Thursday, December 25, 2014

ILL-inois: State losing population

Illinois' tattered flag
Decades of corruption and government malfeasance in Illinois have led to this development: the Prairie State is losing population. Illinois suffers from the burden of a $100 billion underfunded public pension system and after a recent high of $9 billion, the Land of Lincoln has a backlog of $4 billion in unpaid bills. Four of the last eight elected Illinois governors have served time in federal prison.

Five other states, West Virginia, Vermont, Alaska, Connecticut, and New Mexico are also facing negative population growth. The figures come from the US Census Bureau and it covers the period from July 1, 2013 through July 1, 2014.

A recent Gallup Poll found that if given the chance, half of Illinoisans would move if they could.

Illinois' governor-elect, Republican businessman Bruce Rauner, vows to end the rot.


Larry Sheldon said...

What would it be if you ignored the Chicago death rate?

John Ruberry said...

Still a loss. The smart and hardworking people, myself excluded for now, are leaving here.