Friday, January 18, 2019

Mueller team dismisses Buzzfeed's "impeachable" story about Trump as fake news

Finally the Mueller special investigation has done something worthwhile. It exposed leftist rag Buzzfeed as a fake news source.

All day--until a few hours ago--the anti-Trump media and its unelected Democrats were in glee that finally there was a smoking gun that can lead to the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Then came Mueller.

From Fox News:
Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office on Friday issued an extraordinary statement disputing a bombshell news report that claimed President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie about the timing of discussions over a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow.

"BuzzFeed's description of specific statements to the Special Counsel's Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate," Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller's office, said.

The statement is remarkable in that Mueller's team rarely issues statements in response to news stories. But BuzzFeed's story sparked immense interest from Democrats, who called for renewed investigations and even suggested the allegations could be a basis for impeachment proceedings.
Buzzfeed is the name fake news source that broke the now discredited Russian dossier concocted by former British spy Christopher Steele.

I am still not tired of winning.

(Photos) Andrew Jackson's Hermitage and Trump-hater Jon Meacham

Last month Mrs. Marathon Pundit and I visited Andrew Jackson's home in Nashville, the Hermitage.

"At one time in the history of the United States, General Andrew Jackson of Tennessee was honored above all living men," is the opening passage of Robert V. Remini's Andrew Jackson: The Course of American Empire, 1767-1821. Vol. 1 Later he writes, "No American ever had so powerful an impact on the minds and spirit of his contemporaries as did Andrew Jackson."

Old Hickory was a giant. And he's generally considered to be the most badass president ever. What, you don't believe me? Then Google you need to "Badass Andrew Jackson."

Sure it looks like a bus bench that I'm resting on but that's the entrance sign to the Hermitage. I am wearing a Donald Trump MAGA hat, that is of course, a Make America Great Again hat. More on Trump later.

A lot more.

It sure is dark, isn't it. When Mrs. Marathon Pundit visited it was a overcast, gloomy, and chilly, for middle Tennessee at least, December day.

That's the Hermitage from the rear. I couldn't get a good angle from the front. I'm not sure if they want guests trampling on the grass up front and I didn't have much fight in me that day. I didn't know it at the time but I was coming down with a very bad cold.

"No rules" is why I love urban exploration. Sure, I'm usually trespassing when I pursuing that hobby , but freedom is exhilarating. In the abandoned factories of Detroit, there is no one there to shout, "Don't go there, don't touch that."

Photography inside the Hermitage is forbidden. This is the selfie and Instagram age.

Why not?

Prior to seeing Old Hickory's old home we wandering through the visitors' center where we saw a twenty-minute long biography of our seventh president. There we learned that Jackson owned slaves. Oops, make that enslaved persons. American slavery was unequivocally evil, but calling those who suffered under it enslaved persons doesn't make it less so. But in the film, and on the grounds, enslaved persons is the preferred term.

Once on the grounds Mrs. Marathon Pundit and I switched on our headphones, there are no tour guides at the Hermitage. When we came across a marker we clicked on the corresponding number and listened.

That's the kitchen building for the first Hermitage. Inexplicably I didn't snap any photos of the original Hermitage, which looked similar and by all certainly have been rebuilt to look as it did during Jackson's time. You can see photos of the old Hermitage here. Old Hermitage later served as slave residences.

That slave cabin was where "Uncle" Alfred Jackson lived. He was born around 1803 and he was Old Hickory's longtime servant. He died at the age of 98. After he gained his freedom, Alfred was the first tour guide at the Hermitage. This blog suggests that Alfred may have been born in the kitchen cabin.

Jackson's life was eventful. While still in his teens he was a Revolutionary War POW then an orphan. After moving to Tennessee, Andy became a lawyer. He was a general during the War of 1812, and was the commanding general at the Battle of New Orleans, a resounding victory for the Americans which saw his British counterpart, Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, was killed in action.

After that war Jackson led an invasion of Florida, then controlled by Spain, as during the First Seminole War. He briefly served as territorial governor of Florida, was a member of the US House, then a senator.

A few years after moving to what is now Tennessee Jackson met Rachel Donelson, who was in an unhappy marriage. Rachel received a divorce, but not until after she married Jackson. They believed the divorce had already been finalized, which forced the Jacksons to go through a humiliating second marriage ceremony.

For much of his political career Jackson was called a bigamist. as was Rachel. Old Hickory believed that the stress from the insults of the 1828 presidential campaign--which Jackson won--destroyed her health. She died a few weeks after his victory but before being inaugurated. Jackson never forgave his opponent, John Quincy Adams, as well as his supporters, for Rachel's death.

