Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Anti-Trump radicals throw rocks and bottles in New Mexico amid rumors of gunshots

Marathon Pundit in
New Mexico
As punishment New Mexico authorities should dump these leftists in the middle of the desert and forget about them.

From CNN:
Albuquerque police say bottles and rocks were thrown at a Donald Trump rally there Tuesday night, shattering a glass door as tensions between protesters and police escalated.

Despite initial word of gunshots, Albuquerque's police department said on Twitter that there was "no confirmation" of gunshots.

"There is no confirmation that any gunshots were fired, contrary to reports. Possible damage to Convention Center Windows by pellet gun," the department tweeted.
AP says burning T-shirts--oh, fire spreads, you know--were thrown by the loons, trash cans were overturned, and barricades were overrun.

If Trump loses in November America will become a banana republic.

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Holding My Nose said...

According to WaPo reporting the APD declined to arrest any of the thugs. I guess that arson, theft and vandalism are not crimes in Duke City.