Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Blue state refugees in Tennessee ruining politics there

Tennessean building in Nashville
Liberals are a real hoot sometimes. A painful hoot, but humorous all the same. Progressives destroy states like Illinois, California. and New York with high taxes and oppressive regulation. Many leave, including some leftists, and settle down in red states like Tennessee.

And then they try to turn their new home into the nightmare they fled.

From the Tennesseesan:
Regina Owens Kennedy moved from New York to Nashville in mid-2016 with her husband and two young children to escape high housing costs and taxes, and long commutes to work.

"We started looking at what kind of home we could get down here and we were like: 'Whooaaa!,'" Kennedy said.

But the state's Republican politics have been a down-side for her.

"It was comforting to know that Nashville is a blue city," she said. "But Trump has visited here way too many times now."
Kennedy, clearly an ingrate, should be thanking the Tennessee GOP for providing a pleasant, safe, and inexpensive home for her family.

Tennessee does not have a state income tax. Yet it flourishes.


Mrs. Marathon Pundit and I are considering retiring to Tennessee. Don't worry, Volunteer State denizens, we're the good guys. We're on your side.


Anonymous said...

we are coming for you and your Russian pals. its time to turn these useless racist, no economy states into blue marks on the map. the righties can be waterboarded or sent to Russia.

John Ruberry said...

This is a joke, right? Illinois, where I live for now, is losing population. As is New York. Connecticut too. California, if it weren't for the illegals, would be a negative growth state. Each have the trifecta, a Dem governor and two Dem senators. Sure, West Virginia is losing population too, but it's going to take a few years to recover from Obama's anti-coal agenda.

Robert Martin said...

Wow, that's too funny. Tennessee is at the top of our list as well.

However, we're not looking at Nashville, precisely because of the situation you describe. The idiot leftists need to stay where they came from.

Bucky said...

I fear that Florida may be turning blue, or at least purple, thanks to all the Northeast lefties retiring here. Just look at how close the last general election was. Gillum was almost elected and now it has been reported that he may face indictment for ethics violations while Mayor of Tallahassee.