Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dem operative caught on video inciting Chicago anti-Trump riot, ex-con husband of Dem congresswoman played role

Of course the March anti-Donald Trump riot at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion was not spontaneous.

From Independent Journal Review:
Videographer James O'Keefe has unveiled a jaw-dropping video that appears to show alleged Hillary Clinton operatives illegally working together with her Super PAC and the Democratic National Committee to coordinate campaign moves. These moves included starting the riot that shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago last March.

O'Keefe says that his series of reports, one of which was released Monday and can be seen above, shows illegal collusion between between Democratic operatives and the Clinton campaign:
This investigation has revealed compelling evidence of a dark money conspiracy, a violation of federal campaign coordination laws between Hillary Clinton's campaign, Priorities USA, Hillary's Super PAC and the Democratic National Committee.
Among the allegations the video makes is that a man who works with the Democratic National Committee Rapid Response Team, Aaron (Minter) Black, coordinated the violence which turned into a riot in Chicago and which resulted in a Donald Trump rally being canceled.
Robert Creamer, the ex-con husband of, gasp, my congresscritter Jan Schakowksy, a hard-left Democrat, also played a role in these dark tatics.

"I'm not suggesting we wait around, we need to start this shit right away," Creamer is caught boasting on video.

Creamer is the founder of Democracy Partners.

He also bragged, "The campaign is fully in it."

Creamer went to prison as a result of a check-kiting scheme, which is something left out of his biography on the Democracy Partners web site.

In 2002, before his prison term, Creamer worked for the campaign of future felon Rod Blagojevich,

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