Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crossroads GPS ad: Gas Prices

President Obama is another quasi-campaign tour, this time in the Southwest. One stop will be in Cushing, Oklahoma, where the southern section of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline will pass through. That jobs-creating project is supposed to bring oil from Canada--and the anti-fossil fuel White House is expected to approve the southern portion of it--dubbed the Cushing pipeline. However, while there is a Canadian River in Oklahoma, the Sooner State is many miles away from our northern neighbor.

The Obama administration must think we are stupid.

In honor of Obama's latest junket, Crossroads GPS has a new ad about Obama's brown-out of an energy policy. Below is the web version, a thirty second television began airing today.

Oh, gasoline is selling for $4.50-a-gallon where I live--a czar's ransom.

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Car Dealerships said...

Gas prices are also higher than $4.50 in many parts of California and I use Supreme... can be $4.80 depending on which station you go...