Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dem senator won't watch Game of Thrones anymore because of rape scene

With regular beheadings, burnings at the stake, slavery, a perverted dwarf--who's actually not that bad of a guy--HBO's Game of Thrones is not for the little ones. But it also offers insight it how evil people can be.
But it just lost one viewer--one who should stick to her job.

Sunday's episode ended with a disturbing rape scene.

From Fox News:
In a comment tweeted Tuesday, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., described the sexual assault in the most-recent episode of the hit show as "gratuitous" and "disgusting." She added she was done with the show.

Others critics included the website The Mary Sue, which offers a feminist view of pop culture. The website posted that it would no longer promote "Game of Thrones" and said that rape is not a device to drive a story.

HBO declined comment Tuesday on the reaction to the episode that debuted last Sunday. An after-hours call to McCaskill's office seeking further comment was not immediately returned.

The attack involved newly married characters Sansa, played by Sophie Turner, and Ramsay, portrayed by Iwan Rheon. Ramsay's rape of Sansa was off-camera, suggested in her cries and the distress on a bystander's face.
Each episode begins with viewer warnings.

I'll be watching next week.

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