Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Biden ripped for repeating debunked Amtrak story: 'This is disturbing stuff'

For at least the eighth time Joe Biden has told the same untrue story about the number of miles he has taken on Amtrak. It is debunkable on at least three items. It's so false that even the leftist fact-checkers have blown the whistle on this tale of malarkey.

Also, when Biden lies, which is a lot, he gives what Dan Bongino calls "the tell." Biden knows he's lying, so he adds a line to the make-believe story, "true story" is what he said this time, to bolster his about his fib.

Democrats on House intel committee reportedly ‘furious’ at uncooperative Biden

Now Democrats are angry with Joe Biden over his foot-dragging as the House Intelligence Committee investigates the scandal over his mishandling of classified documents.

Monday, January 30, 2023

2 killed and at least 13 wounded, including a toddler, in Chicago weekend shootings

Over the final weekend of January two people were shot to death and at least 13 others were wounded. 

The two homicides occurred Friday afternoon in the Calumet Heights neighborhood on the South Side. A SWAT team, responding to reports of gunfire, discovered the victims, a man and a woman, on Friday afternoon.

Of those wounded in the other weekend shootings, one of the victims was a three-year-old boy, who was shot early Saturday morning in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the Southwest Side.

Snob alert: Schiff and Swalwell attack McCarthy with "Bakersfield BS" taunt

The two Democrat members of Congress from California who were booted off of the House Intelligence Committee, its former chairman, Adam Schiff, who lied about so-called Trump-Russia collusion, and Eric Swalwell, who had a years-long relationship with a young female Chinese spy, were guests yesterday on CNN's State of the Union. 

Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota member of Congress who has made anti-Semitic comments, was also a guest on the show.

Host Dana Bash confronted Swalwell with the Chinese spy concern, and part of his reply contained snobbery.

"This is some Bakersfield BS," Swalwell answered back to Bash. "It's Kevin McCarthy weaponizing his ability to commit this political abuse because he perceives me, just like Mr. Schiff and Ms. Omar, as an effective political opponent." 

McCarthy is a lifelong resident of Bakersfield.

Swalwell represents a district in that includes prosperous Contra Costa County east of San Francisco. 

Joining in the attack was Schiff, whose southern California district covers the well-off San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles. Schiff is Jewish, and Bash asked him about those anti-Semitic remarks by Omar.

It was back to Bakersfield for this Dem.

"This is, as my colleague said, Bakersfield BS" was how Schiff began his counterattack. 

Bakersfield, which has over 400,000 residents, is a hub of California's agricultural sector. The Central Valley city is often looked down upon by "the betters." You know, people like Swalwell and Schiff. 

Last week Schiff announced that he is a candidate for the US Senate seat currently held by fellow Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who is not expected to run for reelection

How will Bakersfield voters respond?

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Van Morrison: "And The Healing Has Begun" live in 1986

Is this the end of Marathon Pundit? Well, I'll keep blogging, but I've been doing very little running since Thanksgiving. Three injuries on my left side have hobbled me, bursitis being the worst.

If I don't run, am I just "Pundit?"

The good news is that the healing has begun. Which is played on my iPod during my rehab walk/runs. Well, the Van Morrison song, "And The Healing Has Begun," that is being played.

In the clip here, the Belfast Cowboy delivers an inspirational performance in his native Northern Ireland of this stream-of-consciousness masterpiece from his Into The Music album. 
We're gonna stay out all night long 
And then we're gonna go out and roam across the field 
Baby, you know how I feel 
When the healing has begun.
Yes, for me, the healing has begun.

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Doocy To KJP: Why won't Biden speak out as cities brace for possible riots?

Peter Doocy presses the hapless Karin Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, on why won't her hapless boss, Joe Biden, won't call for calm in regard to the beating death of Tyre Nichols by five Memphis police officers. 

Friday, January 27, 2023

New Project Veritas investigation turns BONKERS when James O'Keefe reveals they got 'em on tape

The mainstream media, predictably, is ignoring the revelations from an undercover Project Veritas investigation where a top Pfizer researcher, Jordon Trishton Walker, appears to be bragging that Pfizer is mutating the COVID-19 virus. 

Isn't that like gain of function? 

Like what the Wuhan lab in China was doing?

Mark Dice has more.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Karine Jean-Pierre INSISTS Swalwell, Schiff, Omar "Bring a lot to the table"

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy followed through on his promise to keep Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff off of the House Intelligence Committee. 