Rachel and Andrew are buried on the grounds of the Hermitage, their tomb is pictured above.

Adjacent to the Jackson tomb is a small family plot. On the other side of the tomb is the grave of Alfred Jackson, which reads, "Uncle Alfred. Died Sept. 4 1901. Faithful servant on Andrew Jackson."
Yes, no surname is mentioned.

Here is one of the reminders of the evils of slavery. If you are just learning now that slavery was vile, then man, oh man, do you have problems. Very serious ones.

The signs are a bit yellowed and the plastic is somewhat opaque, so it appears they've been on the grounds for a while.

Inside the visitor's center it appears that the exhibits haven't been updated in a few years, so there is no mention, at least that I could find. of Donald J. Trump's visit to the Hermitage in 2017. Our 45th commander-in-chief was the first president to visit Old Hickory's home since Ronald Reagan did in 1982 on the occasion of Andy's 215th birthday.

The purpose of Trump's trip to the Hermitage was to honor Jackson on the 250th anniversary of his birth; while there the president, who has badass tendencies too, placed a wreath at Jackson's tomb while Taps played. Trump has a portrait of #7 in the Oval Office and is a big admirer of Old Hickory.

Cotton was the main crop, a profitable one for Jackson, unless a late frost, or an early one, struck Tennessee. There's a cotton patch at the Hermitage.

Jon Meacham is the author of the recent best-seller American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House. He's also on the board of trustees of the Hermitage Foundation and his book is on sale at the Hermitage gift shop and on the Hermitage website. Meacham appears in that biographical film I mentioned earlier that plays in the visitors' center.

On his January 14 show radio host Mark Levin said of the author, "Here's Jon Meacham. He's presented as this great historian, he speaks at all of the Bush events, He's written many books. But he hates Trump. Which is why goes on MSLSD [MSNBC]. So here is on Friday night, he doesn't know more than the rest of us [about the so called Trump-Russia connection]. So he tries to give this the patina of a serious event by referencing history."

Levin then played an audio clip.

"You look at all of these different fronts," Meacham told serial fabulist Brian Williams, "and you have the sort of the emergency conversation which is deeply important and complicated, but we've really never had--and if we have, it's classified and lost to history at least so far--a president of the United States who is considered to be possibly an asset of a foreign government."

Wow, does Meacham believe that Trump could be an asset of Russia? What is this "emergency conversation" Meacham spoke of?

Above is the view from Jackson's tomb. In the distance is a herd of belted Galloway cows. While Jackson of course kept livestock, this Scottish breed of cow was not one of the varieties Old Hickory owned.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

Back to Levin and Meacham:

Levin then defended the president, "He's not considered to be 'an asset of a foreign government,' except by those who libel him. There's no evidence whatsoever that there is anything demonstrating that Trump is an asset of a foreign government."

Levin then adds that we've gone from Trump allegedly being a colluder with Russia to being instead an asset of Russia.

"Now before we go on to the genius that Meacham believes he is," Levin continued by laying out all of the actions that Trump has put forth as president to confront Russia.

Back to the genius, who is a former editor-in-chief at Newsweek, also known as Newsweak:

"This is what the Founders were worried about in the 1790s," Meacham told the man who was demoted from hosting the NBC Nightly News for exaggerating his past. "The Jeffersonians worried that Washington and Hamilton might be British agents, Washington and Adams and Hamilton worried that Jefferson might be a French agent. But that was in a kind of fevered political atmosphere. There was no FBI to investigate it."

"What is he rambling on about." the legal scholar known as the Great One retorted. "There is no parallel between that and this. None whatsoever," Besides, none of those Founding Fathers were foreign agents, Levin concluded.

Two nights ago Meacham, again on Williams' show, dismissed Trump voters such as myself and Mrs. Marathon Pundit by claiming that we "reached for more chaos."


We wanted--and still want--smaller government and a more responsive government. After all, Jackson killed the Bank of the United States because he trusted the American people, not the elites.

This stream was photographed in the field quarter section of the Hermitage grounds, and it's likely that it served as a source of drinking water for the slaves, many of whom resided nearby.

Jackson was as a hot-tempered man and as far as anyone knows, he's the only president to have killed a man, other than during battle. In a dispute over a horse racing bet, Jackson challenged Charles Dickinson to a duel. Andy strategically allowed Dickinson to shoot first, as he believed his opponent to be the better shot but suspected that in his haste, Dickinson's aim would be off. Dickinson did indeed fire first--wounding Old Hickory in the chest.

Jackson then took careful aim and then fired back--delivering a fatal wound to Dickinson.

Dickinson's musket ball was too close to Jackson's heart to be removed and the wound plagued him for the rest of his life, although Old Hickory still managed to live 78 years.

