Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Parking spot grab in Philly by rich electric car owners

Electric cars, such as Teslas, are expensive--so only the rich drive them.

In a Philadelphia with very limited parking--rich people are getting a government-endorsed perk.

From Stu Bykofsky in the Philadelphia Daily News:
Did you know you can reserve a permanent, on-street parking space right in front of your home if you drive a pricey electric vehicle (EV)?

Neither did the residents on Delancey Street between 2nd and 3rd in Society Hill until they awoke to find their parking spots reduced.

City planners sometimes forget that "good" ideas can have a "bad" impact on people. The EV program was not thought through. It turned into a land grab for the wealthy, providing them with a bonus worth more than $100,000 a year. Call it Electric Privilege.
Perhaps most unfair is that the permits "basically are deeding land to private homeowners for $150 a year," when off-street deeded parking in the neighborhood goes for well more than $100,000, says [Society Hill Civic Association Bob] Curley.
Yes, any electric car can park in those spots, which have charging stations--but they war typically locked by the homeowner who installed it.

And while EV cars can park in any legal spot, regular cars--meaning less pricey ones--can't park in an EV spot.

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