Sunday, October 23, 2011

OccupyChicago pics from 10/22 march: Dear rich straight white dudes, f*ck off

Occupy Chicago marched again Saturday night. The weather was unseasonably warm--but there were noticeably fewer marchers compared to seven days prior. My guess? About 1,000 showed up. Last week's hootenanny had about 2,000 to 3,000 lefties.

And they are off! The march began on Jackson Boulevard next to the Bank of America Building. It ended at Grant Park about a mile away. Last week 175 of them were arrested when they refused to leave. Fox 32 Chicago is reporting more are getting arrested as I write this entry.

A white woman in her twenties was carrying this sign. Feel the love! Oh, I thought we were supposed to be tolerant of the sexual identities of others. I'm confused here. And why bring race into the discussion?

More love! I've been to about a dozen tea parties--and I've never seen a sign comparing anyone to Osama bin Laden at any of them. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke is not a favorite of mine, but he is no terrorist.

The International Association of Machinists filed an unfair labor practice charge against Boeing because it had the audacity to build a plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state. The factory will employ several thousand workers. President Obama's radicalized National Labor Relations Board is siding with the IAM in that dispute. If the NLRB and the union gets its way, the end result could be more jobs--outside of the United States. Note the sign and the jacket. A child from a mixed-marriage?

I thought these guys wanted less class warfare. Oh moar is urban slang for in more and roar.

Occupy Wall Street and Occupy whatever is not mainstream.

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From the CIA World Factbook's Afghanistan entry on that nation's industries: "Small-scale production of textiles, soap, furniture, shoes, fertilizer, apparel, food-products, non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water, cement; handwoven carpets; natural gas, coal, copper."

No oil. Sheesh.

Yes, real mainstream, these OWS folks. I'll have more on alleged police crimes later today.

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Anonymous said...

you singled out all of the radical signs, and none of the signs that communicated the real message. which there were many, i was there too.

Bill Baar said...

ok anon, so why did you let the fuck the white dudes crowd hijack your demo? Confront the haters?

John Ruberry said...

There were A LOT of radical signs. And those "Capitalism is failing" signs--there were at least a dozen of them.

JMP said...

The Occupy Movement is a hodge-podge of different groups and individuals. You can probably find a variety of signs representing all sorts of opinions, from the Socialist Workers (who ever they are) to the "End the Fed" Paul supporters, to people who get involved in any cause of the moment. I don't think there is an official head, or any one group that is "hijacking" the demo. Although some of them might try to control it. Also, as to police crimes...I don't know what is being implied. I've heard that in some cities there have been questionable actions by the police toward a largely nonviolent crowd. Some cops do like to throw their weight around. Maybe there are a few protesters who get carried away. It could be elements of both sides at fault.

Do I support them? No, but neither am I against them. I'm simply observing another chapter in history.

John Ruberry said...

As far as Chicago--its parks close at 11pm. The cops tell people to leave. Some OccupyChi ppl--looking to get publicit--don't. They get arrested.

Sorry to sound old-fashioned, but a cop tells you to do something, you do it.

cassandra lite said...

Good thing it was a rich yellow dude who manufactured that cardboard sign.