Sunday, December 18, 2016

(Video) Gutfeld: Celebrity has-beens' Trump hysteria backfires

Does anyone care what Moby think about politics? Or Loretta Swit? Or Michael Urie?

Oh, who is Michael Urie? Apparently he's someone famous. As is Dominic Fumusa.

Anyway, this pathetic gathering, along with Martin Sheen, who played a president on a television show, are urging Republican electors not to vote for Donald J. Trump.

Fox News' Greg Gutfield skewered these hacks last night.

And if they follow through--"I'm not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton," Moby says.

"And you have my respect," says Mike Farrell.

I don't want B.J. Honeycutt's respect.


Holding My Nose said...

Martin Sheen: "I'm not actually a President but I played one on TV."

John Ruberry said...

True, but his parenting skills are real.