Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump received zero votes in five Chicago precincts

Campaign sign, Chicago's
20th Ward
While it was a typical bleak Election Day for Chicago area Republicans, there was a smattering of good news here and there. Donald Trump, now the president-elect, didn't receive a single vote in five Chicago precincts, all in predominately black wards.

Wait, that's good news? Sure is. In 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney was shut out in 37 precincts. Trump was the first Republican nominee to make a serious effort to attract African-American votes  in a generation and with Chicagoan Barack Obama not on the ballot this time, Trump was probably destined to do a little better this time. And that's what he did, as the political newcomer collected single digit totals in dozens of other Chicago precincts.

Where was Trump whitewashed? On the South Side, in the 9th Ward's 5th precinct Hillary Clinton collected 413 votes, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, a Chicago native as was her running mate, got  four votes and Gary Johnson received two. Over in the 17th Ward, Clinton took in 146 votes, with just one for Stein. Johnson joined Trump in whiffing here. In the 12th precinct of the 20th Ward, Clinton received 420 votes, with just three for Stein and one for Johnson.

Up on the West Side in the 24th Ward, which Franklin D. Roosevelt called the most Democratic ward in the country, things haven't changed much since then. Clinton grabbed 420 votes in the 12th precinct, with Johnson getting one and Stein tripling that total. Finally in the 30th precinct of the 28th Ward, Clinton won 67 votes, Stein and Johnson received just one.

Chicago Republicans--get to work for 2020.

Amazingly, 48 hours after polls closed, some precincts haven't reported in. What are they waiting for? Sheesh.

As for the no-vote zones for Trump, it wouldn't hurt if federal investigators looked around a bit there. If everything is on the up-and-up, the election judges have nothing to worry about.


Cal Skinner said...

In the 1974 RTA referendum Don Toten found one precinct in a Chicago ward that was voting 60% for the formation of RTA with no "No" votes.

There were about 80 "Yes" votes and about 60 spoiled ballots.

John Ruberry said...

A "Chicago coincidence," no doubt.