Saturday, June 30, 2012

Islamists destroy Muslim shrines in Mali

Shrines to what the BBC calls Muslim saints were damaged by Ansar Dine Islamists in the legendary city of Timbuktu in Mali.

Just last week UNESCO listed Timbuktu on its list of imperiled heritage sites.

Islamists, Wahabbis, and their fellow travelers view such temples as idol-worshipping.

Hey, if you don't like these historical treasures--then just look the other way.

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Shame: Occupiers trash home they squatted in--they wrongly thought it had been foreclosed on (Video)

Here's the latest atrocity by the criminal Occupy movement: Last summer Gloria Canson, who could no longer make mortgage payments on her home, moved out to spare herself the indignity of being forced to leave by her lender.

Then about a dozen Occupy Portland members squatted in her home.

However, she never received an eviction notice and the home had not been foreclosed.

More from OregonLive:
Friday morning, as Portland police ushered the squatters out, Canson met the people who left her home trashed. The occupiers say they were protesting Bank of America, which they thought owned the house. The bank -- not them -- ruined Canson's home.

"Don't take advantage of the people you're supposed to be helping," Canson, cool and collected, told them. "And don't hide behind the premise that it is ethically and morally wrong for the banks to throw you out. Because what you're doing is equally as reprehensible."

In fact, Canson's loan was with Bank of New York. County records clerks say they sent Canson default notices -- not an eviction notice -- in September and January. And records show Recontrust Co., a foreclosure-servicing subsidiary of Bank of America, planned a foreclosure sale in January.
Then Canson decided to sell her 'occupied' home.

She went home in March but found the squatters living there. The occupy protestors even had started receiving mail. They signed up for the Internet. Bryan Wiedeman put the water bill in his name. A bill left in the house indicated he owes $530. Wiedeman was arrested at Canson's home last month on charges of vandalizing ATMs and banks, part of Occupy Portland actions.
The squatters changed the locks, and in the home police found anarchist literature, information on picking locks, along with a list of vacant homes in the area.

Canson doesn't want to move back into her destroyed dwelling.

"I'm sorry there was confusion as to whether this house was empty," a squatter unemotionally tells the owner in the video. Earlier, she stridently attempted to order reporters out of the home she had no right to be in.

What happened to Canson is tragic.

In the top-related post, you will read about Occupy Seattle squatters trashing a house--and that one wasn't foreclosed upon either.

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Per union contract: Postal workers show up for work, do nothing, still get paid

Two days ago I listened to multiple sob stories from postal union members about layoffs and the threat of the privatization of the US Postal Service.

Well, based on what I found on Indiana Public Media, the USPS could use a lot of privatization.
About a dozen workers come into the Terre Haute mail processing center at 3:30 p.m. each day. They used to sort through mail that would be shipped across the U.S. That stopped this week. Now, they are sitting with nothing to do but are still getting paid.

It's the result of a nationwide consolidation plan. The Postal Service moved the processing of its outgoing mail from Terre Haute to Indianapolis, but because of a union contract, none of the workers can be laid off or transferred more than 50 miles.

Ann Barnes is the President of the Terre Haute local of the American Postal Workers Union. She says the Postal Service is negotiating with union representatives in an attempt to find ways to for the employees to either retire or be assigned other jobs.

"In the meantime they went ahead and took the mail, they're paying extra for the transportation, they're paying the people in Indianapolis to process it, while our people are being paid to sit around and wait for something to do," Barnes says.
Can you imagine a private-sector business, even a unionized one, being run this way?

I can't.

Are these some of those "saved jobs" President Obama used to brag about?

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From Doug Ross: Here are the bombshell transcripts: Secret wiretap applications prove Eric Holder lied to Congress

While the dust settles from the ObamaCare decision, the fallout from the botched Operation Fast and Furious continues.

From Doug Ross, Here are the Bombshell Transcripts: Secret Wiretap Applications Prove Eric Holder Lied to Congress.

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"Fire Eric Holder (Rectangle) Sticker"

Report from Sen. Mike Lee's blogger conference call on ObamaCare

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)
"Although this is a victory for the individual mandate, it's a victory that I hope will proved to be both hollow and somewhat short-lived."

That's what Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) had to say about Thursday's US Supreme Court ObamaCare decision in his blogger conference call yesterday.

The court, as we now all know, ruled the individual mandate portion of ObamaCare was a tax and therefore, constitutional.

"The individual mandate was already widely unpopular ever before this court's ruling," Lee said, adding, "According to one recent poll, about 75 percent of the American people dislike the individual mandate."

"And to put it mildly," he continued, "I don't think that the individual mandate's new status as a tax is going to enhance the appetite of the American people for its implementation."

The silver lining in Thursday's decision was the Medicaid expansion portion of ObamaCare "unconstitutionally coerced the states" into expanding their Medicaid roles by threatening them with losing all of their federal funding for that program.

What is next for conservatives? "We're going to win elections for federal office--House, Senate and the White House this November. And this ruling yesterday will, I think, give us added momentum and energy that we need in order to accomplish that victory."

It will be an interesting autumn, that is for sure.

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Weekly GOP Address with John Barrasso on repealing ObamaCare

One of three medical doctors in the US Senate--all of them are Republicans--John Barrasso of Wyoming delivers today's Weekly GOP Address. Not surprisingly, repealing ObamaCare is the subject of his talk.

Barrasso brings up many frightening parts of ObamaCare. Here is just one: "The president's health care law hires more IRS agents to investigate you and to make sure you buy insurance—but it fails to deal with the shortage of nurses and doctors to actually take care of you."

The Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate is a tax--and Obama promised that he would not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year.

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