Monday, August 31, 2020

After laying off no city workers during lockdown, Lightfoot complains of Chicago's revenue shortfall

North Michigan Avenue in June
Mayor Lori Lightfoot will go down as the worst mayor in Chicago's history. Crime is out of control. Chicago's cash cow, the downtown area, accounts for 70 percent of the city's economic activity. This section of what is for now America's third-largest city was hit by two rounds of widespread looting this year.

Now Lightfoot says Chicago faces massive budget shortfalls.

Mayor Beetlejuice was one of the most enthusiastic mayors in America enforcing--over enforcing that is--the COVID-19 lockdown. Let's say she was right about the threat of the coronavirus--which she wasn't--but let's just say she was for now. All Chicago restaurants were closed for over two months this spring. Why not lay off all of Chicago's health inspectors? Air travel way down. How many municipal employees were furloughed this spring? What about the teachers in Chicago's schools who weren't teaching?

None, I repeat, none were laid off.


I know, there were union contracts that protected these workers, but Lightfoot told us this was an unprecedented time with unique challenges.

But Mayor Lightweight is a tool of the public-sector unions. She's afraid to cross them. Don't tell me she couldn't find a clause in their contracts to lay off city workers. She could have if she wanted to.

Now she says Chicago faces an $800 million budget gap for 2020 and $1.2 billion for 2021.

How did Lightfoot prepare for this predictable shortfall? Certainly not by laying off unneeded workers. Oh, I've lost jobs before. It sucks. Mrs. Marathon Pundit was laid off from her position in March. She won't be hired back. Little Marathon Pundit was furloughed for two months because of the coronavirus.

Why did Chicago need health inspectors for restaurants that were closed?

And this is just one example.

Kenosha police chief: 175 arrested so far during rioting, 102 not from that city

Car dealership in Kenosha yesterday
So much for the leftist belief that the riots and lootings in Kenosha were spontaneous rage among the residents. Many appear to be opportunists.

From Fox Chicago:
Of the 175 arrested, Chief Miskinis said 34 were arrested for curfew violations and additional charges ranging from carrying concealed weapons to burglary and possession of controlled substances.

The chief said 69 people were arrested for curfew violations.

Those arrests include people from 44 different cities, the chief said, noting that 102 of the people "processed during this week" listed addresses from outside Kenosha.

More than 20 firearms were seized, the chief said, "followed up by active investigations."
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Kenosha post-riot photos

Ten killed and 45 wounded over weekend in Chicago; five shot in mass shooting at pancake house

The last weekend in August was another bloody one in Chicago. During that weekend 10 people were shot to death and another 45 were wounded.

The worst incident was a mass shooting on the Far South Side at a pancake house where one person was killed and an additional four people were wounded.

Also, early Sunday morning two Chicago police officers were wounded in an exchange of gunfire that saw the suspect also shot.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Kenosha post-riot photos

This afternoon Mrs. Marathon Pundit took the short drive up from Marathon Pundit world headquarters up to Kenosha. Riots and looting hit the city last Sunday after Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man with a criminal record, was shot seven times by police.

Every business in downtown Kenosha was boarded up. All of them. Sure, the rioters and looters might have overlooked a place; or two and the retailers or the owner of the buildings that weren't hit might have been boarded up since for protection. Nevertheless they are all boarded up.

Detroit never recovered from the riots of 1967. Black-owned businesses painted "Soul Brother" on their front windows during that upheaval. This Kenosha black-owned business is pursuing the same strategy.

This sign reads, "This is a family-owned business. Pleas protect the people in our community." Hmm. So it's acceptable to loot and vandalize a corporate-owned businesses according to this sign's logic?

The clean-up of Kenosha, according to local activists, is underway. Which consists of looted businesses having their newly-installed plywood facades painted with feel-good messages such as "Humanity is my religion." I'll get to religion in a bit. But look at the orange message, "Kids live upstairs." The meaning is burn and loot someplace else. The victims are negotiating with the criminals. By the way there was arson during last week's riots. That's next.