Swalwell had a long-term relationship, possibly a sexual one, with a Chinese spy. Adam Schiff lied repeatedly as he pushed the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. '

McCarthy also blocked the appointment of Ihlan Omar, who has made anti-Semitic comments, off of the House Foreign Relations Committee.

But Karine Jean-Pierre thinks they "bring a lot to the table."

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Speaker McCarthy rejects Dem Eric Swalwell from Intel cmte after "relationship with Chinese spy"

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy discusses why Eric Swalwell has been kicked of the House Intelligence Committee. It's about Feng Feng, the Chinese spy Swalwell has a relationship with.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Americans are 'completely fed up' with Biden-Trump double standard

America has a two-tier justice system, a lenient one for Democrat public officials and a harsh one for Republican public officials.

John Stossel: The Scaremongers Are Wrong

I thought that the catastrophist Paul Ehrich was dead. No such luck--even though he's a guy who believes in a "population bomb." Ehrlich's end-of-the-world Chicken Little act goes back 50 years. John Stossel points out that Ehrlich is usually wrong. 

Monday, January 23, 2023

Mark Dice: The war against Trump supporters exposed!

Mark Dice takes a serious turn today as he looks at Hollywood's war on conservatives and Donald Trump.

7 killed, including a 17-year-old murdered trying to buy shoes, and at least 23 others wounded in Chicago over weekend

The recent weekend brought seven deadly shootings to Chicago. And at least 23 others were wounded.

Of the fatal shootings, a 17-year-old was killed Sunday afternoon in West Pullman on the South Side while trying to buy a pair of shoes from a social media seller. Two other teens were wounded in that tragic incident. Also on Sunday, in separate South Side shootings, two men were killed in Gresham, and in the other Sunday deadly shooting, a man was killed in Homan Squar.

On Saturday there were two deadly killings, one on the South Side in West Englewood and another on the Northwest Side in Belmont Cragin. Also on Saturday, a woman was found beaten to death.

There was a Friday deadly shooting in East Garfield Park on the West Side.

Next month the first round of voting in Chicago's mayoral race will take place. It's not a sound idea to latch on to opinion polls as truth, but one poll, from Fox Chicago, has Paul Vallas in the lead. He's made public safety the central theme of his campaign. 

But Vallas received just 28-percent in that poll. To avoid a runoff, he'll need to collect over 50 percent of the vote. With nine candidates in the mayoral race, it's very unlikely anyone will get close to that amount. 

'Stroll down memory lane': A look at Joe Biden's 'extravagant plagiarism and lying'

Rita Panahi of Sky News Australia gives you just the early days of Joe Biden's battle against the truth.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

David Crosby - "Triad" live in 2015

David Crosby died on Thursday. Understandably better known as a member of Crosby, Stills and Nash, he was also a founding member of one of my favorite bands, the Byrds. 

Watch and listen as he performs "Triad" from his time with the Byrds, recorded in 2015.

The Byrds' "Triad" wasn't released until 1987, twenty years after it was recorded, although Jefferson Airplane released their version in 1968. A few years later, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young issued its take on the live album 4 Way Street.

Mark Dice: Steven Crowder finished? - Feud with Daily Wire has taken a dark turn - UPDATE

Sadly, there is internecine feud between conservative comedian, Steven Crowder, and the Daily Wire, a right-leaning media company,

Mark Dice explains.

Friday, January 20, 2023

After "countless hateful calls" and more, Des Plaines Theatre cancels event booked by conservative group

The "hate" below is brought to you by the people who have "Hate Has No Home Here" signs on their front lawns and "coexist" stickers on their car bumpers.

From the Daily Herald:

The CEO of the company that operates the Des Plaines Theatre has canceled a Feb. 8 event booked at the city-owned venue by conservative groups after LGBTQ advocates encouraged the city to stop it.
Ron Onesti did not explicitly give a reason for the cancellation in a statement Thursday night, but he referred to the controversy and suggested he and the theater received threats. "What saddens me was the amount of hate that surfaced during all of this," he wrote.
"People mailing bullets to me, asking their neighbors to fill my garbage cans with dog feces, countless hateful calls and outwardly targeting the Des Plaines Theatre, wishing its demise. And how would that have been good for the community?"
On Wednesday he had defended leasing the venue to the group that's been criticized for making queerphobic social media posts and other controversial statements. That came after LGBTQ advocates criticized the groups behind the Feb. 8 event -- especially DuPage County-based Awake Illinois -- and some of the scheduled speakers.

