "false for Biden to say that he never said he opposed fracking."


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Laptop connected to Hunter linked to FBI money laundering probe

Will the mainstream media continue to minimize the Hunter Biden story?

From Fox News:

The FBI’s subpoena of a laptop and hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden came in connection with a money laundering investigation in late 2019, according to documents obtained by Fox News and verified by multiple federal law enforcement officials who reviewed them.
It is unclear, at this point, whether the investigation is ongoing or if it was directly related to Hunter Biden.
Multiple federal law enforcement officials, as well as two separate government officials, confirmed the authenticity of these documents, which were signed by FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson.
Wilson did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. One of the documents, obtained by Fox News, was designated as an FBI “Receipt for Property” form, which details the bureau’s interactions with John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of “The Mac Shop” who reported the laptop’s contents to authorities.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

PA voters tell CBS: They felt forgotten before 2016, but no longer

Good ol' Joe from Scranton has forgotten about these Pennsylvania voters.


McEnany reacts to being 'censored' on Twitter

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, discusses intimididation of Donald Trump supporters and the censorship of her Twitter account because she shared the damaging New York Post report about Hunter Biden's emails on the micro-blogging platform. 

This is America in 2020.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Censorship: New York Post has been locked out of its Twitter account for six days

Last Wednesday the New York Post, America's oldest daily newspaper and currently its fourth-most-read, which was founded by Alexander Hamilton, published a blockbuster story about a laptop that once belonged to Hunter Biden that contained emails that confirmed the former vice president's son's role as an influence peddler. Twitter blocked the Tweeting of the story for a while and Facebook blocked posting and sharing of it. The media, with a few exceptions, has been minimizing or ignoring the Hunter story, or fabricating details, such as the scandal simply is nothing more than Russian interference

Sheesh. How 'bout some originality? We've heard that lie before.

Since the story broke the Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, has not been able to post new entries on Twitter. 

This is censorship, plain and simple.

From Da Tech Guy: Big Media and Big Tech, the left-wing parents who adopted us, believe they know what is best for you

Usually my weekly Da Tech Guy post appears on Sunday. But a day trip to Michigan turned in to a two-day journey. So I posted there today: Big Media and Big Tech, the left-wing parents who adopted us, believe they know what is best for you.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Seven killed and at least 26 wounded over weekend in Chicago

A 14-year-old in North Lawndale on the West Side was among the seven people shot to death over the weekend in Chicago. 

Yes, the violence continues. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Ry Cooder: Jesus on the Mainline

Artists hate labels. And someone like Ry Cooder, who is a one man music library, even more so, I assume.

That being said Cooder should be counted along the the Band, and the Byrds, as a founder of the Americana genre. 

Here's a song that is outside of that box, which incorporates gospel, "Jesus on the Mainline."


Bloody Chicago: 280 Homicides Over Violent Summer in the city in 2020

Victor Maggio memorializes the 280 homicides that occurred in Chicago during the 94 days of the summer of 2020.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Biden campaign confirms Joe Biden is open to court packing

Symone Sanders, a senior advisor to the Biden-Harris campaign, says that Joe Biden is open to packing the Supreme Court with liberals.


Collusion: After Harris again dodges on court packing, CNN's Lemon suggests media stop asking about it so campaign is helped

Adding additional seats to the US Supreme Court, that is "court packing," is not only a legitimate political issue it is a major one. Many Democrats favor placing more justices to SCOTUS to create a liberal majority on the court. If done, court packing will the separation of powers prescribed in the Constitution.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to give firm answers on court packing. 

CNN's partisan hack of a host, Don Lemon, offered an idea to aid the Biden-Harris campaign.

The media should stop asking questions about court packing. 

We're on the road to despotism. A free nation needs a free press that works for everyone.


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Hunter Biden tried to rake in cash on Chinese business deal

By the way. Where's Hunter?

From the New York Post:

Hunter Biden pursued lucrative deals involving China’s largest private energy company — including one that he said would be "interesting for me and my family," emails obtained by The Post show.
One email sent to Biden on May 13, 2017, with the subject line "Expectations," included details of "remuneration packages" for six people involved in an unspecified business venture.
Biden was identified as "Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC," an apparent reference to the former Shanghai-based conglomerate CEFC China Energy Co.
His pay was pegged at "850" and the email also noted that "Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate."

