Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Occupy Chicago May Day march pics you won't see in the establishment media

After a slew of videos, I now turn to my photographic files from yesterday's Occupy Chicago May Day march.

Click on any image to make it larger.

The flag of their nation. Union Park on Chicago's West Side is where the march began.

Yes, the banner reads, "Open the f*cking borders." Keep it classy, leftists.

His shirt declares, "Smash all borders with communist revolution."

Their signs contain a Karl Marx quote.

Chicago school kids: Do you know where your unionized teacher is?

This picture is priceless in terms of telling this story. The red flag contains a rendering of communist murderer Che Guevara. But the white flag is unique. On it you will see Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and the second worst mass murderer in history, Josef Stalin. I never dreamed that I'd see a flag with Stalin's image in my country. What an abomination. My mother-in-law knew people who died in Stalin's Gulags.

Who was the biggest murderer of all time? Another communist, Mao Zedong.

At the post-march Federal Plaza rally the president of a different Teamsters local swatted down my video camera. Still, I'd like to ask the president of Teamsters Local 705 if he felt comfortable walking with communists, socialists, and anarchists, to borrow Rebelpundit's questioning.

In regards to Greece, yes, "We are all in the same struggle." Why? Because President Obama's reckless spending put us there.

The Israeli-Palestinian dispute is not analogous to South African apartheid. Oh, there is apartheid in Mexico? Who knew?!?

It's not a left-wing rally without Israel bashing.

The left is always quick to point the finger and call others racists.

The Industrial Workers of the World, commonly known as Wobblies, have been socialists for over 100 years.

The occupiers decry bailouts, but they are oddly quiet about Obama's bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler--which gave the United Autoworkers part-ownership of the automakers. Crony capitalism at work.

Bradley Manning is accused of disclosing government secrets in the WikiLeaks scandal. To the ultra-left he's a hero. That's appalling. Besides, what does Manning have to do with Wall Street 'greed?'

Capitalism is failing because of Obama's socialist policies.

Liberals regularly condemn conservatives' alleged mixture of religion and politics.

Back in the USSR?

Sometimes when I report on these events I wonder if the establishment media was at the same rally. Which is why I'm including two photographs here that I used in my Teamsters post last night. Chicago Tribune, where are your May Day pictures of the socialists and the communists? Chicago Sun-Times, where are yours?

If you aren't going to report the entire story, then don't bother at all.



Here is Urban Infidel's report from Occupy Wall Street's May Day hootenanny.

UPDATE May 3: The socialist on the right five pics up is wearing $200 Ray-Ban sunglasses. Imagine how many meals for the homeless $200 would buy.

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Anonymous said...

I was there with my child and wife. I work as an engineer for a living. I make 90k a year. I am also an anarchist.

Those pictures are spot on. There were lots of communists and socialists at the rally. Me being one of them.

However, you fail to tell the whole story. You failed to show the real communists. The ones giving out free sandwiches and ice-cream.

Your understanding of socialists is also fairly primitive and at times absolutely wrong.

It is clear you tried to scare your readers into thinking that these people want to take over and destroy freedom and liberty!

You fail to tell the whole story. That the socialist movement is about freedom. That it is the highest form of liberty and individualism.

I would recommend you read "Why Socialism?" by Albert Einstein.

Big Al said...

Anonymous, Socialism has absolutly NOTHING to do with liberty and individualism. Socialism is about collectivism PERIOD. It by it's very nature distroys the individual and turns a person into a cog in a machine. It's failed everywhere it's been tried. Someone has pulled the wool over your eyes, ESPECIALLY if you relate free sandwiches and ice cream to having anything at all to do with "real" communism. That's laughable as an example.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Free ice cream? Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

yup, keep on truckin' commie...good thing your 90k comes from the Easter bunny and not a job that requires any investment in time or money...for someone like you to march with these scums who glorifies murderers who want what others have is pure justice may ass...simply losers who who have nothing to offer

Anonymous said...

You do realize that in a communist or anarchist society,you WILL NOT be making 90k as an engineer. Likely, you won't have a company to employ you to pay you the 90k. In a communist nation, you would make the same as the janitor. There is a big reason that communism didn't work.

Come to think of it...can you name one socialist economy that is NOT about to go bankrupt?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:39PM

Sure, because NOTHING says liberty and individualism like gulags, death camps, and killing fields. You MIGHT want to take a look at the real history of your beloved movement before sating such ridiculous tripe.