Jackson's hatred of the British began during his time as a Revolutionary War prisoner was maintained all of those years.

I'm not sure if what is pictured here is the official Hermitage field quarter trail or it is a place
where I wasn't supposed to be walking. But because there was no one there to chase me away, I took it anyway.

Besides being a slave owner, the other black mark on Jackson's life is his signing the Indian Removal Act of 1830 into law which led to the deadly Trail of Tears march by the Cherokee tribe to Oklahoma.

Above is a Trail of Tears historical route sign in southern Illinois that I photographed in 2009.

On the last day of his presidency Jackson expressed two regrets--that he "had been unable to shoot Henry Clay (one of his opponents in the 1824 presidential race) or to hang John C. Calhoun (his first vice president)."

We're a couple of centuries removed from the dueling era. Which might be something Jon Mecham is grateful for.

Earlier post:

(Photos) Andrew Jackson and Nashville

Students hate toxic masculinity...but can't define what it is

Like Chinese suffering during Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution who are forced to read the communist dictator's Little Red Book daily these Georgetown University students prove they can't think for themselves.

Sure these kids hate toxic masculinity.

But exactly what is it? They don't know.

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Gillette is woke, time to put its sales to sleep

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Illinois botches video gambling

Perhaps it's fortunate that Illinois has outlawed capital punishment. The Prairie State cannot do anything right. Because if a convict was strapped onto a lethal injection gurney I can see the witnesses being dealt the fatal dose, not the creep who was sentenced.

Video gambling, legalized here in 2009, was supposed to rescue, or at the very least alleviate, the fiscal morass the Land of Mary Todd Lincoln Spending got itself into.

But of course that didn't work.

From ProPublica Illinois:
The machines, which legislators said would generate billions of dollars in revenue for the cash-strapped state, are spread out over 6,800 establishments, dotting highways and towns from Winnebago County in the north to Alexander County in the south. Step outside the borders of Chicago, where video gambling remains illegal, and you will see feather flags, billboards and neon signs advertising video slots and poker in bars and restaurants, truck stops and storefront gambling parlors.

Illinois now has more locations to legally place a bet than Nevada.

But the meteoric rise of video gambling has proven to be little more than a botched money grab, according to a ProPublica Illinois investigation of a system that has gone virtually unchecked since its inception. Based on dozens of interviews, a review of thousands of pages of state financial records and an analysis of six years of gambling data, this unprecedented examination found that far from helping to pull the state out of its financial tailspin, the legalization of video gambling instead accelerated it and saddled Illinois with new, unfunded regulatory and social costs.

Meanwhile, video gambling companies have exploited the deeply flawed legislation to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, while the cities and towns that bear the brunt of the social costs related to gambling receive a fraction of those proceeds.
Thank you to a friend of the blog for the story tip.

Dem Rep. Omar says she doesn’t know why Jewish Americans are offended by her anti-Semitic comments

House Republicans have rightly, in my opinion, neutered US Rep. Steve King of Iowa for his remarks that support white supremacism.

But Democrats are silent on the anti-Semitic comments made by House freshman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Watch as she tells a friendly CNN interviewer that she exclaims disbelief that hateful comments she made about Israel and Jews are offensive to Jewish Americans.

NYC restaurants cutting hours as $15-per-hour minimum wage hits

Leftists do not understand economics.

New York City's mayor, Bill De Blasio, spent his honeymoon in Fidel Castro's Cuba.

You know where his mind lies.

From CBS News:
The legal minimum wage for New York City employers with 11 or more workers rose more than 15 percent on Dec. 31, 2018, to $15 per hour from $13, giving fast-food, retail and other employees a bump in pay. But some New York City restaurant owners say the latest minimum wage hike is forcing them to cut workers' hours just to stay afloat.

It's the third rise in the city's base wage since Dec. 31, 2016, when it went to $11 an hour. The latest increase is part of a plan that phases in minimum wage hikes across New York state, with amounts and effective dates varying by region and industry. It's not just a New York phenomenon, however: Minimum wages rose in 20 states with the new year, forcing businesses across the country to grapple with higher payrolls -- and compete for workers with giants like Amazon that are already offering $15 an hour.

Jon Bloostein operates six New York City restaurants that employ between 50 and 110 people each. The owner of Heartland Brewery and Houston Hall, Bloostein said the effect of the higher minimum wage on payroll across locations represents "an immense cost" to his business.

