Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2012: Romney received no votes in 37 Chicago precincts

Romney's version of the Trump
Train before the 2012 IL Primary
Man, do you think that maybe Mitt Romney could have managed to win ten-or-so votes in some of those Chicago precincts where Barack Obama won unanimously? Even if some Chicagoans voted for the 2012 Republican nominee for president by mistake? But in 37 Chicago precincts "Mittens" came out empty handed four autumns ago.

You can look it up.

I remember reading, I believe in Mike Royko's best-selling book about Mayor Richard J. Daley, Boss,when a Democratic precinct captain bragged, "I carried my precinct 300-0!" But he was quickly admonished, "Are you nuts? Do you want the feds in here? Give the Republicans ten votes."

Okay, I probably didn't get the quotes exactly right, but the bad old days of Democratic machine politics weren't so awful. There was honor among thieves.

Back to the recent past: And those were some big washouts, as high as 669-0 for Barack Obama, which was almost as bad for Romney as a typical Big 10 football Saturday is for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

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