Plumwood Road said...

Nice work. It is amazing that you caught all of this and the highly trained professional media missed it.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution, a free market and capitalism go together. Personal property rights are paramount for individual liberty. Our current problems can be traced to government involvement in the markets, it's not capitalism that's failed us, its poor leadership and a ever expanding government. If our government would get out of the way and do only the bear minimum, Americans would see everything turn around overnight. It's obvious that government is not the solution, gov is the problem (Reagan).

Comrade Doug said...

I'll just leave this here: "Property is intended to serve life, and no matter how much we surround it with rights and respect, it has no personal being. It is part of the earth man walks on. It is not man."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anonymous said...

1 billion +

Vicious Capitalist said...

@Anonymous said...
"I was there with my child and wife. I work as an engineer for a living. I make 90k a year. I am also an anarchist."

Bwahaha - do you have any bridges you would like us to buy? How about beachfront property in NM?

An anarchist who's living in an ordered house with wife and child, working as an engineer where order matters most? I don't buy it, not one tiny bit. Just another useless troll making wild claims and blaming everyone but those who deserve it.

Yep, it's all our fault for not understanding, for not knowing enough. Uh-huh. If you truly want socialism then take your pals and move to a socialist country. There are many to choose from. You will never install socialism here.

Keep protesting, and griping, and waving your red flags around. It will amount to nothing, except to expose yourselves as the enemy within. You don't see us, but you are surrounded, vastly outnumbered, and we are watching.

You claim socialists are all about liberty and individualism. You're either lying, or you're a complete moron. Where's my freedom to live in America as it is? I'm an individual who wants nothing to do with you and your pals. So, leave me alone and get out of my country if you don't like it. You have the freedom to leave anytime you wish. You will not force me to live under a red banner, not ever. You want anarchy? Be careful what you wish for, pinko. You obviously don't know what real anarchy is like. Hope you never see it because you would not survive.

You cannot win this fight so quit whining and leave. Take your red flags, your holier-than-though attitude, all your pals, and GTFO.

Anonymous said...

You make 90k a year and are a socialist?? Give me some. What's yours is mine, right? Isn't that the socialist way?

Anonymous said...

@Vicious Capitalist,
Well said, Bravo! I especially liked when you mentioned our right to live in America the way it is. I firmly believe that true patriots will never let this great USA go the way of socialism. I will be right there with you every step of the way to preserve our way of life. And i believe there are a hellava lot more of us than them!

Anonymous said...

man you are a buncha crybabies

Anonymous said...

"Capitalism is failing"

It is sad when they don't even understand what capitalism is. What is being purported to be capitalism that is not, is failing.

EmpireSucks said...

"However, you fail to tell the whole story. You failed to show the real communists. The ones giving out free sandwiches and ice-cream. " ------ LMFAO!!! --- "Come to the dark side we have cookies!" HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously though, you guys are doing it wrong. You beg for free money and buy followers with cheap foodstuffs; that's not the best strategy. Just a tip bro, real engineers don't post their job titles and salary as a form of pre-validating the B.S. they are about to spew. On the contrary, they sneak up with facts and prove their statements after having made them. Real engineers are logic ninjas. You are neither a ninja nor logical, hence not an engineer. Q.E.D.

Anonymous said...

All you above who think that Socialism and/or Communism works don't really know history. You keep thinking that history started 8 minutes ago when you became self aware. History didn't start when you became self aware, history has been around for 1000's of years. Communism has failed for 1000's of years. Socialism has failed for 1000's of years. Capitalism is what made USA amazingly powerful and wealthy. It is why you get to carry around your iPads and iPhones and get to wear pants. Don't bash the thing that gave you food and clothing. Communism fails! Socialism fails.

Anonymous said...

First I want to praise the blogger for exposing this Communist subversion of our great Republic(which is not a democracy!). I represent a grass roots group in Chicago which is preparing to confront these socialist Occupy thugs. Our group is called Americans for Capitalism. All Chicagoans who have the courage to stand up to these Stalinist totalitarian traitors are encouraged to visit our website to see how you can get involved. m (remove the space in the url)

Together we can save our Republic!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. How much of t hat 90k a year are you giving away to be redistributed? It should be all of it if you are a true socialist/communist. My guess is that like many other self-proclaiming socialists, you are very generous with other people's money...