"We lost control of our largest controllable expense," he told CBS MoneyWatch. "So in order to live with that and stay in business, we're cutting hours."
In my state, Illinois, the new Democratic governor, JB "Jabba" Pritzker, favors a $15-per-hour minimum wage. Illinois is already losing population.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Mark Dice: CNN's Areva Martin accuses David Webb of having white privilege--but he's black

Areva Martin, a CNN legal analyst, was a guest on David Webb's radio show. She accused him of enjoying white privilege.

But Webb is black.

Gillette is woke, time to put its sales to sleep

And to think I'm running low on razors. I'm a Gillette customer, but I'll probably be a former one.

Proctor & Gamble is "woke," that is, a politically radical company, it owns Gillette, which just cut an ad that has nothing to do with shaving but plenty to do with infuriating its customer base.

From CNBC:
In the ad, the razor brand — a subsidiary of global giant Proctor & Gamble — calls out "bullying," "sexual harassment" and "toxic masculinity," and questions: "Is this the best a man can get?" The campaign goes on to encourage men to hold one another accountable for their behavior.

Gillette said on its website it was time brands acknowledged the role they played in influencing culture.

"As a company that encourages men to be their best, we have a responsibility to make sure we are promoting positive, attainable, inclusive and healthy versions of what it means to be a man," the company said.

However, the ad's message was met with backlash from some, with claims it was too political and painted all men as bullies or sexual harassers. The YouTube video, which has been viewed more than 2.8 million times, has almost 250,000 dislikes, while others took to social media to respond to the campaign.
Most men are not bullies, thugs, are sexual abusers.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Trump shrugs off question about Ocasio-Cortez: "Who cares?"

When some goofball reporter queried President Trump about socialist member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he waved his hand retorted, "Who cares."

Justice delayed: Conservative groups finally receive settlement checks in Obama era IRS overreach

Tea Party Express rally, 
Rockford IL, 2010
Justice delayed is justice denied.

But at least some patriotic groups received compensation for unjust attacks from the IRS.

The mainstream media of course is ignoring this story because it doesn't fit their narrative that the Barack Obama administration were "the good guys."

From OneNewsNow:
A tea party activist is pleased that the IRS is finally paying up after illegally targeting conservative groups during the Obama administration.

The federal government has been cutting checks to 100 conservative groups as part of a settlement in the class-action lawsuit NorCal v. United States, ending a five-year legal battle.

President Obama famously said there was not a "smidgen" of evidence that the IRS unfairly targeted tea party groups, but hundreds of such groups described long delays and intrusive scrutiny --- proven to be illegal --- such as demanding membership information and religious beliefs.

A 2013 inspector general's report found the IRS flagged tax-exempt filings based on a conservative-sounded name, such as "patriots" or "tea party," and the applications sat untouched for months.
Yet leftists complain when I call the conservative side "patriots." Hmm.

Monday, January 14, 2019

(PragerU) Where Are You, Martin Luther King?

Tomorrow is the 90th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jason Riley of the Manhattan Institute wonders if we are following the lead of the civil rights leader in regards to race relations in the latest PragerU video.

Julian Castro can’t answer why he is not one of the biggest lightweights to run for president

Julian Castro, who is running for the Democratic nomination for president is a lightweight. Not even he can deny it during a Face the Nation interview.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Tom Waits - Innocent When You Dream

Here's the great Tom Waits growling out "Innocent When You Dream" from his Frank's Wild Years album, which was the soundtrack of a play of the same name.

President Trump Mocks Jim Acosta "Good Job Yesterday, I Appreciate Your ...

President Trump yesterday thanked Fake News CNN's Jim Acosta for proving that walls work.

His comments to Acosta come at the end of this clip.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Officials approved thousands of requests to bring child brides into US

Our immigration laws need bolstering beyond building a wall.

From AP:
Thousands of requests by men to bring in child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were approved over the past decade, according to government data obtained by The Associated Press. In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl.

The approvals are legal: The Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age requirements. And in weighing petitions for spouses or fiancees, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services goes by whether the marriage is legal in the home country and then whether the marriage would be legal in the state where the petitioner lives.

But the data raises questions about whether the immigration system may be enabling forced marriage and about how U.S. laws may be compounding the problem despite efforts to limit child and forced marriage. Marriage between adults and minors is not uncommon in the United States, and most states allow children to marry with some restrictions.

There were more than 5,000 cases of adults petitioning on behalf of minors and nearly 3,000 examples of minors seeking to bring in older spouses or fiances, according to the data requested by the Senate Homeland Security Committee in 2017 and compiled into a report.

Mark Dice: Jim Acosta Learns That Walls Work

Jim Acosta, when visiting the southern border, learned yes, that walls really do work.

