Saturday, June 13, 2015

(Photos) Marathon Pundit rescues snapping turtle from certain death

I was tipped off by my boss that a common snapping turtle was attempting to cross Oakton Street, a busy Des Plaines, Illinois thoroughfare. As I am known as a nature buff at work, he knew I was the right person to save the massive reptile from certain death.

The boss took this pic. I snapped the other two.

This photo was taken right after I removed the turtle from the curb--and after its projectile urination.

The common snapping turtle can give a painful bite, but unlike the somewhat rarer alligator snapping turtle, in cannot bite off a human finger. These turtles can live over 100 years.

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Anonymous said...

name it shelly

Jeff Edelman said...

Despite living in the water (most of the time), they smell like they haven't had a bath in 100 years. This is the breeding season -- for turtles, specifically. (So, if you're doing it, it's ok.) But, that is why so many are seen on or near the roadways.