On Sheridan Road a car dealership was struck by arsonists who probably brought more gasoline with them than Dwight Eisenhower needed for the D-Day invasion. No, these vehicles were not destroyed by a nuclear blast. The rust, if that's what it is, was not on these cars a week ago. The glass on from these cars melted. Yes melted. The tires are now cinders. To those people who called the Kenosha Riot a spontaneous outburst need to visit Sheridan Road. Who carries around enough gasoline to destroy more than 100 cars?

Yes the glass melted on this hatchback.

There's a steeple in the background. I said I'd get to religion, right? The steeple belongs to Christ the King Church.

"Nobody steps on a church in my town," Bill Murray screamed in Ghostbusters. But are churches vandalized in Kenosha? That appears to be the situation at Christ the King.

Really now. Do you think the pastor of this church decided to place plywood so high to protect this church? Or was it vandalized? I'll bet on the latter.

The heart sign in front of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church reads "We believe black lives matter." But the windows on the side of the house of worship are boarded up.

Law offices of BLM?

That's not the federal court house in Portland. That's the one in Kenosha. This federal house of law is barricaded and protected by troops. Sad.

Dontcha just love the vintage Rexall Drugs sign? I do!

It wasn't just downtown Kenosha that was plagued with looting. We entered Kenosha from Illinois by way of Green Bay Road. The stores and malls in western Kenosha were hit hard too.

One more car dealership arson pic for you.

On Tuesday President Trump will visit law enforcement officials in Kenosha. Wisconsin's Democratic governor, Tony Evers, doesn't want him to come.

Evers responded with anemic assistance as Kenosha burned last week.

From Da Tech Guy: Last week’s riot toll is three dead

The media won't frame this the story as I did at Da Tech Guy: Last week’s riot toll is three dead.

Two Chicago cops and suspect shot on West Side Sunday morning

Bad news from Chicago this morning.

From Fox Chicago:
Two Chicago police officers were shot and the suspected shooter was wounded by police Sunday after a traffic stop in Homan Square on the West Side.

The shooting happened at 2:33 a.m. in the 3300 block of West Polk Street, according to Chicago police.

In a news conference outside Stroger Hospital Sunday morning, CPD Supt. David Brown said the officers conducted a traffic stop near Spaulding and Polk and spotted a gun in the vehicle. The officers broke the vehicle’s windows after the suspect, who appeared to have moved from the front seat to the back seat, refused to get out of the car. A struggle ensued.

During the struggle, the suspect shot one officer in the shoulder and one in the side, Brown said. A third officer returned fire and hit the suspect.

Friday, August 28, 2020

At protest near White House Thursday leftists put life-size Trump doll at guillotine

The leftists are truly revolting. Keep in mind, the media source here is Newsweek, also known as Newsweak, a left-wing publication. From them: Protesters Put Life-Size Donald Trump Doll in Guillotine Outside White House.

Imagine if Barack Obama received similar treatment.

Anarchy is Chicago's new normal: Downtown businesses boarding up in anticipation of weekend looting

Magnificent Mile in June
Chicago's downtown and the adjacent Magnificent Mile have been struck twice by looting this summer. With two protests planned on North Michigan Avenue tomorrow afternoon--a pro-police march and a Black Lives Matter march--things might get ugly.

As for the latter, it can rightfully be called an anti-capitalism rally as its goal is to shut down the Mag Mile, which is Chicago's premier shopping area.

And businesses are preparing. By boarding themselves up ahead of the mayhem. Except of course those shops that are still boarded up from the last round of looting earlier in August.

From CBS Chicago:
Some stores were looted twice this summer and warn they won’t survive if that happens again.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports from the Loop with more on how stores are preparing.

The businesses, business organizations are all adamant: They welcome protesters. They welcome peaceful protesters, but when things like busted windows — stolen merchandise occurs

Shops around the Loop once again boarding up windows in advance of Saturday’s protest. Many are still boarded up from looting on August 10, like Paul Young Fine Jewelers.
About these businesses "welcoming protesters." These managers and business owners are either afraid to speak out or just rock dumb. The BLM march as you know has a goal to "shut down the Magnificent Mile." If the Mag Mile is shut down Saturday, which seems very likely, no one can buy things there.

Speak up! Get a back bone! Don't be wusses!

UPDATE 9:45PM CDT: A friend of the blog tells me that stores in the area will be closing early Saturday. Mission accomplished--for the anti-capitalists.

