Thursday, June 28, 2012

(Video) Father Pfleger at union rally: "Congress is stupid" and it "does not give a damn about the middle class"

Pfleger at Federal Plaza
Chicago's meddlesome Catholic priest, Father Michael Pfleger, was breathing fire this evening on the hottest day of the year.

The onetime spiritual advisor to President Obama who has been the pastor at the South Side St. Sabina parish for over three decades--Chicago Archdiocese priests typically serve single six-year terms--gained national attention for his 2008 outburst from the pulpit of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church where he mocked Hillary Clinton for feeling "entitled" to the Democratic nomination because of her race.

The National Association of Letter Carrier held a Save our Postal Service Rally in Chicago's Loop at Federal Plaza today. The union is opposed to what I view as prudent first-step reforms of the bloated USPS, which include placing it under a control board, ending Saturday delivery of mail, and closing little-used rural post offices.

In a loud but round-about way, Pfleger denounced the control board, "We're not looking for someone else's money," he screamed, "just [to] give you the power to make the decisions on your own money." Then he moved on to Congress, which by law oversees the Postal Service.
Do not wait for Congress to do the right thing. Congress is stuck and Congress is stupid (Cheers). Congress does not give a damn about the middle class. Congress cares about the one percent. That's all they care about in America.

Insults and class warfare...from a Catholic priest. Lord help us all.

UPDATE June 30: Beginning tomorrow, CBS 2 Chicago reports, Pfleger will be the co-pastor at St. Sabina's, while adding new duties with the Archdiocese of Chicago.

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RightReason said...

It's all about social justice, and many churches have been disseminating the unrest.

Marathon Pundit said...

Ah yes, social could I forget!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ruberry, do you think it would be a "prudent first step reform," to repeal the 2006 mandate forcing the USPS to pre-fund a retiree healthcare account 75 years in advance? You probably don't since it was passed by a lame duck Republican Congress looking to bankrupt the Post Office so they could then claim it can't compete.

People like yourself are usually against government mandates so why no outcry that the government is over-regulating the Post Office? USPS would have made a profit since 2007 were it not for the onerous $5.5 BILLION annual payments. Congress is bankrupting the USPS but I don't suppose we can expect you to report the actually story, just your skewed anti-union demagoguery.

The USPS has also overpaid their two general retirement accounts by $60-80 BILLION due to accounting errors. USPS doesn't need a bailout like the one Wall Street received, USPS simply deserves the money earned by their union workforce to be refunded. You should post Father Pfleger's speech in its entirety unless of course you are simply trying to sensationalize a segment of what he said. Why not post his remarks in their full context?

Anonymous said...

You do not seem to be concerned with accuracy in your reporting, nonetheless, I feel compelled to correct your headline. This was not a "union" rally. This was a Solidarity Rally in support of a Hunger Strike to Save the Post Office which was organized by a grassroots coalition made up of concerned citizens and postal workers.