Friday, July 31, 2015

(Photos) Abandoned one room schoolhouse in Three Rivers, Michigan

Earlier this month when Mrs. Marathon Pundit and I celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Garezers Latvian Center near Three Rivers, Michigan.

On the Garezers property--which was previously the Lone Tree Girl Scout Camp--is the old Pleasant Hill School. I believe it was still in operation in the 1960s.

The staff at Garezers calls the schoolhouse "Ziemeļblāzma," which means northern lights.

It was last used as a dormitory for Garezers' teachers. This was what it looked like inside on July 4.

You will find this historic structure on the corner of Hoffman and Day Road east of Three Rivers.


Robert Lookingbill said...

Is this old building for sale by chance

John Ruberry said...

Probably not. Owns it, if you would like to inquire.