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Collusion: Facebook and Twitter block sharing of Hunter Biden story on Burisma smoking gun

The media is in the tank for the Democrats. Most of them that is. And Big Tech is Big for Biden. 

And look how government-funded NPR paints the story as "unconfirmed." Hey, at least they are covering Huntergate, albeit somewhat dishonestly.

Substitute "Trump" for Biden. And "Don Jr." for Hunter and NPR, and of course MSLSD and the Clown News Network would be preempting existing shows to blast such news.

From NPR:

Facebook and Twitter took action on Wednesday to limit the distribution of New York Post reporting with unconfirmed claims about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, leading President Trump's campaign and allies to charge the companies with censorship. 

Both social media companies said the moves were aimed at slowing the spread of potentially false information. But they gave few details about how they reached their decisions, sparking criticism about the lack of clarity and consistency with which they apply their rules. 

The New York Post published a series of stories on Wednesday citing emails, purportedly sent by Biden's son Hunter, that the news outlet says it got from Trump's private lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. Facebook was limiting distribution of the Post's main story while its outside fact-checkers reviewed the claims, spokesman Andy Stone said. 

That means the platform's algorithms won't place posts linking to the story as highly in people's news feeds, reducing the number of users who see it. However, the story has still been liked, shared or commented on almost 600,000 times on Facebook, according data from CrowdTangle, a research tool owned by the social network.

Under Obama-Biden, we witnessed an assault on our most cherished values

Vice President Pence sounds off on the Obama-Biden adminisration's attack on American values.


Bannon sounds off on Joe Biden as NY Post shines light on Hunter Biden's emails

Where is Hunter?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Joe Biden tells 56% of Americans not to vote for him

There is a lot to take in with this video. For starters, Joe Biden, wearing a mask, is standing 40 feet from where his interviewer, a Cincinnati television reporter, stands. 

Secondly, only the local media is asking Biden questions that aren't softballs--unlike the elitists in the national media. 

And finally, in response to a question about a recent Gallup Poll that finds that 56 percent of people see themselves as better off than they were better off than they were four years ago under the Obama-Biden administration. Biden, in his reply, got the number wrong and also said that these people, more than half of the populace, shouldn't vote for him.  

That works for me.


Trump coalition shows up, votes and 'doesn't want to talk to media:' McEnany

The Donald Trump base doesn't like the media. And the media gives the base plenty of reasons for them to be disliked. The media, particularly the national wing, is more interested in propping up Joe Biden than honestly reporting on the presidential election. 

Voting is the best revenge for the Deplorables. Kayleigh McEnany explains.


Monday, October 12, 2020

Happy Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus may be gone from Chicago's Grant Park but he is not forgotten. Happy Columbus Day!

Four shot and at least 49 others wounded in Chicago over weekend

There were four people shot to death in Chicago over the weekend. Three were killed in the Garfield Park area on the West Side. A fourth was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai Hospital, also on the West Side.

Citywide at least 49 others were wounded.

Friday, October 09, 2020

Rep Collins blasts Pelosi’s 25th Amendment bill: ‘Pandering' to ‘liberal base’

Didn't Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats already try to impeach the president? It's another coup attempt by Pelosi.

Coup attempt: Pelosi wants to oust Trump by way of 25th Amendment

Democrats have been complaining that President Trump may not accede to next month's election results and prevent a peaceful transition of power. However, the Dems didn't cooperate with Trump after he won the 2016 election. 

Now Nancy Pelosi wants to form a committee to explore removing Trump from office by way of the 25th Amendment. 

Ronald Reagan was right, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." 

Laugh now Dems. If somehow Pelosi is successful what's to stop a Republican Congress from removing a President Biden from the White House?

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Hannity: Kamala Harris' 'cringeworthy' debate was packed with lies

It was a great night for Vice President Mike Pence at Tuesday's night debate. Not so much so for Kamala Harris.

Trump says he won't participate in a virtual debate

I was looking forward to seeing President Donald Trump pressing Joe Biden on whether he'll be packing the US Supreme Court with liberals. But a virtual debate would be just silly. 

