Thursday, December 14, 2017

ThrowbackThursday: Democrat Pat Quinn has a problem conceding election losses too

Judge Roy Moore isn't the only politician who has difficulty conceding a election loss. The day after now-disgraced Republican Bruce Rauner declared victory in the 2014 gubernatorial race, his inept Democratic opponent, Pat Quinn, finally admitted he lost. Rauner bested Quinn by five percentage points. But 2014 was quite an improvement over 1998 when Quinn waited five weeks to admit defeat in a 1998 primary race for lieutenant governor.

Also Quinn waited months to fulfill a promise to volunteer at a Wisconsin food bank after losing a bet with Gov. Scott Walker after the Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears in an NFC championship game.

Quinn, the archetypal political gadfly, is now running for attorney general. If he loses his primary race in March, how long will it take for him to concede?

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Madeleine Levine said...

It is a vicious Merry-Go-Round in Illinois - yielding even more scandal corruption and impossible taxation. Your statement made apparent part of the problem could be the same faces playing Musical Chairs, with the losers vacating their seat conceded to the winner to occupy.Then standing at the end of the line of losing Politcians - waiting their turn to occupy next vacated chair. And the Grind goes on, reducing taxpayers to dust.I HEARD 9 OF 15 RINOS HAVE RETIRED. I HOPE IT IS TRUE AND NEW GOVERNOR CANDIDATE LOOKS GREAT. CAN'T BELIEVE RAUNER; WAS SO EXCITED TO HELP GETTING HIM ELECTED. A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR IN ILLINOIS - WE MAY HAVE TROUBLE DOING IT TWICE. Maybe Rauner felt he couldn't beat them, might as well join them. UGH.