Thursday, January 31, 2019

Suburban Chicago warming center closed because of frigid weather

As the polar vortex moved in to the Chicago area the local media outlets touted the many warming centers--quite a few of which are open only from 9am-5pm--the warmest part of the day, but that's not what I'm posting about tonight.

The nearest one to Marathon Pundit world headquarters is the Niles Township Government office. It's on that list of warming centers.

And it was closed yesterday when it was -23. As you see in the screen shot. And today when the thermometer hasn't cracked zero the doors were locked again.

This is was what I saw at the front door of the Niles Township office late this afternoon.

The sign reads, "Niles Township Wednesday 1/30 and Thursday 1/31 due to the dangerous wind chill and for the safety of our staff and clients."

But what about freezing clients?

Township government in Illinois, particularly in metropolitan areas, is an anachronism. But it does offer sinecures for the lucky ones. Sure township offices have food pantries but such duties can easily be handed off to other government agencies. Obviously the Niles Township office can't even open a warming center during the coldest spell of weather in over thirty years.

Illinois has too much government. Get the weed whacker out. And start with township government.


Bucky said...

Are those gummint employees paid during this gummint shutdown?

John Ruberry said...

I am sure of it.