Chicago announces contest for "feasible" ideas for winter outdoor restaurant dining

Chicago alfresco dining spot?
Leftists love controlling others. They glory in the power that the COVID-19 outbreak gives them. Which is why the left-wing politicians don't want to give up that control.

Here's my "feasible" idea for Chicago winter restaurant dining. Open the front door of each restaurant, let people inside, and have them order meals. With no restrictions.

Please put the $5,000 contest money into my PayPal account--the box is on the left of this post.

From Fox Chicago:
Outdoor dining: It’s all fun and games until it starts snowing on your burrito.

As restaurants across the nation adapt to a new normal amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, eateries that largely rely on outdoor dining are hurtling toward yet another obstacle: the looming winter months and their less-than-favorable alfresco conditions they bring.

In an effort to ease these concerns, the city of Chicago has announced a Winter Design Challenge aimed at finding an innovative solution that still adheres to local health and safety guidelines. The winners will receive $5,000 for their most creative, feasible ideas.

The contest, which runs through Sept. 7, was announced in partnership with BMO Harris Bank, the IDEO design company and the Illinois Restaurant Association.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot weighs in on Twitter.

Leftist mob attacks Rand Paul, his wife, and others after Trump acceptance speech

Such barbarity, while frightening for the victims, will guarantee a Trump reelection this autumn.

From the Daily Mail:
Kentucky senator Rand Paul and his wife were last night attacked by a large mob of Black Lives Matter protesters who shoved the police escorting him out of the RNC conference, knocking one of the officers into the Senator.

Video shows Paul and wife Kelley being surrounded by dozens of activists and aggressively accosted as they leave the Republican National Convention, where Trump had just accepted the party's nomination, as police officers try to hold the crowd back.

At one point an officer holding a bicycle to shield the couple from the demonstrators was shoved backwards, stumbling into Paul and almost knocking the Kentucky senator to the ground.

After being escorted safely to his hotel, Paul tweeted thanking police, saying there were 'over 100 activists' and that officers had 'literally saved our lives' from the 'crazed mob.'

Other Republicans were attacked by the BLM leftists later that evening.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Second City Cop: Luxury motor coach company transported protesters from Chicago to Kenosha

Who paid for the six luxury motor coaches that brought protesters--or was it rioters--to Kenosha.

Second City Cop is wondering.

1 killed and 14 wounded in Chicago shootings Wednesday

A twelve-year-old girl and a 66-year-old man were among those 15 people shot in Chicago yesterday.

The girl was at a family get-together in West Englewood on the South Side. The elderly man successfully prevented his Jeep from being carjacked at Goose Island on the North Side. Both victims are in good condition.

The fatal shooting killed a 35-year-old man who suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

(Video) Chicago Magnificent Mile robbery and assault of 85-year-old woman

A friend of the blog lives in this building where on Tuesday an 85-year-old woman was assaulted and robbed in what used to be a nice neighborhood in Chicago, the Magnificent Mile just north of the Loop.

Mob of BLM members verbally assault DC diners

Two nights ago a white mob of Black Lives Matter members verbally assaulted diners at a restaurant.

Parts of society are now completely deranged.

It's so bad that even an MSNBC anchor is condemning this action.

The beginning of the Chinese Cultural Revolution probably started out this way.

From the Daily Mail:
A large crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters have accosted white diners outside several Washington, D.C. restaurants, demanding that they raise their fists to show solidarity with the movement.

Footage showing the demonstrators aggressively yelling at one woman in the Adams Morgan neighborhood went viral on social media and sparked a widespread backlash.

Many accused the protesters of acting like an 'aggressive mob' and using 'intimidation tactics' to order diners into submission. Responding to the footage, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough described the activists as 'horrible people.'
Keep it up, leftists. You are on your way to guaranteeing President Trump a second term.

Three shot, two fatally, during Kenosha riot last night

One person is wounded and two are dead after shootings during the Kenosha riots last night. Media reports are all over the place as to what really happened but the shootings may involve someone defending his property from looters.

What we are seeing here is a preview of what will happen if leftists succeed in defunding the police. Think of Biff Tannen's heaven that is everyone else's hell in Back to the Future Part II.