James O'Keefe, Mark Dice reminds us, showed us a few years ago that if there is no wall, even when you are wearing an Obama Bin Laden mask, crossing the border is just a matter for getting your feet wet in the Rio Grande.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Taxwinkle savaged for new TV ad that overstates her role in exposing the Laquan McDonald shooting

Of the dozen or so candidates for mayor of Chicago, Toni Taxwinkle, the hardened leftist who is the Crook County Board president, has received the most collateral damage from the Ald. Ed Burke extortion scandal.

There is hope for morally and financially bankrupt Chicago yet.

From CBS Chicago:
In her first mayoral campaign ad, Toni Preckwinkle highlights her role in exposing the police cover-up of the Laquan McDonald shooting. But organizers who were on the front lines of the McDonald protests insist Preckwinkle's ad is in poor taste and exaggerates her role.

"It kind of disrespects the moment to profit off of the pain of Laquan McDonald’s tragic transition, " said protest organizer Jedidiah Brown.

"I'm saying she’s trying to capitalize off this. I’m saying she’s wrong,” added protest organizer William Calloway. "I'm saying she’s only doing this because she's in hot water with that (Ald. Ed) Burke situation. That’s the only reason that she’s doing that."
They say Preckwinkle’s ad seeks to change the subject after federal prosecutors alleged that Ald. Ed Burke illegally squeezed a businessman for a $10,000 campaign contribution for Preckwinkle.

"I stand by the role that I played," Preckwinkle said. "It was the release of the autopsy report for the family and to the activists and to the folks who were suing to get the video released that made it possible for us to know the truth about Laquan McDonald’s murder."
Wrong. The video release alone ignited that story. Does anyone seriously believe that the family didn't already have access to that autopsy report?

McDonald was the troubled youth who has shot 16 times by Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke He was convicted last year of second degree murder for the shooting. Ironically, the Burger King restaurant at the center of the Burke extortion charge is located just steps away from there McDonald was killed.
Taxwinkle's opponents in the race pounced on the ad. "Toni Preckwinkle’s ad politicizing the death of LaQuan McDonald and fabricating her role is appalling, even for her," one of those candidates, Bob Fioretti, Tweeted this afternoon. "She will do or say anything to distract from her corrupt ties to Ed Burke. She needs to pull the ad and get out of the race now."

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Flashback: Obama abrubtly walked out of meeting with GOP leader in 2011

The leftist media is having fits because President Donald Trump quickly walked out of a budget meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer after saying "bye-bye."

As someone who negotiates for a living I've learned that sometimes it's your best tactic to walk away from a bad deal.

Back to politics: While listening to Ben Shapiro's daily podcast just now I was reminded that seven years ago President Barack Obama, sans the "bye bye," which by the way is both a hilarious and effective way of putting the other side off balance, stormed out of a meeting with a GOP political leader.

From Politico in 2011:
"[Obama] shoved back and said 'I’ll see you tomorrow’ and walked out," House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told reporters in the Capitol after the meeting.

On a day when the Moody’s rating agency warned that American debt could be downgraded, the White House talks blew up amid a new round of sniping between Obama and Cantor, who are fast becoming bitter enemies.

When Cantor said the two sides were too far apart to get a deal that could pass the House by the Treasury Department's Aug. 2 deadline — and that he would consider moving a short-term debt-limit increase alongside smaller spending cuts — Obama began to lecture him.
"Eric, don't call my bluff," the president said, warning Cantor that he would take his case "to the American people." He told Cantor that no other president — not Ronald Reagan, the president said — would sit through such negotiations.

Democratic sources dispute Cantor's version of Obama's walk out, but all sides agree that the two had a blow up. The sources described Obama as "impassioned" but said he didn’t exactly storm out of the room.

Chicago thug shot dead by woman with conceal-and-carry license previously accused of attacking cops

Good people with guns is a great thing.

On a personal note when I was a much younger Marathon Pundit I lived about half-mile from where the creep was killed. I used to buy candy at the drug store where the surveillance camera that captured the shooting was placed.

From ABC Chicago:
The man shot and killed by a woman he was trying to rob at a Chicago bus stop in the Fernwood neighborhood had a criminal history.

The incident in the 500-block of West 103rd Street Tuesday morning was captured on surveillance video.

"He got what he deserved," a passerby told a reporter, "he ran up on the wrong person, so she did what she had to do."

ABC Chicago says that the deceased attacker was accused of attacking two Chicago Police officers during a drug raid.

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Students hate Trump immigration quotes… Don’t realize they’re from Democrats

Campus Reform interviewed indoctrinated students at American University in Washington and read some quotes about immigration that they were told were uttered by President Donald J. Trump, which of course they denounced.

But those quotes were actually made by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Barack Obama.

