Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Illinois: 3 state workers join Rauner's lawsuit over union dues

Channahon, Illinois
Three public-servant patriots have teamed up with Illinois' reform governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, to fight for freedom.

From AP:
Three Illinois state employees on Monday sought to join Gov. Bruce Rauner's lawsuit against labor unions, a legal maneuver aimed at trying to end mandatory union dues for nonmembers across the U.S., not just in Illinois.

All three workers' jobs are covered by collective bargaining agreements, but the employees opted not to join their union. They say the requirement they pay so-called "fair share" dues, which range from about $19 to $60 per month, violates their First Amendment right of free speech because they disagree with union policies.

"The First Amendment guarantees everyone the right to choose whose speech they support and what groups they associate with," said Jacob Huebert, an attorney for the employees. "State workers shouldn't have to sacrifice that right just to keep their jobs."

Rauner issued an executive order last month ending the dues, which nonmembers are required to pay to cover the cost of non-political union activities that benefit all employees, such as collective bargaining. The order effectively keeps about $3.75 million each year from the unions' bank accounts.
Taking away money from a union is like ending the watering of house plants. Both die.


Anonymous said...

If money equals speech, and none of their money is used for speech, only for the fair share administration of their contract, in what way are their 1st Amendment rights being violated?

John Ruberry said...

They do not want to be in a union. Their right of free association is being violated.

Anonymous said...

They aren't in a union. They refuse to pay for that privilege. They don't go to meetings. They just benefit from the better pay and working conditions. They are in no way or form union members.
This makes me wonder, though. I don't like Menard's politics. Can I pay less there so I don't have to fund his noxious speech? Or can I just go some where else, the same as those freeloading rats want to do? Same for Starbucks, Home Depot, Whole Foods, Pap John's? Do I have a First Amendment case, professor?