Friday, October 31, 2008

Rev. Wright returns to the airwaves

When the extent of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's radical views became public this spring, it came close to sinking Barack Obama's quest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Courtesy of the National Republican Trust PAC, not the McCain-Palin campaign, look who is back.

I just saw Dick Morris on The O'Reilly Factor, and he said that the group has purchased $6 million in commercials to run the below ad this weekend.

I suppose the Barack Obama campaign will go ballistic--again--or at a minimum, they'll call the ad by their favorite word, "a distraction," but remember this: for twenty years, Obama sat in the pews of the Trinity United Church of Christ.

Remember, the Reverend Wright said "Not God bless America, but God d*mn America."

Twenty years.

H/T to Midnight Blue.

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pathickey said...

My Hallmark favorite is the Chin Cupped by Delicate Hands of Bill Moyers has he raptly listens to poison dripping from Old Crazy Uncle Jere's flapping King Crab Hole!

Bill Moyers! ( 'Hmmmmmm, Wright's Just Dreamy!') followed by the National Press Club thumping of Kid Hope by Uncle Jere!

Anonymous said...

Rev Wright is a patriot who loves his country and put his life on the line when he joined the Marines. His sermon was a call to return to the Constitution, American principles, and the ministry of Jesus. He was stating what became the official analysis of the US intelligence community (See 9/11 Commission report). That is 9/11 attack was the result of the invasion, mass murder, and ongoing effort to impose its hegemony on Arab lands.
His point was that the "chickens had come home to roost", that the wholesale violations of our principles and Constitution, the betrayal (for Christians) of the ministry of Jesus, the crimes against humanity and the infliction of suffering against those who pose no threat to us(nor wish us any harm), has potential (now realized) consequences harmful to us. His sermon was within the job of any preacher, to point out how we had gone off track so that we could again become righteous which, of course, would minimize the chances that anyone would attack us.

Obama never asked for nor received the endorsement of Rev. Wright. He made no appearances with Rev. Wright. Why are Rev. Wright’s words relevant to the election?

McCain on the other hand pursued and received the endorsement of dangerous right-wing extremist preachers whose statements included such insane ideas as the claim that this country was created to defeat Islam, the claim that the Nazi holocaust was a good thing because it motivated Jews to go to Israel, that the United States should attack Iraq, Iran, etc. to help fulfill end times prophecies.

Wake up! Get out of the hate-mongering.

McCain as president means more war, more mass murder, more destruction of our Constitution, more class warfare and more hardship for all but the wealthy.
Obama would help lessen those things (above) which are destroying our country.

Vote for Obama, help this country to get back in line with its principles and (for Christians) help Christians get back on the path (the way) consistent with Jesus’ ministry.

Peace JK

John Ruberry said...

Yes, Wright served in the Marines.

But, Obama dragged the reverend down to Springfield, and Wright was supposed to deliver the invocation at his official announcement last February. But Obama told Wright the night before he was dumped from the program.

Nice guy, that Barack.

US of KKK A?

The US gov't concocting AIDS?

Obama listened to that bile for twenty years.

McCain's relationship with the so-called "Religious Right" is strained, and has been since the 2000 Republican primaries.