Democracy dies in darkness: No mention of Bezos affair in divorce story in Washington Post?

Sure, the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, dutifully reported on the divorce announcement of the billionaire who founded and owns Amazon, but I can't find any mention of his affair with television personality Lauren Sanchez, who is married too, in the Compost.

The slogan of the Post is "Democracy dies in darkness." Yeah, yeah, Bezos is not a public official per se, but as a super, super rich dude who owns the anti-Donald Trump Post, don't its readers deserve better? Bezos is a de facto public figure.

The affair story was broken by the National Enquirer, which broke news of the John Edwards affair. The Enquirer is owned by a friend of Trump.

Oh, please don't forget to patronize my Amazon shop.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Mark Dice: Return of Chuck and Nancy

Even CNN agreed that the Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's rebuttal of President Trump's White House address on the border crisis was rotten. Mark Dice explains.

Kamala Harris: It’s "fantastic" Ocasio Cortez proposed 70% tax rate

After being asked by Meghan McCain of The View about the radical proposals by socialist member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that include a 70 percent tax rate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), a likely presidential candidate, called that "fantastic."

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

(PragerU) What Does Diversity Have to Do with Science?

Social justice warriors are now attempting to subvert science. Heather Mac Donald explains in the latest PragerU video.

Hank "Guam" Johnson compares Trump to Hitler, says many of his supporters are uneducated and dying of alcoholism

US Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) in a New Years Day speech for the NAACP in a church compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

In his hate-filled speech Johnson, 64, called supporters of the president "old," as well as "less educated," and that many of them are dying of alcoholism.

The bile begins at the 2:32 mark.

It is Johnson, not Trump backers, who is less educated. Eight years ago in a House committee meeting he expressed fears that Guam could "become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize" if 8,000 US Marines were transferred there from another base.

Whoopi tells Ocasio-Cortez to 'sit still' and 'learn the job'

While I disagree with Whoopi Goldberg's belief that socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has some good ideas--did I mention she's a socialist?--The View co-host is right when she says AOC should "sit still" and "learn the job."

But the leftist might want to read a few books on economics first.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Rasmussen poll: For Most, Government Shutdown Is A Nothingburger

Count me as part of the majority in this one.

From Rasmussen Reports: For Most, Government Shutdown Is A Nothingburger.

Sears appears to be heading to liquidation

Once again I have to remind everyone that in 2010 failed Illinois governor Pat Quinn gave Sears Holdings a hefty tax break to keep its headquarters in the Chicago area.

It appears it won't matter anymore.

From Fortune:
Sears Holdings Corp. is preparing to potentially wind down the iconic retailer after Chairman Eddie Lampert's bid to buy several hundred stores out of bankruptcy fell short of bankers' qualifications, people with knowledge of the matter said.

The retailer started laying the groundwork for a liquidation after meetings Friday in which its advisers weighed the merits of a $4.4 billion bid by Lampert's hedge fund to buy Sears as a going concern, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. If the 125-year-old retailer does die in bankruptcy — like Toys “R” Us in 2018, and Borders Group Inc. in 2011 — it would mark the largest fatality yet in the retail apocalypse prompted by a shift to online shopping.

Socialist Ocasio-Cortez: There's 'no question' Trump is racist

In an interview aired Sunday on 60 minutes, leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Anderson Cooper that there is "no question" President Donald Trump is racist.

And there is no question that this socialist knows nothing about economics.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Dem rep struggles to explain why Democrats call border wall "immoral"

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) can't tell Fox News' Chris Wallace why a border wall is immoral.

Perhaps because it isn't.

After the next census Rhode Island will go from having two members in the House of Representatives two one.

This loss will be a gain for the rest of nation.

From Da Tech Guy: The arrest of a powerful Chicago alderman who has been in office for 50 years and the corruption tax

Chicago isn't broken. It's fixed. What do I mean? Read my post at Da Tech Guy: The arrest of a powerful Chicago alderman who has been in office for 50 years and the corruption tax.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Paul McCartney: No Values

Here's a rare gem from a largely forgotten project, Paul McCartney's Give My Regards To Broad Street. The cut is "No Values."

In a live take, Ringo Starr joins Dave Edmunds, Chris Spedding, and Linda McCartney for a stripped down rocker.

Warning: graphic bodycam footage of Chicago cop shooting armed man on Halloween

Victor Maggio of Bloody Chicago has coverage of bodycam footage of a Chicago Police officer shooting an armed man on Halloween.

Friday, January 04, 2019

(PrargerU) WWI: The War That Changed Everything

Even after marking the centennial of the First World War, that conflict still gets overlooked my most people.

