Thursday, May 31, 2012

Romney visits Obama failure Solyndra

Mitt Romney visited a temple of Obama failure this morning, the shuttered Solyndra plant in northern California. "We're at Solyndra. That was great fun. We had a great gathering, and looking at the Taj Mahal which is known as Solyndra. An enormous conflict of interest on the part of the president," Romney said after leaving Solyndra, which view can see on Tout.

Last year the Daily Caller wrote that Solyndra enjoyed "a cozy financial relationship" with the White House. Cozy it was--the defunct firm burned through over $500 million in government funds.

Romney is showing a feistiness that has been missing from his earlier campaigns. While at Solyndra, he checked in there on FourSquare. The Washington Examiner noted the the former businessman "intends to fight the guerilla warfare of a presidential campaign with a new aggressiveness and combativeness."

Good for him.

It was a bad day for the Obama-Biden campaign. At a press conference in Boston, Romney supporters drowned out Obama's Svengali, David Axelrod.

Weasel Zippers more on Ax's "Boston Massacre."

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