Among the speakers scheduled by Awake Illinois was Stephanie Trussell, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in 2022.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Mark Dice: Brian Stelter is BACK!

The elitist know-it-alls are meeting again at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Among them was disinformation peddler Brian Stelter, who was finally fired by CNN. Stelter taked about preventing disinformation.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Karine Jean-Pierre: Classified documents in Biden's garage are fine because president said "he didn't know"

Ignorance of the law doesn't absolve anyone. Not even Joe Biden.

Rush Limbaugh's prophetic Biden prediction is spot on

On his radio show about an hour ago, Mike Gallagher played this prophetic clip of Rush Limbaugh on December 15, 2020 about the fall of Joe Biden. 

"I think we're seeing enough information on the Bidens now to safely say that Biden will serve at the pleasure of Barack Obama," Limbaugh said. 

"If Obama gives the green light to Democrats to take Biden out, there will be ample evidence that Biden has lied about his knowledge his family was selling his name and office with his permission, and if that's in fact the case, then there's likely unreported money that will be found."

Limbaugh, who passed away two months after this broadcast, continued.

"The fake news media will temporarily become hard news media if the decision is made that Biden has to step down. Until that time, they will be covering for Biden, they'll be making excuses for Biden, they'll be ignoring all the negatives."

Davos is the ‘epitome of virtue signaling’

Watch your wallets and stand up for your freedom, because Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum is meeting this week.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Michigan congressman introduces bill that will prevent the federal government from banning gas stoves

Last week a federal bureaucrat, Richard Trumka Jr., said the quiet part out loud when he let it slip that a ban of natural gas stoves could happen. Oh, the Biden White House and others said such a move is not in the works, but don't believe them.

Oh, a bit off topic, but if you watch a cooking show on television, do you know what you never see? Electric stoves. Gas stoves are better and more cost efficient. 

Meanwhile, a Michigan congressman wants to turn the off switch on against such insanity. 

From the Detroit News:

A Michigan lawmaker has introduced a bill in Congress that would preemptively prohibit the federal government from restricting or banning the use of gas stoves, though the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently insisted it has no plans to do so.
The legislation from Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga of Holland is dubbed the Stop Trying to Obsessively Vilify Energy Act, or STOVE Act for short.
The legislation would bar any federal agency from proposing or implementing a rule or guidance that restricts or bans the use or purchase of gas-powered stoves, cooktops, ranges or ovens. U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Holland, has introducted dubbed the Stop Trying to Obsessively Vilify Energy Act, or STOVE Act for short.
The legislation would bar any federal agency from proposing or implementing a rule or guidance that restricts or bans the use or purchase of gas-powered stoves, cooktops, ranges or ovens. Huizenga, with co-sponsor U.S. Rep. Alex Mooney, R-West Virginia, described it as a "common-sense" effort to preempt this bureaucratic overreach by the government.
“The last thing Americans need or want is another big government bureaucratic decision telling us which appliance we can have in our home,” Huizenga said in a statement. “Americans should have the ability to choose the most affordable and most available way to cook food in their own home. It is absolutely ridiculous how out of control and out of touch the nanny state in Washington has become.”

4 killed and at least 17 others wounded over weekend in Chicago

Over the past weekend in Chicago four people were shot to death

Those fatalities include a man in Austin on the West Side. There were two killings on the South Side, a man in Chatham and a woman in Washington Park. And on the Far North Side, a man was shot-to-death while sitting in a car in West Rogers Park.

At least 17 other people were wounded in weekend shootings.

There are no visitor logs at Biden's Delaware homes

President Joe Biden spends a lot of time at his homes in Delaware, one in Wilmington and the other in Rehoboth Beach. 

There are no visitor logs for either.

A big deal? Yeah, because  President Biden spends an unusual amount of time in Delaware since being sworn in.

Mark Knoller of CBS News Tweeted his tally earlier this month. "By my count, this is Biden’s 60th trip to Delaware, spanning 192 days. Compares at same point in presidencies to: Trump - 18 visits to Mar-a-Lago/79 days, GWBush - 19 trips to his Texas ranch/141 days."

Who has Biden met in Delaware? We don't know. 

From Fox News
There are no visitor logs for President Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware, the White House Counsel's Office said in a Monday statement. 

