Thursday, October 07, 2010

Four Corners Furtherance: Lizards

This is my penultimate post in this series. My final one will be the conclusion entry for Four Corners Furtherance.

Spotting wildlife in the national parks of the southern Utah takes patience. Unlike Yellowstone National Park, it's not a matter of spotting a bunch of parked cars gravitating towards a herd of elk. So the lizards photographed here became photograph-able only when I stood still for a while.

I spent a good part of yesterday researching this post--so I can say with confidence that I've correctly identified each reptile. Click on each image to make it larger.

Up on top is a Side-blotched Lizard, which I photographed along the Hickman Bridge Trail in Capitol Reef National Park. On the upper right is a Western Whiptail--note the characteristic long tail--this one I found on the Devils Garden Trail in Arches National Park. I couldn't get the entire tail into the picture.

On the center right is a subspecies, the plateau side-blotched lizard, this "herp" was also photographed along the Hickman Bridge Trail.

I only saw collared-lizards in Zion National Park. I encountered the one on the lower right along the Taylor Creek Trail, in the Kolob Canyons section of the park.  Astute readers of this blog will remember I included another photograph of this same lizard in an earlier post.

Note how well each reptile blends in with the scenery.

I only saw one snake during this trip--a rattler--which I reported on in the first entry of this series.

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