Monday, April 04, 2016

Urban Decay in Chicago: The abandoned Goodman Equipment Plant

When Carl Sandburg dubbed Chicago "the city of the big shoulders" there were hundreds of factories such as the now-abandoned Goodman Manufacturing Company plant at 4834 S. Halsted in the city's Back of the Yards neighborhood.

Yes, this land is for sale--it's "as is."

Getting to this piece of land was an adventure.

First I had to climb up the embankment from Halsted Street onto this old rail bridge. I'm not sure what happened to the rails--there is scrap value with them but owners of railroad right-of-ways usually leave the ties behind.

Is this a future rails-to-trails route? If it is it's news to me.

I snapped this pic from that bridge.

Then I walked through this container storage plot--and then I crawled through some brush and rubble and then I was finally on the old Goodman property.

The company was founded in 1888. Somewhere along the way it changed its name to Goodman Equipment Company. At least in name the firm still exists--but to learn more I had to visit the W.W. Williams page.

Goodman built locomotives for use in underground mines.

After Goodman moved out in 1989 the building was a warehouse for parade floats, including those used in the Gay Pride Parade on the North Side. In 2011 a tire on each of the floats for that year's parade was punctured while in storage here. As of at least 2014 this structure has been vacant.

Graffiti taggers always find their way inside abandoned buildings.

Nature always finds a way.

Concrete dangles from wires.

I meant to get more pictures at this spot, but despite the snowfall from the day before--which melted the next morning--the wind was blowing dust around and I didn't want to damage my camera lens.

And dust is how this building will end up. As we all will.

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Anonymous said...

Were you armed?

John Ruberry said...

No, mine is a peaceful mission.