Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rebel Pundit arrested at DePaul University anti-conservative riot

DePaul University
Early Monday morning two DePaul University students were robbed at gunpoint by three thugs on its Lincoln Park campus on Chicago's North Side on the corner of Belden and Bissell Street, one of the safer parts of Chiraq. One of the alleged assailants was nabbed by DePaul authorities, the other two are at large.

Last night there was protest just a block away from the site of the robbery. About campus safety? Nope. Because a conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart, tried to speak at an event sponsored by the Catholic college's Republican organization. Black Lives Matter activists stormed the stage and the event had to be cut short. My good friend Rebel Pundit was arrested filming protesters outside the of the hall. Arrested for what? He doesn't know yet and as of this hour he's still in jail, which is a pretty scary place in Chicago for someone who is clearly not a criminal.

Meanwhile there are two campus armed robbers on the loose. But DePaul, which I've had run-ins with, is safe from a conservative filmmaker.

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Anonymous said...

This should come as no surprise. Apparently these "protesters" learned their tactics from their grandparents who were part of the 1968 Democratic convention "love fest" in Grant Park.

The new chant this time around should be; "The whole world's stupid... the whole world's stupid".