Historian and author Andrew Roberts reminds us that were it not for World War I, there would have been no Russian Revolution, and yes, no World War II and no Holocaust.

And no Cold War.

312,000 new December jobs smashes estimates

I am still not tired of winning.

From CNBC:
Job creation ended 2018 on a powerful note, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 312,000 in December though the unemployment rate rose to 3.9 percent.

The jobless rate, which was last higher in June, rose for the right reason as 419,000 new workers entered the workforce and the labor force participation rate increased to 63.1 percent. The participation level was up 0.2 percentage points from November and 0.4 percentage points compared with a year earlier.

A broader measure of unemployment that includes discouraged workers and those holding part-time jobs for economic reasons held steady at 7.6 percent.

In addition to the big job gains, wages jumped 3.2 percent from a year ago and 0.4 percent over the previous month. The year-over-year increase is tied with October for the best since April 2009. The average work week rose 0.1 hour to 34.5 hours.

Freshman House member on Trump: We're gonna impeach the mother****er

Yesterday the media was filled with feel-good stories about how the first Palestinian-American woman elected to Congress would be sworn in on a Koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson.

Now there is a new narrative.

From the Detroit Free Press:
Well, this is one way to make your presence known on your first day in office.

Rashida Tlaib, who earlier Thursday was sworn in as one of Michigan's new Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, delivered a strong message to a group of supporters that night at an event for, a progressive and social justice advocacy group.

Again, Tlaib, representing the 13th Congressional District in Detroit, called for an impeachment of President Donald Trump. This time, she threw in an expletive.

"People love you. And you win," she told a cheering crowd in a 20-second video published on Twitter. "And when your son looks at you and says, 'Momma, look you won, bullies don’t win.' And I said, 'Baby, they don't,' because we’re gonna go in there and we're gonna impeach the mother****er."
The leftists in the audience weren't horrified by the MF bomb. They cheered. I thought the Democrats, after the election of Donald Trump as president, were on the record for more civility in our political discourse.

WARNING--Video is not safe for work!

@RashidaTlaib saying it louder for the people in the back!! ✊🏾#116thCongress

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Powerful Chicago alderman in office for 50 years charged in extortion scheme

Term limits, anyone?

And when is the long overdue cleansing visit to Chicago by the League of Shadows going to happen?

"The League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. We sacked Rome, loaded trade ships with plague rats, burned London to the ground. Every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence, we return to restore the balance." Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins.

From CBS Chicago:
Ald. Edward Burke (14th) is now facing federal criminal charges, accused of trying to shake down a fast food company seeking to remodel a restaurant in his ward, seeking to force them to hire his private law firm in exchange. The powerful alderman allegedly threatened to play “hard ball” with company executives when they didn’t hire his firm right away.

Burke has been charged with with one count attempted extortion, and turned himself in Thursday afternoon at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse. He was later released on a $10,000 unsecured bond, meaning he would only have to pay bail if he misses a required court hearing.

According to the charges, Burke used his position as alderman to shake down two executives for a company that owns more than 160 fast food restaurants in the Chicago area. In June 2017, the company was seeking his support for a building permit and driveway permit for a remodeling project at a restaurant in his ward, and Burke allegedly sought to convince them to retain his private law firm in exchange for his support for the project.

Sources confirmed the restaurant involved was a Burger King restaurant at 40th and Pulaski, the same one where 17-year-old Laquan McDonald ran through the parking lot in October 2014 moments before he was shot and killed by Chicago Police Officer Laquan McDonald. That Burger King is a franchise restaurant, not owned by the Burger King chain.
According to the complaint, Burke, who has been an alderman since 1969, and a 14th Ward employee, schemed to play "hard ball" with the company and its brass, if they didn't hire his law firm for tax appeal work.

Burke is the chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee and of course has a very strong say in municipal tax rates and policy. He's a billboard for what ails Chicago, the only major American city that has a declining population.

Burke's replaced his father, who served at 14th Ward alderman until his death.

Yes, this is a democracy. It is, right?

Burke's wife, Anne, is a justice on the Illinois Supreme Court.

Earlier today Chicago another alderman, Ricardo Munoz (22nd), was in court in relation to a domestic abuse charge.

In the last four decades over thirty Chicago aldermen have been convicted of crimes. Ald. Willie Cochran (20th) will go on trial for corruption in June. Former Ald. Ed Vrdolyak (10th), Burke's partner in the Council Wars era during the time Harold Washington was mayor, is a already an ex-con but was indicted on other charges in 2016.

Burke is also the Democratic committeeman of the 14th Ward.

