Monday, October 17, 2016

96 percent of journalists' prez campaign contributions going to Hillary

Legendary conservative columnist Robert Novak famously said, "Always love your country, but never trust your government."

If Novak was still with us he would have added, "And never trust the mainstream media."

From the Center for Public Integrity:
Conventional journalistic wisdom holds that reporters and editors are referees on politics' playing field — bastions of neutrality who mustn't root for Team Red or Team Blue, either in word or deed.

But during this decidedly unconventional election season, during which “the media” has itself become a prominent storyline, several hundred news professionals have aligned themselves with Clinton or Trump by personally donating money to one or the other.

In all, people identified in federal campaign finance filings as journalists, reporters, news editors or television news anchors — as well as other donors known to be working in journalism — have combined to give more than $396,000 to the presidential campaigns of Clinton and Trump, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis.
The Center for Public Integrity was the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize in 2014.

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