From AP
President Donald Trump vowed Thursday not to participate in next week's debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden after organizers announced it will take place virtually because of the president's diagnosis of COVID-19. 
"I'm not going to do a virtual debate" with Biden, Trump told Fox News, moments after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the changes due to Trump's diagnosis. 

That cast serious doubts on whether the event will go forward, even as Biden's campaign vowed that its candidate will participate.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Because federal bailout may not be coming, Lightfoot and Pritzker may have to lay off workers and cut spending--which they should have done months ago

As I've observed before--the correct time to layoff government employees was when the COVID-19 lockdown began in March. But Chicago's mayor, Lori Lightfoot, and Illinois' governor, J.B. Pritzker, who are beholden to the public-sector unions that put them in office, not the taxpayers, chose to keep all of their workers on taxpayers' payroll. 

For instance, all Illinois restaurants were closed for weeks. Why did they need health inspectors? Sales tax revenue was way down, so there was, and is, less work for revenue employees. I can go on and on. 

And the lockdowns were more severe in blue states. They Democrats put their economies to sleep. 

Why did they do this?

This passage from Fox Chicago tells us why:

Nearly eight months after the coronavirus hit the nation, struggling cities like Chicago saw a huge drop in tax revenues. 

Empty streets meant no money from sales taxes, and now it appears the city will not get any help from the federal government.
For city taxpayers, it could very likely mean paying more. For some city departments and agencies, it could mean layoffs.
Ah ha! That's it! Lightfoot and Pritzker had their scheme all figured out. The federal government would bail them out. These two Democrats are irresponsible, they remind me of rich kids living off a trust fund who, after they burn through it, expect someone else to pay the bill. 

But now that may not happen they'll have to do what they should have done in the spring. Cut spending and layoff employees. And sadly, raise taxes.

And dopes in blue states elect such leaders. Sad. Very sad. 

Chicago and Illinois, again I've said this before, are not comprised of people with governments. They are governments that have people. And just one of the symptoms of this illness is that they are poor stewards of taxpayer money. 

Illinoisans will decide next month on a constitutional amendment to drop the flat income tax--many states by they way have no income tax at all--for a graduated one. If you believe that Pritzker, Boss Madigan et al will be wise spenders of this cash windfall then you are a fool. 

Don Jr. sounds off on declassified Russia docs: 'We knew all along'

On Fox and Friends this morning the president's son disussed the Democrats' Russia hoax, their PC-response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and their plans to used the pandemic to bail out failing cities that have been mismanaged for decades.


Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Critics blast NBC's Biden town hall

The mainstream media is clearly colluding with the Biden campaign. 

Yesterday's townhall on NBC and hosted by reputed journalist Lester Holt, was not, as advertised, attended by undecided voters. And hot topics, such as packing the Supreme Court with liberals and adding two new states filled with Democratic voters, were not pressed. 

From Second City Cop: No wonder government is broke

Many government offices in Chicago are closed or they are working with shorter hours. 

But the paychecks are the same. Second City Cop is right: No wonder government is broke.

Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois government hasn't been a people with a government for decades. It's the other way around. Which is why people are fleeing Illinois.

Failed politicians who are beholden to the public-sector unions--but not taxpayers--are already crying poor mouth. 

Where were the layoffs in March and April during the worst of the lockdown? You know, like the ones in the private-sector?

Monday, October 05, 2020

Trump returns home to the White House, removes mask, gives a salute

Our president returned to the White House today. 

He's home and mask-free.


President Trump sent the Chief of Staff to hand out chocolates to supporters outside Walter Reed

Say what you will about President Trump, but he has a very loyal core of support. Backers of the president continue to gather outside Walter Reed Medical Center where he is being treated for COVID-19.


Five shot to death and at least 32 others wounded over weekend in Chicago

Coming off the bloodiest September in over a quarter-century, October in Chicago is off to a deadly start. Over the weekend five people were shot to death and at least 32 others were wounded. One of those murders occurred on the Edens Expressway on the Northwest Side, another in North Lawndale on the West Side, and there were three South Side homicides, one in Roseland, one in West Englewood, and one in Chicago Lawn. 

Saturday, October 03, 2020

All is well

There were some repairs that needed to be done that upended Marathon Pundit World Headquarters these last few days. The work is done. Now back to work for me!