UPDATE 5:45pm CST:

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Toni Preckwinkle’s mayoral campaign acknowledged Thursday that Preckwinkle received a $10,000 campaign contribution that Ald. Edward Burke (14th) allegedly muscled from a Burger King franchise owner but said she knew nothing about the alleged shakedown and returned the contribution because it exceeded legal limits.
Taxwinkle, a hardened leftist, is the president of the Cook County Board and yes, a candidate for mayor of Chicago. She's also the chair of the Cook County Regular Democratic Organization, otherwise known as the Chicago Machine.

Decent Chicagoan--yes, they exist, need to get their yellow vests on.

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Chicago alderman arrested for domestic abuse

Mark Dice: It’s Too Early for This!

Watch as a heap--actually just 14 people--view Elizabeth Warren slam down a beer on Instagram as a way for Pocahontas to drive interest to her presidential campaign.

And her husband slaps her on the butt.

Nobel secretary regrets Obama peace prize

Take away the leftism and the anti-Americanism--remember the "apology tour?--and Barack Obama is nothing but an empty suit.

From BBC News:
Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama in 2009 failed to achieve what the committee hoped it would, its ex-secretary has said.

Geir Lundestad told the AP news agency that the committee hoped the award would strengthen Mr Obama.

Instead, the decision was met with criticism in the US. Many argued he had not had any impact worthy of the award.

Sanders: 'I was a little bit busy' to know about sexual harassment allegations during 2016 campaign

Oh, the things the leftists get away with.

Watch as socialist senator Bernie Sanders tell CNN's Anderson Cooper that he "was a little bit busy" running for president to be aware of sexual harassment claims within his campaign.

Chicago alderman arrested for domestic abuse

You can't keep a bad man up.

From ABC Chicago:
Alderman Ricardo Munoz has been arrested in connection with a domestic violence incident, Chicago police said.

The alleged incident occurred at his home in the 3000-block of South Lawndale on New Year's Eve. Police said Munoz got into a verbal argument with his wife and it escalated and became physical.

His wife told police the alderman pushed and struck her throughout her body. Police said Munoz left the home after his wife called police.

Munoz was taken into custody Wednesday at his 22nd Ward office in the 2500-block of South St. Louis Avenue in the Little Village neighborhood.
WTTW, the local PBS affiliate, says at least as of early this morning, Munoz is being held, that is, being jailed, at the 10th District police lockup. But he has a court hearing shortly, so he could be out now.

More from NBC Chicago:
This is not Munoz's first brush with the law. He has publicly spoken about his arrest as a teenager on drug and gun charges, which were later expunged. Now sober, Munoz has also opened up about his addiction to alcohol.
UPDATE 12:30pm CST from ABC Chicago:
Alderman Ricardo Munoz, who is facing allegations that he hit his wife, entered a not guilty plea Thursday morning as a judge decided whether he would be released on bond.

The alderman, who represents the 22nd Ward, and his wife were both in court, along with other family members.

The judge granted a non-contact order in the case, meaning Munoz cannot call, text or see his wife - or their dog - until further notice.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Bloody Chicago: Christmas Holiday and Gun Violence in Chicago 2018

My friend Victor Maggio of Bloody Chicago again traveled the streets of Chicago as always--the holiday season doesn't slow him down. Maggio of course came across violence--but also stopped by some Christmas festivals such as Winter Fest at Navy Pier and Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza.

The issue of illegal immigration is also discussed.

Mark Dice: They Call This "News"

Mark Dice looks back at 2018, and maybe before that, and shows us how much Trump Derangement Syndrome has infected MSLSD and the Clown News Network.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year liberals, Trump is still president

Three New Year's Days ago, leftists viewed the idea of Donald J. Trump winning the presidency as an absurdity.

A year later on New Year's Day 2017 Trump was president-elect. Still liberals clung to hope that somehow Congress would refuse to certify the November elections results, or that Trump would be promptly impeached and removed from office--the emoluments clause of the Constitution was the depose-Trump flavor of the month that January.

Last year on January 1 things were looking up for Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers. Robert Mueller's Russian collusion investigation was six months old. Surely, liberals pondered with certainty, Mueller would find pay dirt very soon on the orange-haired usurper. After all, the Watergate Scandal didn't collect its first trophy scalps until ten months after the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters, when H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, and John Dean were fired from their White House posts.

"Soon, soon," liberals were telling themselves a year ago, "Trump's a crook, and he's stonewalling," just as Nixon was four decades ago.

Today Trump is still president. And he will be a year from now too. Even if, and that's a big if, Mueller finds something widely viewed as impeachable, in 2020 Trump faces the voters again. Even some Democrats will agree that it's best that the electorate, not Congress, decides who is president.

Happy New Year, liberals. Let's Make New Year's Day Great Again next year too!