Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Video: Romney supports teachers but not teachers unions

In response to the final question at Mitt Romney's town hall Sunday night in Vernon Hills, Illinois, the former Massachusetts governor tackled several issues regarding education.

"Our education system is failing our kids," Romney said.

He added, "When you look at how our schools are doing compared to schools around the world, we don't stack up so well. How can it be that the nation that invented public education can't compete with Singapore, South Korea, and Finland? It makes no sense at all."

Citing what he learned as governor, Romney dispelled the myth that class size has a major effect on student achievement in schools--and he also disposed of the left's mantra that spending-per-pupil needs to be increased before test scores can go up. Rather, Romney summarized, the quality of the teacher "was the single most important characteristic" in explaining how students perform.

In Finland and South Korea, Romney continued, "They typically recruit teachers from the top ten percent of their college graduates. We too often are hiring from the bottom."

More from Mitt: "We need better starting salaries to attract more people into teaching." That statement was greeted with hearty applause.

In Massachusetts failing school districts can be taken over by the state, Romney said. "We are authorized to eliminate any item in the contract with the teachers union," Romney added, "that's interfering with the education of the children."

As you will learn in my related post, the Chicago Teachers Union has something else on its mind.

The class size issue is a union canard, by the way. Big Labor is simply seeking more dues-paying members. Some of that money ends up in the campaign treasuries of Democratic politicians. It's the liberal circle of life and survival.

It's been a good week for Romney. Yesterday he won the Illinois Primary and today he received the coveted endorsement of Jeb Bush.

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