Saturday, June 13, 2015

(Photos) Invasive plant: Birdsfoot trefoil

As I did yesterday, I'm posting pictures of a pretty--but invasive--plant. This time it's birdsfoot trefoil.

The blossoms of this plant, although they bright yellow, are similar to those of Friday's subject, crown vetch.
The clover like foliage of birdsfoot trefoil is much different, however. This plant is a member of the bean family.

Trefoil has other things in common with crown vetch. It grows in clumps, it is native to the old world, it adds nitrogen to the soil, but it crowds out native species. What else? These pictures were taken about thirty yards from the spot in Morton Grove where I photographed the crown vetch. That really isn't much of a coincidence, as birdsfoot trefoil assists in erosion control. It was almost certainly planted here for that purpose.

Birdsfoot trefoil is the dominant bloom on this grassy strip between Lehigh Avenue and the Milwaukee Road railroad tracks just north of Dempster.

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