Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama, the comic book: A chilling story

Doug Ross has put together comic book version of a part of Barack Obama's life his campaign doesn't want you to know about: Buildings without heat co-owned by his financier and pal Antoin "Tony" Rezko. And State Senator Obama didn't know anything about it.

Check out the chilling story--in storyboard format of course--here.

Vote for Obama if that's the kind of change you can believe in.

I linked to this post once before, but it's so good, it deserves a reprise.

And finally, there are rumors that Obama will make an appearance at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago's Grant Park this weekend. He'll be one mile from the Metropolitan Correctional Center, where the recently convicted Rezko resides these days. Will Obama drop by for a visit?

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Rob_N said...

...What do buildings owned by someone else have to do with Sen. Obama?

More importantly, why has your blog devolved to a noun, a verb and "Rezko"?

If you're this worried about people from the past, you must plan on sitting at home this November seeing as how Sen. McCain is literally entwined with nefarious figures with questionable "ethics" (they're running his campaign) whereas Sen. Obama has, at the least, cut those ties.

John Ruberry said...

Well, Rezko was Obama's first political sponsor. He was the primary financier for all his political races until this one. He was donating cash to Obama's warchest while the Rezmar slums deteriorated. The law firm Obama worked for did legal work for Rezko, and. Obama himself did legal work for Rezko. Obama's boss at his law firm went into business with Rezko.

Rezko hosted a swank fundraiser for Obama at his mansion in 2003.

Oh then there is the infamous "Rezko lot" property deals that greased the wheels so he could buy his own mansion. Rezko was under federal investigation at the time.

It's about judgement, and in this case, Obamas's bad judgement.

Rob_N said...

Rezko was co-host for a swanky Bush-Cheney fundraiser in 2004 but somehow I don't think you're trying to spin that Bush has "bad judgment".

Say, how's Charlie Black's lobbying business going? Can he get a signal on his phone on the Straight Talk plane? Does he tell his clients he's giving them "straight talk" too, just like all the lies (excuse me, "straight talk") the campaign is giving Americans in their ads?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's got any negative Obama stuff inside, or in the McCain comic coming out. You can see more at this link...