Monday, March 19, 2012

Video: Romney on Obama the Illinois legislator

Last night Mitt Romney held a town hall meeting in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

In this clip, the former Massachusetts governor brings up President Obama's time as a state senator from Chicago.

"He was a legislator in Illinois," Romney began, "where I understand that if you don't spend more money than you take in, you don't get reelected. Right?"

The Prairie State's deficit, despite a massive income tax hike last year, is expected to reach $8 billion by the end of fiscal year 2012.

Romney discussed his business accomplishments and he called Obama "an economy lightweight."

"I didn't learn about the economy in a subcommittee of Congress," he asserted.

Romney then moved on to Obama and the military. "It's interesting, the only place he's willing to cut is our national security."

Romney concluded by outlining his position on bolstering the military, which includes accelerated ship building, the purchase of more aircraft, and adding 100,000 troops to our active military roster.
University of Chicago

Back to the economy: Romney will hold an economic forum at the University of Chicago at 12:00pm Noon CDT. It will be livestreamed here.

I expect Romney will bring up the brilliant work of supply-side genius Milton Friedman, who was a University of Chicago professor. But on the flipside, Austan Goolsbee, the former chief economist of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, is back on campus after two years of mismanaging the economy. I imagine Romney will have something to say about him too.

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