Sunday, December 18, 2016

From Da Tech Guy: Television review, Longmire so far

I've been doing more binge-watching of late, and my most recent journey was among the cowboys and Indians of contemporary Wyoming, as I write in Da Tech Guy: Television review, Longmire so far.


Holding My Nose said...

I watched the first 2 and a half seasons before giving up on it. Some observations: the star is an Aussie. I guess no Americans were available for the role. The technical advisor on firearms must be a hoplophobe. It appears that Longmire carries a 1911 in condition two because there are many scenes where we can see the hammer is down on his holstered 1911. In one episode he fires a round into the air to disrupt a fight but in the next shot he is still holding the 1911 pointing up with the hammer down. In another episode he goes to a ranch looking for a witness. As he approaches the door we hear the sound of a shotgun being racked behind him. As he turns around we see the rancher holding a double barrelled shotgun. I also found the plots a bit too contrived and far fetched to hold myn interest.

John Ruberry said...

Ironically, at least in my opinion, the series got better in season three. I don't know much about guns--yes, I am a conservative--so I would have missed what you caught.