Republicans on Capitol Hill demanded the visitor logs this weekend following revelations that Biden's lawyers had discovered a stash of classified documents inside the home's garage. While it is common practice to keep comprehensive visitor logs at the White House, Biden's lawyers say no such record exists for his home in Delaware. 

"Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal," the White House Counsel's Office told Fox News Digital on Monday. "But upon taking office, President Biden restored the norm and tradition of keeping White House visitors logs, including publishing them regularly, after the previous administration ended them." 

Biden is currently facing a special counsel investigation into his handling of classified documents after at least two stashes were found at his Wilmington home and a pro-Biden think tank in Washington, D.C.
There is no mention, so far, about any visitor logs at Biden's beach home. It's a safe bet that there aren't any from their either.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Ray Davies - In A Moment

We're going back to 2008 today, for Ray Davies and his performance of "In A Moment" on the Late Show with David Letterman.

"He's a complete moron": NYC reacts to classified documents being found in Biden's garage

New Yorkers react to the Joe Biden classified documents scandal.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Lightfoot campaign emailed Chicago Public Schools teachers asking them to encourage students for help on reelection in exchange for class credit

Lori Lightfoot is a disgrace.

From WTTW:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s reelection campaign sent an email to Chicago Public Schools teachers Wednesday asking them to encourage their students to volunteer to help Lightfoot win a second term as mayor – and earn class credit. 

It was unclear how many Chicago teachers received the email from Megan Crane, whose LinkedIn page identifies her as the deputy campaign manager for Lightfoot. 

The message was sent to teachers’ official work email accounts, which end in cps.edu. The email says participants in the “externship program” would be expected to contribute 12 hours per week to the Lightfoot campaign and students could earn “class credit.”

“We’re simply looking for enthusiastic, curious and hard-working young people eager to help Mayor Lightfoot win this spring,” according to an email obtained by WTTW News.

The campaign later backed out of this offer--once WTTW, Chicago's PBS station, reported on it. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Why hasn't Pete Buttigieg been fired? All domestic air departures cancelled due to FAA computer outage

Sure, Pete Buttigieg can identify "racist" highways, but he's an incompetent secretary of Transportation.

It was only when the supply chain crisis of 2021 was at its worse when Americans learned he was on paternity leave. Last month Southwest Airlines cancelled thousands of flights. Air travel and our ports are overseen by the USDOT.

This morning all domestic air departures have been cancelled due to an FAA computer outage.

Why does Pete Buttigieg still have a job?

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Diamond of Diamond and Silk duo dies at age 51 | Wake Up America

There was some sad news last night. Lynette Hardaway, better known as "Diamond" of Diamond and Silk, passed away at the age of 51. 

The other half of the duo was her sister, Rochelle Richardson. Their entertaining pro-Donald Trump YouTube videos caught fire, eventually they regularly appeared on Fox News and Newsmax. 

Rest in peace.

Study: Russian interference had no meaningful effect on 2016 election results

We have known for a while that Trump-Russia collusion was a hoax. 

What about Russian interference of the 2016 election?

That's pretty much a big nothing too.

From the Record:

A new study has poured cold water on assumptions that Russian social media operations interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election had a significant impact on the final result. 

The research from the Center for Social Media and Politics at New York University, published on Monday in the journal Nature Communications, found “no evidence of a meaningful relationship between exposure to the Russian foreign influence campaign and changes in attitudes, polarization, or voting behavior” among those who had been exposed to it. 

It is the first study that measures the impact of this exposure through a longitudinal survey, which asks the same questions of the same group at different points in time to observe any changes. The survey was completed by YouGov in three waves between April 2016 and November 2016.

'He is so unwell': Joe Biden confuses Salvation Army member for a Secret Service agent

While in El Paso earlier this week--the visit was a Potemkin Village trip--cognatively-challenged Joe Biden thought a Salvation Army member with a US Secret Service Agent.

Monday, January 09, 2023

CBS NEWS: U.S. Attorney, FBI investigating classified documents found at Biden think tank

Leftists were frantically calling for Donald J. Trump to be indicted because some classified documents in his Florida home. 

Now we learn that classified docs were found in Biden's office at his think tank. It was a private office, not a government one. 

I already know that the libs will say that what Biden did isn't a big deal.

Interestingly, even though the classified documents were found on November 2, we are just now learning about this story. Six days later was Election Day.