From NBC Milwaukee:
Two are dead after a shooting in Kenosha, police said.

The shooting happened just before midnight near the area of 63rd Street and Sheridan Road. Kenosha police said there were reports of multiple shots being fired and multiple gunshot victims.

Groups of people protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake were marching in the area prior to the shooting.
Police said two people died in the shooting and another person was taken to an area hospital.

The Associated Press said authorities are hunting for a possible vigilante seen on cellphone video opening fire in the middle of the street with a rifle. Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says he is confident a man will be arrested soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tucker: When do we get America back?

Will America ever return to its pre-COVID-19 self?

On day when Lightfoot condemns Kenosha shooting by cop while ignoring Chicago violence--22 people shot in city

Everyone has worked with people who can't do their own jobs but complain about everyone else.

Chicago has a mayor like that in Lori Lightfoot. Last week she was vacationing in Maine. On Sunday of course Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man shot shot by a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer seven times. While that appears to be very excessive--keep in mind that Blake ignored orders not to reach into his vehicle.

Fifty miles to the south in Beetlejuice's Chicago 5 people were shot to death over the past weekend--and 67 others were wounded. Yesterday, when Lightfoot was Tweeting about Blake, another 22 were shot in the city.

Here's that Tweet from Lightweight. "Yesterday in Wisconsin, a police officer shot Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man, a father, 7 times in the back. I am deeply disturbed by the video capturing part of the incident. I urge civil and criminal authorities to pursue an immediate and thorough investigation of the shooting."
Now let's get back to that trip to Maine. According to Ben Bradley of WGN-TV, Lightfoot ordered police brass to cancel their vacations. Last week he Tweeted, "Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered police command staff to cancel their summer travel plans to remain in Chicago to combat violence. Now she's on vacation."
According to Blake's father, Jacob is now paralyzed from the waist down. This is a tragic story--but there are tragedies involving shootings in Chicago every day.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Steve Hilton gets exclusive look at Trump's second term agenda

The Republican National Convention opens today. Get a sneak peak at what's to come in President Trump's second term now, courtesy of Steve Hilton.

Five killed and 61 wounded, including four in Englewood mass shooting, over weekend in Chicago

Last weekend 64 people were shot in Chicago, this time around it's 66--five murdered and at least 61 others were wounded.

Of the fatalities, two were killed in Austin and one in North Lawndale on the West Side. There was one shooting death on the South Side--in South Chicago. And on the Southwest Side a man was killed in Little Village.

On Sunday four men were wounded in Englewood on the South Side while standing outside a store.

Second City Cop tells us Sunday was the eleventh straight day with double-digit shootings in Chicago. That's something for the president to discuss at the Republican National Convention.

Violent protest breaks out in Kenosha after man shot seven times by cop

Trouble in Wisconsin this morning.

From NBC Chicago:
Officers deployed tear gas early Monday to disperse hundreds of people who took to the streets following a police shooting in Kenosha that also drew a harsh rebuke from the governor after a video posted on social media appeared to show officers shoot at a Black man’s back seven times as he leaned into a vehicle.

A person was hospitalized in serious condition following a shooting by officers about 5 p.m. Sunday as officers were responding to a “domestic incident,” the Kenosha Police Department said in a news release.

Police in the city, which is in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin about 40 miles south of Milwaukee and 50 miles north of Chicago, did not provide details about what led to the shooting, but said the person was transported to a hospital in Milwaukee for treatment.

By late Sunday, multiple vehicles were set ablaze and windows were smashed along city thoroughfares as crowds faced off with law enforcement. Officers in riot gear stood in lines and SWAT vehicles remained on the streets to move people away from city buildings despite the declaration of an overnight curfew. Tear gas was used to disperse groups of people, according to reporters at the scene.
And there appears to been at least one arson incident.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Divine Comedy - Catherine The Great

I couldn't make it past 20 minutes of the smug The Great show on Hulu.

Much better is the song from the The Divine Comedy about the subject of that show, "Catherine The Great."

Chicago mayor accused of 'hypocrisy' after banning protests outside of her home

Mayor Beetlejuice of Chicago, also known as Lori Lightfoot, or Groot, is having a tantrum because leftists, who we known always eat their own, regularly protest in front of her home the on Northwest Side.

