Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blago: "My friend Chris Kelly's death will not be in vain"

Good Lord, Rod Blagojevich's dementedness knows no bounds.

From Chicago Breaking News:

"Chris Kelly took his life because of the pressure he was under," Blagojevich said today at the start of his radio show on WLS-AM.

He vowed to fight and win the charges against him in court.

"My friend Chris Kelly's death will not be in vain."

During the radio show, Blagojevich continued to lash out at prosecutors for cutting deals with his co-defendants, who he says are being pressured to "lie" about the former governor's political dealings.

Blago is in New York, promoting his so-called "tell-all" book. He added, "He refused to make it easier on himself to lie about someone else. He refused to lie about someone and not stand up for the truth.

The disgraced former governor had placed himself above the fray. And it's the prosecutors who drove Kelly to what has to be a suicide, reasons Blago.

Of course the hair-brained one is incapable of making "wreckage" of a life. Right?

An autopsy of Kelly will be performed this afternoon.

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