Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just like Wall Street: OccupyChicago protesters want others to bail them out

OccupyChi protester
Isn't this a hoot: By all accounts those Occupy Chicago protesters arrested last night and the week before volunteered for that indignity. They're true lefties--they're asking for other people to pay for the consequences of their irresponsible decisions.

From OccupyChi's web site:

Last night 130 occupychi members were arrested while defending their first amendment right to free speech and assembly. As a result, some of our members face steep bail because it is their second arrest. If you would like to help, please bring cash to 18th and state to help bail them out. [Emphasis mine.] As always, thank you Chicago for your continued support of this movement.
Get this: Just like Wall Street bankers--they want to be bailed out.

UPDATE 3:15pm CDT: The OccupyChi folks pulled the post.

UPDATE 6:10pm CDT: From a different OccupyChi blog entry:

Chicago authorities again blocked the creation of a new home base in Grant Park, arresting nearly 130 non-violent demonstrators, many of whom are still being held at the District 1 station at 18th and State. Members of the Occupy movement are at the station now, assisting those exiting the jail, and ask for support from the community to pay the high bail costs for those who were arrested for the second time. [Emphasis mine again.]
Don't ask for handouts, don't get arrested.

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