Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who else besides me thinks the Saudis are lying about taking in 2.5 million Syrian refugees?

Chicago is home to about
2.5 million people
Last week Reuters cited an unnamed Saudi Foreign Ministry official, via the the Saudi Press Agency, who claims that since 2011 that Saudi Arabia welcomed 2.5 million Syria refugees into the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has about 30 million residents. And who is dumb enough to assume that 2.5 million people-which almost matches the population of Chicago--made their way to the totalitarian state without anyone noticing? Could this quietly occur in a country that has regular water shortages? 

Where are the reports about this mass migration on Al Jazeera? Or on Al Arabiya? Or on the Saudi-based Arab News?

How did Google miss this Chicago-sized population shift?

Could it be because Saudi Arabia hasn't accepted anywhere near 2.5 million Syrians?

Well, that's what I believe. And shame on Reuters for parroting Saudi propaganda.

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