Jorge Ventura: Biden saw 'sanitized' version of US-Mexico border

Steve Hilton interviews investigative reporter Jorge Ventura, who says that Joe Biden saw a "sanitized" version of our southern border.

Saturday, January 07, 2023

George Ezra cover of Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" (Jools' Annual Hootenanny)

On the BBC every New Year's Eve, Jools Holland hosts his annual Hootenanny show. He always has a great lineup of performers. 

One of those on the 2023 Hootenanny was George Ezra, who dazzled with a cover of Van Morrison's "Crazy Love."

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'ECONOMIC BOONDOGGLE': Biden administration quietly admits US lost jobs to Keystone XL cancellation

Among many other bad things, the Joe Biden administration is anti-energy.

Friday, January 06, 2023

Biden Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas refuses to say the border is in "a crisis"

Alejandro Mayorkas, is a weasel and liar. The southern border indeed is in a crisis.

Mayor Lightfoot, citing security concerns, wanted Chicago Bears to change her season ticket seats

Here's another good reason for the Chicago Bears to move to the suburbs.

Oh, a translation: The 400 level are the nosebleed seats at Soldier Field.

In the summer of 2019, as the Chicago Bears geared up for their 100th season, the team’s top officials had to tackle a sensitive off-field matter.
Citing security concerns, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration had requested "updating" her season tickets, which she’d held for years before being elected months earlier to the top job at City Hall.
Lightfoot’s security detail worried that she would be hard to protect in the seats on the lakefront stadium's 400 level, so they approached the Bears about moving her to a different location. Team officials, including President Ted Phillips, worked with Lightfoot's representatives to try to accommodate their security concerns and move the mayor’s seats — but the Bears had a problem of their own.
From the team’s perspective, a 2016 ethics board ruling inspired by the Chicago Cubs’ World Series run complicated the question of whether they could offer the mayor a free or even face-value upgrade.
Da Bears held their ground--there was no upgrade for Lightfoot.

Mark Dice on January 6: "They Are Making Fun Of Us" - Yes We Are! 😂

Today is January 6. Of course, on MSNBC and on Adam Kinzinger's new home, CNN, it is January 6 every day.

Thursday, January 05, 2023

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Gov. DeSantis: "Florida is where woke goes to die"

America's best governor, Ron DeSantis, was sworn in to his second term in the Sunshine State yesterday. In his inauguration address, he let loose this truth, "Florida is where woke goes to die."


Karine Jean-Pierre refuses to say if Biden lied to the American people about Hunter

Once again, it's up to Fox News' Peter Doocy to ask KJP a tough question.

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

This is the roughest start for any House majority in recent history: Chad Pergram

As I write this post, it appears that Kevin McCarthy remains the perpetual backup quarterback. He may never take a snap. 

Chad Pergram, Fox News' senior congressional correspondent, has more.

Joe Biden producing an 'increasingly distressing performance'

Sky News Australia's James Morrow looks back at Joe Biden's cognitive slide in 2022.

Monday, January 02, 2023

Eight dead, including 9-year-old boy, and at least 22 others wounded over New Year's weekend in Chicago

The old year ended on a predictable note in Chicago as eight people were shot to death over New Year's weekend, and at least 22 others were wounded. 

Most tragically, one of the eight killed was a 9-year-old boy on the South Side. 

There was some rare good news in regard to crime in Chicago. A lawsuit by 65 state's attorneys to block the enactment of the no-cash bail law, the SAFE-T Act, has led to a welcome delay in it taking effect

This year is an election year in Chicago--Lori Lightfoot is touting a decrease in violent crime since last year. But crime levels are much higher since 2019, her first year in office. 

Sunday, January 01, 2023

From Da Tech Guy: Teach your kids to lie, blame others, and procrastinate so they will be ready for a career in politics

Think again if you believe you are a good parent. From my post at Da Tech Guy: Teach your kids to lie, blame others, and procrastinate so they will be ready for a career in politics.

Hank Williams - I Saw The Light (remembering the legend on the 70th anniversary of his death)

It was on this day, 70 years ago, when the legendary Hand Williams left us. He died as a passenger in a car, on his way to a New Year's Day concert in Canton, Ohio. 

The first song played at that show, by Hawkshaw Hawkins with accompaniment, was a tribute to Williams, "I Saw The Light." Here is Hank and many other liftings their voices for this wondrous song, one of the greatest ever composed, regardless of the genre.