Friday, June 12, 2015

IL18: Dirty trick pulled on conservative Mike Flynn

Reagan banner, Eureka,
College, 18th Dist.
Someone has pulled a dirty trick against Mike Flynn, the conservative candidate in the Republican Primary in the special election to replace disgraced Aaron Schock in Illinois' 18th Congressional District. The mainstream GOP pick is Darin LaHood, whose father, Ray, held the seat before Schock was elected. The elder LaHood serves as Barack Obama's first Secretary of Transportation.

From Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart:
This week news was passed both by email and on a well-known liberal website in the state saying that the "Central Illinois Log Cabin Republicans" have endorsed Mike Flynn for Congress. Sadly the same fake announcement was placed on a well regarded conservative website and was also picked up by a tea party activist who was fooled into believing the false "endorsement."

The original source for this dirty trick was liberal website Capitol Fax [Ha! No link from me!], a site underwritten by funds from the state's far left political establishment. Capitol Fax posted the false endorsement but was soon forced to retract it and post a disclaimer by the real Log Cabin Republicans who kindly informed the site that they had no clue what this “endorsement” was all about.

The fake endorsement was listed as being from the "Central Illinois Log Cabin Republicans." But Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director of the real Log Cabin Republicans, informed the far left website that, "The press release is fraudulent."

"There is no formally recognized Chapter of 'Log Cabin Republicans of Central Illinois,' and the gentleman who issued the press release is not even a member of our organization," Angelo added. "Additionally, per our by-laws, local LCR Chapter Leaders cannot issue endorsements in federal races."
It appears the anonymous trickster is trying to place a wedge between Flynn, who I interviewed last week, and his socially conservative supporters.

But who?

UPDATE 10pm CDT: Huston has more, Illinois 18th Dist. candidate Darin LaHood's confusion over term limits, endorsement

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