Friday, October 31, 2008

Illinois corruption update: Gov. Blagojevich honored to get his 'ass kicked'

The voters of Illinois are a pretty crazy lot--just take a look at all of the goofs who have been elected here, such as Governor Rod Blagojevich. The Chicago Democrat, who is under federal investigation for his role in the Antoin "Tony" Rezko "pay-to-play" scandals, believes that his abysmal approval ratings in Illinois--just 13 percent--are because he is a fighter for the people.

The people are not impressed.

Here is what "Blago," who bragged a few years ago that only he had the "testicular virility" to run Illinois, told reporters yesterday:

All of those things (My note: his meager accomplishments) happened because we had to push and prod and fight through the system to get it done for people, and if I get bloodied up in the process, and there are some times when people are just not generally approving, I feel honored to get my ass kicked for the people.

Hmm..."ass kicked," and "testicular virility." The brain of the Illinois governor must be between his stomach and his knees.

It's becoming clear that Blago is considering running for a third term in 2010.

But the smart money is that a US marshall will serve him his indictment papers before then.

And if Blago does run for reelection, look for his ass to get kicked.

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Levois said...

His *ss would be kicked if his political battle was only with Michael Madigan or the press. It's of his own doing instead. At worst the people are more fed up with him. If the public supported him he can surely do better than 13%.

Rob_N said...

What do you mean "It's becoming clear" Blago wants to run again?

He's flat out said he is planning to run in 2010.

By the by, John, we agree on the idiocy that is Blago. Our fair state cannot be rid of him soon enough.

John Ruberry said...

Blago needs to go.

Rob...the goofball hasn't officially announced yet. And I still can't believe that he's that delusional to think he can win his party's primary, let alone a general election.

Greybeard said...

Please, heap more "honors" on Rod.
We see this kind of guy all the time, don't we?
The arrogance.
The strut.
Still, he has his admirers, doesn't he?
In his mind, he can do no wrong.
Even when he has his ass handed to him by voters he won't understand...
It'll be someone else's fault.
It CERTAINLY CANNOT BE because he's an idiot!

Go to jail Rod.
Do not collect $200.

Anonymous said...

The S.S. Blagojevich is sinking