Now she has cops, who could be protecting Chicagoans in dangerous neighborhoods such as Austin and Englewood, blocking access to the street where she lives because protesters have her home address on their smartphones.

Mayor Lightweight still seems more interested in protecting the rights of the violent Trojan horse protesters.

Yep she's a hypocrite.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Bloody Chicago: More graffiti since Lightfoot became mayor

Victor Maggio of Bloody Chicago drives around alot in the troubled city. He's noticing a lot more graffiti since since she was sworn in as mayor.

The Detroit-ization of Chicago continues.

From CWB Chicago: "You’re a racist and you ain’t gonna do sh*t," man allegedly says while robbing 14-year-old of his bike

The everyone and everything is racist message being drilled into a society has a cost. Ask a Chicago teen who had his bicycle stolen outside a Logan Square bike shop. The alleged thief has been arrested. From CWB Chicago: "You’re a racist and you ain’t gonna do sh*t," man allegedly says while robbing 14-year-old of his bike.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Chicago looting links for August 20

It's not just looting and riots that plague Chicago.

21 shot Wednesday in Chicago, including six in mass shooting

Four the third time in four days more than 20 people were shot in Chicago. On Wednesday 21 were shot--none fatally.

Among those wounded were six people in a mass shooting at a "large gathering" in Gresham on the South Side.

And in Austin on the West Side a nine-year-old boy and his mother were shot. It's believed they were not the intended targets.

Yes, as I mentioned in my prior post, Chicago is spinning out of control.

Four homeless men stabbed in Chicago, one fatally, in recent weeks

Chicago is spinning out of control.

From Fox Chicago:
Police are warning residents in the South Loop and CTA passengers after a man was killed and three others were wounded in a series of stabbings reported in recent weeks.

In each case, the suspect approached homeless men while they were asleep and stabbed them in the neck, Chicago police said.

The fatal stabbing took place at 9 a.m. July 9 in the 1100 block of South Michigan Avenue, police said.

The other attacks happened:
  • at 1:51 a.m. July 15 on a Red Line train in the 220 block of West 63rd Street;
  • at 3:51 a.m. July 24 in the 1100 block of South Michigan Avenue; and
  • at 3:26 a.m. Aug. 18 in the first block of West 95th Street.
Police have surveillance images of the suspect.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Bloody Chicago video: R.I.P Rappers Gunned Down on the Bloody Streets of Chicago

How many rappers have been murdered in Chicago?

Quite a few.

Victor Maggio of Bloody Chicago tells us.

Stephen A. Douglas statue to be removed from IL state capitol grounds

Douglas statue, right, with Abraham
Lincoln in Freeport, Illinois
The erasure of history continues.

Yes, Stephen A. Douglas, a Democratic US senator from Illinois, assisted the cause of slavery. But he at least partially redeemed himself after the Civil War broke out when he supported his longtime rival's leadership in the early months of that conflict. Douglas died in the summer of 1861.

From his seat in the Senate Douglas aided the transition of Chicago from frontier post to a major city.

Now Douglas has been "cancelled."

From the State Journal-Register:
Statues of Stephen Douglas and Pierre Menard will be removed from the Illinois Capitol grounds, the board of the Office of the Architect of the Capitol decided Wednesday.

The board also decided that a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King should be moved onto the Capitol grounds from its location by the Illinois State Library across the street from the Capitol. Moving the statue will require a change to the rules that govern what statues are allowed to be placed on the grounds.

The board followed through on a request from House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, that the statues be removed because both men were slave holders and Douglas had a history of making racist comments. He also said he would sponsor a resolution in the House to remove a portrait of Douglas that hangs in the chamber. Madigan said it should be replaced with the portrait of someone who reflects the modern positions of the Democratic Party such as former President Barack Obama.
Menard, a slave owner, was an early Illinois lieutenant governor.

When will the "cancel culture" come for the Lincoln and Douglas statues at their debate sites in Illinois?

From my post at Da Tech Guy:

The war on statues may never end

Chicago looting links for August 19

The Democrats are holding their virtual national convention this week just north of here in Milwaukee. Meanwhile in Chicago the stories, mainly ignored by the national mainstream media, keep coming.

Here is the latest batch.

