Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Occupy occtrocities: Post-Illinois Primary edition

Because of my coverage of the Illinois Primary, I had to put Occupy Occtrocities aside for a few days. Of course my YouTube video captured two male occupiers kissing at a Rick Santorum rally in Arlington Heights after barking out the annoying "mic check" call.

So I have a lot of catching up to do. The Midwest Occupy conference in St. Louis caused predictable mayhem. In Denver, the Occupy arsonist who pleaded guilty to arson didn't show up to his sentencing hearing.

Michael Moore gets heckled--by occupiers!

The Occupy arrests total is now at 6,815. If warm weather continues to bless our nation, I can see the 7,000 busts milestone being reached this weekend.

Gateway Pundit: #Occupy Denver arsonist skips sentencing – flees city
CBS New York: Hundreds of OWS protesters, NYPD clash in Union Square Park
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AP: Occupy protesters barred from UC Berkeley campus
Miami NewTimes: Occupy Miami descends into drugs and chaos in an Overtown apartment building
Orange County Register: Irvine spent almost $30,000 for Occupy camping protest
The Tennessean: Occupy Nashville protester arrested on old charge Occupy Chattanooga booted from courthouse lawn
AP: Idaho House mulls new effort to rein in 'Occupy Boise'
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Christchurch Mail: Occupy costs hospital $12k a week in security
Urban Infidel: Political street art: Barack Hussein Obama vs. Ron Paul 2012
Occupy Arrests: 6,815 arrests.

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