Thursday, May 31, 2012

Huffington Post: Occupy movement "is as good as dead"

Black Bloc private meeting, before anti-NATO march
Writing for the Huffington Post this afternoon, Andy Ostroy says the Occupy movement "is as good as dead."

It's one of the few HuffPo pieces I agree with, he calls to attention Occupy's obsession with tent cities, its inability to elect candidates to office, the unfocused agenda, and its insistence on class warfare.

There is one glaring omission in his piece: the takeover of the movement by violent Black Bloc anarchists--with a supporting cast of socialists and communists.

I mean, how many supporters are you going to gain by holding "F*ck the Police" marches. Besides, cops are union members too.

When you are on the left and you lose Huffington Post, it's time to fold the tents.

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