No longer "mostly peaceful protests," according to ABC Chicago it's now "a youth-led peaceful protest turned violent"

The mainstream media has finally gotten in tune with a majority of the society they claim to represent by finally dropping, as far as I can tell, the phrase "mostly peaceful" to describe violent protests, some of which have turned into full-blown riots, such as we've seen every night in Portland.

Or have they?

In an article about the Chicago Police using social media platforms to bust looters and those who attack cops, ABC Chicago's Sarah Schulte opened her article this way, "A youth-led peaceful protest turned violent this past weekend..."

No, it was a violent protest. Secondly, when will left-wing politicians and their chums in the media learn that the protests are Trojan horses used to create mayhem?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Chicago looting links for August 18

The fallout from last week's looting and riots in Chicago continues.

Here are today's links--along with some related stories.

From the Patch: U.S. Mail is so bad in Chicago that post office is "closed for lunch"

If the Mount Greenwood post office on Chicago's Southwest Side closed for good would anyone notice? Here's was the Chicago Patch discovered last week there: U.S. Mail Is So Bad In Chicago Post Office 'Closed For Lunch.'

Second straight day with over 20 shootings, 2 killed and 19 wounded in Chicago on Monday

There was--again--a lot of bloodshed in Chicago on Monday. Yesterday two people were murdered and at least 19 others were wounded. One of the slain was an eighteen-year-old. Of those wounded five were teens and one was a nine-year-old. The latter was grazed by a bullet.

Meanwhile, Chicago's inept mayor found time yesterday to criticize President Trump over his "full-out" assault on the US Postal Service, elections, and democracy.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Criminal charges against Virginia Dem state senator, NAACP officials over destruction of Confederate memorial

There's a proper way to remove statues that some see offensive. Work thru the system.

That is, contacting public officials, have meetings, have public officials take a vote.

You think that a state Senator would understand that.

But no.

From the Virginian-Pilot:
Portsmouth police announced criminal charges Monday against a bevy of public officials and activists — including state Sen. Louise Lucas, leaders of the NAACP, the city’s top public defender and a school board member — stemming from a June protest and vandalism at the city’s Confederate monument that left a man seriously injured and much of the statue toppled.

Lucas, NAACP president James Boyd and vice president Louie Gibbs, School Board member LaKeesha “Klu” Atkinson and four others were charged with felony injury to a monument and conspiracy, Police Chief Angela Greene told reporters Monday afternoon. Public Defender Brenda Spry, two attorneys from her office and three others were charged with felony injury to a monument. Each charge carries up to five years in prison.

It was an extraordinary day even for Portsmouth, a city where racial divisions are often on display in local politics.

Most of those charged were Black, including Lucas, Boyd, Gibbs and Atkinson. Lucas, who’s been a Democratic state senator since 1992, is a member of a group of lawmakers calling for police reforms in a special session that starts Tuesday.
Virginia's leftist governor, Ralph Northam, muddied the waters on Twitter.

"It's deeply troubling that on the verge of Virginia passing long-overdue police reform," Northam Tweeted, "the first Black woman to serve as our Senate Pro Tempore is suddenly facing highly unusual charges."

Bloody Chicago video: July 2020 Deadliest Month in Chicago History

Victor Maggio reports on the bloodiest month in Chicago history, July 2020.

He looks at the root causes of much of this mayhem. Including young people radicalized by left-wing college professors.


Chicago mayhem links for August 17

Here are today's stories about riot mayhem and one related piece too.

As far as I know no media source has called Saturday's downtown riot as "mostly peaceful."

5 killed and at least 59 wounded over weekend in Chicago

While news of a violent protest on Saturday dominated local media this weekend there was other crime too. Over this past weekend 5 people were shot to death and at least 59 others were wounded. Just 40 were shot last weekend.

Among those wounded this weekend were a 12-year-old boy and six teenagers.

Look for Mayor Lori Lightfoot to once again blame guns but not the people who pulled the triggers.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sly and the The Family Stone: Family Affair

Last week there was widespread looting--a riot with stealing--in Chicago.

Fifty summers ago there was another riot in Chicago. Sly and the Family Stone was supposed to play at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. Only Sly Stone--who had a well-earned reputation for blowing off gigs--didn't show up. Nor did the band. Like our current time, riots were fairly common. And not surprisingly one broke out after the concert was cancelled.

