Saturday, July 31, 2010

Confirmed: Fake Michigan Tea Party a Democratic canard

The Democrats who control Michigan should be focusing on turning around the anemic economic sitution in the Great Lakes State. Instead, they have created a fake Tea Party electoral organization to siphon votes from Republican candidates in competive Michigan contests.

From Michigan Capitol Confidential:

A tea party organizer says he has found the smoking gun that links the Democratic Party to the controversial "Tea Party" that is running candidates and seeking official ballot status in Michigan.

A "Jason Bauer" is listed on recent federal election documents and state campaign donation documents as the "political director" of the Oakland County Democratic Party. A "Jason H. Bauer" signed the affidavits as the notary on nine of the mysterious Tea Party Political candidates' paperwork turned in to the state of Michigan.

A "Jason H. Bauer" has registered twice to run for office in Oakland County, once as a Democrat in May of this year. Both times, the Auburn Hills home address given by "Jason H. Bauer" is the same as the "Jason Bauer" who is identified as the Oakland County Democratic Party political director on the state and federal campaign documents.

The "Jason H. Bauer" signature on the Oakland County document also appears substantially similar to the notary signatures on the Tea Party political party candidate filings revealed this week.
That blog credits Jason Gillman of Michigan Taxes Too Much for the investigative scoop.

Oakland County Democratic Chairman Mike McGuinness has claimed Bauer as part of his organziation, but he is portraying him as a lone wolf.

Should I believe him?

Much more quiet is the chairman of this canard Tea Party, former United Auto Workers steward Mark Steffek. Usually leaders of political parties are a chatty sort, but not Steffek.

Something to hide, stew?

Hat tip to theblogprof.

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GOP candidate Joel Pollak to host town hall meeting on economy in Skokie Aug. 12

Jobs and the economy are the two major issues this year--which is as it should be. Joel Pollak, the Republican nominee for Illinois' 9th congressional district will be holding a forum on both in August. From a campaign press release:

The Pollak for Congress campaign will host its first "Town Hall Meeting" on the economic situation in the 9th congressional district on August 12th, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Holiday Inn on 5300 West Touhy Avenue in Skokie.

"I believe the role of a member of Congress is to represent the district to Washington, not Washington to the district," said Joel Pollak, GOP nominee for the 9th congressional seat. "Since my opponent took office, the Chicago area has lost jobs while the rest of America has gained jobs, however modestly. She wants to borrow, spend, and tax. That is not going to create jobs here or anywhere else. We need a fresh start!"

"I look forward to sharing my ideas with residents of the 9th district, and learning more about what the people of our community would like Congress to do."
I'm not sure what my work schedule looks like that day, but I will try to make it there.

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From Russia with flames: Driving through a forest fire

Sometimes it's just best to stay home. If you ever wanted to know what it's like to drive trough a Russian forest fire, then this is your lucky day.

Was the driver drunk?

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Graham Parker and the Rumour: Heat Treatment

After a two week absence, it's time for another Saturday musical selection.

While I was driving across the desert, the mountains, and the plains earlier this month, Graham Parker's Heat Treatment CD was often playing.

A difficult artist to classify, Parker combines blues, rock, soul, and reggae into his repertoire. Different terrain, different music, one artist. Bits of country enhance Parker's later work--but passion is the consistent theme of his long career.

The video of Parker and his then-backup band The Rumour performing title track is from 1977.

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House ethics panel to charge Democrat Maxine Waters

House Democrats could be headed into another August of raucous town hall meetings. In addition to the Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) situation, AP is reporting this morning that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) could be slapped with ethics charges next week.

Waters, one of the most liberal members of Congress and a prominent member of the House Finance Committee, has been under investigation for a conflict of interest involving a bank seeking federal assistance. Waters' husband owned shares in the bank and once served on its board.

Rangel was the chairman of the powerful Ways and Means committee, the tax-writing body of the House.

The charges against Waters will likely hamper Democrats' efforts to use its Wall Street reform bill as a celebratory campaign tool this fall.

In 2006 then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi vowed to "drain the swamp" in the lower chamber. In fact, she claims she really did drain it.

Voters will have the final say in November.

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Weekly GOP Address with Sen. Mike Johanns

How convenient. On Monday I was in North Platte, Nebraska, and today's Weekly GOP Address comes from its Republican senator, Mike Johanns.

"You talk about creating jobs and that sounds good, but your policies just do the opposite -- with a fiercely anti-business tone," Sen. Johanns says.

He says small business owners "want to get up in the morning, head to work and find creative ways to build their businesses. And your policies, Mr. President, are hurting them."

Johanns is right.

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