Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flint: What if they gave a mayoral election and no one came?

Michael Moore's self-anointed hometown--Flint, Michigan--has a problem that the obese leftist can't blame on General Motors closing a plant there.

Flint-area officials, including Clerk Inez Brown and Genesee County Clerk-Register John Gleason, are expected to testify today, May 20, about the need to change state law to allow for a standard mayoral primary election in August.

Both officials are waiting to address the state House of Representatives Elections Committee about House Bill 4589, which would amend Michigan's election law to correct an error made by Brown's office.

Flint officials have said the city clerk's office mistakenly told candidates for mayor and two City Council seats that they had until April 28 to file nominating petitions with her office.

But the actual deadline -- established by state law -- was April 21, and no mayoral candidates filed early enough to qualify for the ballot.
If the law isn't changed there will be no primaries and the general election will be an all-write in contest.

As for Moore, he grew up not in Flint, but a the nearby wealthy suburb of Davison.

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