Thursday, December 14, 2017

Obama-era net neutrality rules scrapped

The wrongly-named policy of net neutrality has been dropped. It's victory for the people, the little guy. Yes, you over there too.

From Fox News:
The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules, a move that Republicans say would preserve a “free and open” Internet but has triggered protests from consumer groups, Internet companies and Democratic lawmakers.

The repeal passed on a 3-2, party-line vote.

“It is time for the Internet, once again, to be driven by engineers and entrepreneurs and consumers rather than lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in remarks before the vote.

Pai, a Republican, announced plans in November to eliminate the rules, calling for a “light-touch regulatory approach” to the Internet. A longtime opponent of the regulations, Pai had signaled plans to undo the rules since taking over as chairman of the FCC this year.

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