Sly had a sense of humor about it all. The band's next album was titled, There's A Riot Goin' On. The lead single from this effort was "Family Affair."

Friday, August 14, 2020

Biden calls for 3-month mask requirement

The Democrats don't want the COVID-19 frenzy to end.

But of course it's okay to riot and loot without a mask, right?

From CBS News:
Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are calling for a three-month nationwide mask mandate to limit the spread of coronavirus.

During a briefing by public health experts in Wilmington, Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, told reporters that all the nation's governors should require this.

"Every single American should be wearing a mask when they're outside for the next three months, at a minimum. Every governor should mandate mandatory mask-wearing," Biden said, suggesting that widespread mask use could save 40,000 lives over the next three months. "Let's institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately, and we will save lives."

Chicago looting links for August 14

Weekends have been the roughest time in regards to looting in Chicago. Although skeptics have a point when they say that the latest round of mass-pillaging began shortly after midnight on Monday. For some that is still Monday night.

That being said we have a weekend staring Chicagoans in the face.

Here are your latest stories on Chicago looting.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Longtime IL Democratic state senator and member of ethics committee charged with tax evasion

Illinois state senator Terry Link (D-Indian Creek), who had been in office since 1997, resigned today after being charged with federal tax evasion.

From the Illinois Policy Institute:
Last fall, Link was identified as the state senator who wore a wire for the FBI and captured former state Rep. Luis Arroyo offering him a bribe. It was believed Link agreed to wear the wire in exchange for a lighter sentence on his own pending charges.

Link until Aug. 13 served on the Legislative Ethics Commission, which the former legislative inspector general said blocked her from pursuing wrongdoing by lawmakers. Link resigned from the commission after he was charged.

Arroyo and Link met at a Highland Park restaurant last August where the two discussed support for Arroyo's gambling legislation, according to a Chicago Tribune report. They then went outside and Arroyo offered Link a bribe. Link was wearing a wire for the FBI.

'I’m going to give you this here. This is, this is, this is the jackpot,' Arroyo said as he handed Link a bribe of $2,500, with a promise for monthly payments of the same amount.
Arroyo, a Chicago Democrat, was arrested last autumn; he's charged with bribing a state official.

In little over a year three Illinois state senators, all Dems, have been charged with crimes.

Jim Jordan slams Biden-Harris: Are we going to make America San Francisco?

US Rep. Jim Jordan is one of the few bright lights in Washington.

Does America want to be San Francisco?

Links to latest Chicago looting stories

The stories are too many for me to individually highlight about the city that is destroying itself, Chicago.

Chicago Police Ask For Community Help To Identify Looters Through Videos, Photos. CBS Chicago.
These looters live-streamed an ATM break-in, cops say. Now CPD is distributing their video. CWB Chicago.
Some Chicago Residents Demand Action After Looting, Property Destruction. NBC Chicago.
(Paid subscription required) Downtown alderman balk at Foxx's reelection bid. Crain's Chicago Business.
Chicago looting leaves residents feeling unsafe, ready to leave city, property management company tells mayor. ABC Chicago.
(Paid subscription may be required) John Kass in the Chicago Tribune: After downtown looting, Paul Vallas calls out Mayor Lightfoot: ‘I don’t think she knows what she’s doing.' Chicago Tribune.
DEVELOPING: Chicago Leader Says Mayor Lightfoot 'Has Lost the Confidence of the City.' Sean Hannity.
FOP President Pens Letter to U.S. Attorney Blasting Kim Foxx, Asks for Federal Intervention. NBC Chicago.
Chicago looting could put family-owned shop out of business: 'We can't handle this.' Fox Chicago.
Chicago alderman says residents, businesses now looking to leave Magnificent Mile: 'It's really sad.' Fox News.
The Fiasco of 'Go Ahead, Break Our Windows' Policing. Charles Lipson.
Gucci and Apples and guns, oh my! More looting suspects appear in bond court. CWB Chicago.

And finally, proof that Mayor Lori Lightweight needs to focus on Chicago's real problems!

Mayor Lightfoot names committee to review public monuments.